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If you didn't get to watch the latest episode of the Chronicle check out this link about Happening Hoods. Thank you to Clint for making this happen.

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Also available on the Marx website.

SYC, RYC, RJCC, ROC... What Are These And Why Do They Matter

So you've been receiving emails from the coaches informing you of upcoming SYC/RYC/RJCC/ROC and registration deadlines, but you've no idea what these competitions are for, what the level of competition is involved, to what end do they serve, and if your child should be fencing in them.

Don't worry, you're not the only puzzled parent out there.

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Full article published on the Marx website.

Fresh on the Strip!

Some memories are forever. In fencing, few would forget the day they had their first competition. Was it nervewrecking? Thrilling? Was it a restful sleep the night before? We're about to find our from our young fencers Seva Plotnichenko, Isabella Parte, Emma Xiang, Keira Lonadier and Tyler Robb, whose first competition was the Boston Fencing Club Fencing Youth Tournament Series 2 on October 15.

1. How was your mood the night before the competition and at the event itself? 
Seva: I was happy but nervous.
Isabella: I was both excited and nervous and even dreamt about the competition the night before!
Emma: It was a little scary for me... I did not know how well I was going to do or how good others were.
Kiera: I was a little excited.

Tyler: I was not too nervous- I've actually competed in smaller competitions before but that was about 4 or 5 years ago so for this competition I just wanted to improve from my past results.

2. What was your most memorable takeaway from the competition?
Seva: Watching and fencing better fencers.
Isabella: My opponent was leading me at the last bout that I fenced but I did not notice that the time was running out and so I lost... I was sad and thought about it the whole evening after!
Emma: At the DE I was moving into my attacks too fast and Coach Michael told me to slow down and it worked!
Kiera: That you have to bring all your equipment, because I didn't bring a foil and lost my glove. Fortunately a kind Marx fencer let me use his.
Tyler: It was the first time I had a coach (Michael) with me at the fencing strip so it was interesting to learn how to work with a coach.

3. Are you looking forward to the next competition?
Seva: Yes definitely.
Isabella: YES!
Emma: Yes I'm excited. I'm going for one tomorrow.
Kiera: Yes! The competition was really fun.
Tyler: Yes, in fact tomorrow I will be competing.

The Berthier is Back!


Amita Berthier is soon to be 16, half-French, half-Singaporean Indian and altogether a fighter on the strip. She's returned since we last saw her at our Pre-Nationals Summer Intensive Training, and good news, she'll be with us for more than a couple of weeks! Here's to the start of our days with Amita- 5 questions for her!

1. What is your spirit animal?
Tiger. I like that sense of mystery, the ability to exercise patience when needed or take chances and be ferocious when the situation calls for it.

2. Do you have a favorite fencer, or athlete whom you emulate?
I am constantly inspired by Arianna Erigo from Italy. She is a dedicated world class fencer. She may not have done as well as she's expected to in Rio 2016, but I've seen her perform recently - undeterred, determined and all the more feisty. Her spirit of "never giving up no matter the odds" is something  I would like to emulate.

3. How do you recharge in between bouts?
I talk (to myself) and listen to music to keep calm in between bouts. 

4. How many different nationalities of fencer friends have you got?
My goal is to make at least one friend in every country of the globe! Right now I've got about 10 fencer friends from 10 different countries and I'm still trying to make more connections.

5. Describe the lowest period in your fencing career and how did you overcome it.
Lowest period thus far has been losing one of my greatest supporters and pillars of strength - my beloved dad. He's the reason that I got into fencing and losing him this year was my all time low in spirit and morale. I lost my confidence because he would always be the one cheering me on with my mum at almost every competition. But I remember his unconditional love, his constant faith in me, his words " Come on Bings!" and they have given me the strength to stand up and believe in my abilities. I would like to always do my best in his honor.

Around the continents in 10 days… stories by Ralf Bissdorf on Bangkok, Detroit and Cancun.

While we can't get to these places (yet), we certainly can live vicariously though them.

Q: Besides the fencing halls, where else did you go?
Julian, Sue Fen and I visited the Grand Palace in the heart of Bangkok. The Grand Palace used to be the residence of the King of Siam and later of the King of Thailand. After the visit of the palace we took a small local ferry boat to the other side of the Chao Phraya River. I believe that it is important to learn about the culture of the country during fencing trips. This was something that my coach emphasized to me when I was young. As fencers we are privileged to travel, sometimes to countries that we normally would not visit. Therefore it is important to use these opportunities to learn something beyond fencing. 

