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Hiya, friend! I hope this email finds you happy, healthy, and feeling mischievous.

This is the first email that I'm sending you as a published author. You're probably not freaking out as much as I am, but I hope you're freaking out a little bit. I've been going back and forth between imagining that the first word of every page is somehow a typo that I missed and imagining what it'll be like to be best gal pals with J.K. Rowling. Hey! It could happen!

This is also the first monthly email that I'll be sending out moving forward. Instead of shooting you a postcard every time one is published, I'll link to a few of my favorites from each month at the bottom.

If you'd still like to receive postcards as they're published, WOW! I love you! Shoot me an email, and I'll make it so.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff. There is sooooo much good stuff that I want to share with you right now.

First, lil ol’ me got interviewed fancy-like with a microphone in a sound-proof room and everything. Basically, I’m a celebrity now thanks to my brilliant friend Summer Suleiman, the brains behind The Distillery Podcast.

Aren’t you glad you knew me before I got to the big time? You can come swim in my pool. Okay. It’s not actually my pool, but if we’re all real quiet, we can pretend while the owners are out of town. Click on the image to listen to the podcast!
Second, we’ve kicked off the Perilous and Sparks guerrilla marketing campaign, which includes vintage postcards, rubber stamps, and a little imagination. It's already a big hit, and several of you have volunteered to help. Thank you! Your package will be arriving shortly along with instructions. I have the utmost faith in your abilities to make me famous. Just remember the pool. ;)
Speaking of postcards, if you've got an idea for an Innocent Postcard of your own, you can post one on the Perilous and Sparks website! I know so many wise women with wicked smarts that it feels greedy to hog the spotlight. Click the postcard below to find a link to the very first guest post by a now official Agent of Eris Hannah Herrick, founder of No Worries Soap.

P.S. Hannah also did an awesome thing and made a line of soap for Perilous and Sparks!!!! More on that in the next newsletter.

If you'd like to become an agent, click the button!

I want to deliver an Innocent Postcard!
Finally, it became very clear in February that some secret society was attempting to interfere with my own personal plans for world domination. The nerve! The venue for the Les Stone Cold Killers release party was unceremoniously shut down, leaving me in a bit of a pickle.

Naturally, my allies immediately went to work securing a new, better location. And we’ve got it locked down. On Saturday, April 21 at 3:30-5:00, we’ll be celebrating the release at Slim Goodies on Magazine Street thanks to the machinations of Courtney Enderley of the Bird’s Nest Cafe and, of course, Deborah Schumacher, the magnanimous owner of Slim Goodies.

I hope you can make it because I’ve got exciting plans. Don’t forget your disguise! I'm giving a prize for the grooviest 60s attire and for the most intriguing international woman of mystery.

Oh! Jeez! Also important: Les Stone Cold Killers is now available on Amazon! You can order your copy today! 
Pick up your copy now!

And as promised, a few perfectly innocent postcards from the past month.

Pick a postcard.

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