Q: You've made numerous trips to Bangkok - does the place still fascinate? 
Bangkok is always fascinating - Thai food, Thai hospitality, Thai Culture as well as the sheer size of the city.

Q: Did the fencing by Marx fencers meet expectations?

I can only speak for the Cadet Men's Foil event. I felt that most of our fencers did very well in the pools. In the Direct Elimination (DE) round most of our fencers could have won at least one more match than they actually did. We suffered by losing matches I believe we could have won. Overall, while I was happy with the pool results (except one or two fencers), I felt that we missed opportunities in the DE's to have exceptional results. I have mixed emotions about the NAC in Detroit.

Q: What have you observed about fencing at this NAC and how will that influence your coaching towards preparing for the next NAC?

The observations at the Detroit NAC reinforced observations from the competitions before. We have to differentiate between general observations that concern all our fencers and the individual. Furthermore, we always have to take a look what other fencing clubs are doing. If I have to pick three things that we have to improve on, they will be: 

1. Toughness. We should expect our fencers to be more hungry to win a match than the opponent and our fencers should fight even harder in narrow match situations. The right attitude does not require any talent, it only requires a certain mindset. This comes hand in hand with the ability to face difficulties, challenges and adversity and being able to make the necessary adjustments faster. Fencing is a school for life, these abilities will help on and off the strip. 

2. Footwork. Michael and I had a conversation about this after he came back from the Senior World Cup in Cairo. Fencing today requires the highest level of footwork. Agility, rhythm, accuracy of movement, perfection of distance, timing of acceleration are just a few key words here. Our competitive fencers have good footwork, but this is an area where we can get better.

3. Preparation. A fencer needs to be able to create a favorable situation on the strip. 

Q: How was the level of fencing in Cancun and how did Amita perform?
The level of competition in Cancun was as expected- the standard for the Women's foil event was higher due to the fact that there was a back to back Satellite as well as World Cup competition. Amita fenced well in the Satellite with a Top 16 finish, which was on the upper end of my expectations. She did not fence as well in the World Cup. She made it out of pools, but was unable to get into the Round of 64, which was the stretch goal for this competition. 

Q: What did you like about Cancun?
The venue was really special and very colorful- one of the most colorful venues I have seen in my life. The Opening Ceremony of the competition included some traditional Maya dancing with "scary" costumes, which I liked. I had some very interesting conversations with coaches from other countries. We visited the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, which is one of the new seven wonders of the world. 

Q: Was the Mexican food that you had there comparable to the ones we get in Concord?
Cancun is a tourist destination and therefore offers little opportunity to get traditional Mexican food, but we had very good seafood. I think that the Concord area has a good variety of Mexican food that I personally like, Oscar's Burrito in Boxborough for example.

Q: Complete the sentence- If I had 3 more days in Cancun I would...
Visit the Mayan ruins in Tulum near the sea, I would go snorkeling and I would spend a day on the beach reading a good book.

Gregory's Quest for the Cup in Cairo and Visiting The Last Remaining Wonder of The Ancient World

It was Gregory's first trip to a Senior World Cup for the season he finished 48th out of 120 participants. Gregory is currently ranked 12th in the Senior Men's Foil Standings. Way to go Gregory!

1. What were you working on as part of preparation for this World Cup?
I'd dedicated 3 weeks to prepare for the event where I mostly worked on a more active footwork and spent time studying how my opponents would fence on the international senior level. I believe both aspects helped me in Cairo.

2. What is your assessment of your fencing and result?
My fencing the first day was great. I warmed up properly and found a great pre-pool bout to get my mind into fencing. When pools started I was admittedly very nervous, but that normally helps my fencing  and not hurt it. The second day of competition ended quickly for me as I fenced a very skilled Hungarian fencer who had a very strong attack and a strong and fast hand so it was hard for me to get around the scores.

3. What did you gain from this competition, and how will that next influence your training? 
I definitely need to work on my legs to improve my footwork stamina and power. I also may want to use a more classical enguarde for my attacks, so that I can have more power. I absolutely need more conditioning and footwork.

4. You've had time to explore Cairo- tell us what you did!
After the tournament we had 2 days to explore Cairo. We went and saw the pyramids by riding a camel! We also went to a bazaar where there were about 20,000 shops. The funniest and most tiring part being at the bazaar was the bartering. I think I must have had at least 15 conversations about prices. The second most memorable part was taking a sailboat on the Nile river during sunset.

5. On a rating of 1-10, how awesome were the pyramids?
The pyramids were fantastic- I gained knowledge about  their history and why they were made. Did you know they where the tallest building in the world for 3800 years? On a scale of 1 to 10 definitely a 10! If you are ever in Cairo, go see them!

6. What did you observe about Cairo- it's people, language, culture... anything particular stood out?
Egypt may not be the wealthiest country but almost everyone was incredibly friendly. I can remember at least six people who came up to me on the streets and asked me where I was from and what was that "thing" on my shirt (it was a fencer)  and they were genuinely interested. I did see a lot of military presence during the trip but there were never any issues (except getting stopped by police while on the nile) so I won't complain.

Register for Winter Intensive! 

When: Dec 27 - Jan 01

Who should join: Intermediate level and above foil & epee fencers

Cost: $650

Intensive Training will conclude with a competition over the weekend.


Club News

We will be closed on Nov 24 - 26 for Thanksgiving Holiday. 
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Bronze: 8

Miles Travelled

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October Results
European Cadet Circuit (Budapest)
Julian Cheng (71st)

NEUSFA 6 Weapon C and Under
C & Under Senior Men's Epee- Tom Stadnikov (6th), Robby Kirkwood (10th), Anthony Ma (24th), Joshua Lim (29th) / C & Under Senior Men's Foil-  Anuj Sirsikar (29th) / C & Under Senior Women's Epee- Aeryn O'Reilly (5th), Rory Cunningham (9th)

NAC Detroit
Cadet Men's Epee- Addison Wessel (69th) / Div I Women's Foil- Emily Winstead (93rd) / Div II Women's Epee- Rory Cunningham (36th), Aeryn O'Reilly (51st) / Div I Women's Epee- Kaija Gisolfi-McCready (32nd), Hannah Provenza (66th), Meghan O'Reilly (87th), Rebecca Pfeiffer (88th), Ariel Cox (110th) / Div I Men's Foil- Gregoy Mitberg (23rd), Duncan Rheingans-Yoo (39th), John Crumpler (47th), Franklin Lam (91st), Brian Wang (96th), Brian Li (112nd), Allan Ding (164th), Will Chiang (183rd) / Div I Men's Epee- Adam Maczik (18th), Ryan Connor (62nd), Liam Carpenter (155th), Addison Wessel (182nd) / Div II Men's Foil- Franklin Lam (25th) / Cadet Men's Foil- Julian Cheng (9th), Brian Wang (36th), Will Chiang (48th), Brian Li (57th), Allan Ding (68th) / Cadet Women's Epee- Aeryn O'Reilly (85th)

Junior World Cup (Bangkok)
Julian Cheng (20th)

Senior Satelite (Cancun)
Amita Bertier (16th)

Senior World Cup (Cancun)
Amita Bertier (75th)
Boston Fencing Club Youth Tournament Series 2
Unrated Y10 Mixed Epee- Benjamin Witkov (2nd) / Unrated Y12 Mixed Epee- Seva Plotnichenko (11th) / Unrated Y12 Mixed Foil- Arianna Roberts (2nd), Emma Xiang (17th), Isabella Musto (15th), Isabella Parte (18th), Tyler Robb (24th) / E & Under Y14 Mixed Epee- Max Dolmetsch (5th), Christopher Petter (9th), Gavin Cox (12th), Helen Cobert (16th), Charlotte Epstein (20th), Seva Plotnichenko (25th), Ian Condon (26th), Coby Lai (28th) / E & Under Y14 Mixed Foil- Anuj Sirsikar (2nd), Isabella Musto (10th), Eric Lim (13th), Keira Lonadier (15th)

3 Weapons Stamford Open and Unrated
Senior Mixed Epee- Liam Carpenter (3rd)

Durkan Fall Regional Youth (RYC) Region 3
Y14 Men's Foil- Jonathan Ding (8th), Benjamin Lu (35th), Eric Sun (59th)

Cobra Challenge RJCC (Region 3)
Cadet (U17) Men's Epee- Tom Stadnikov (15th), Cameron Santos (42nd), Anthony Ma (47th) / Cadet (U17) Men's Foil- Oliver Hu (40th) / Junior (U20) Men's Epee- Cameron Santos (9th), Robby Kirkwood (18th), Tom Stadnikov (36th), Anthony Ma (52nd) / Junior (U20) Men's Foil- Allan Ding (8th), Brian Li (14th), Brian Wang (38th), Oliver Hu (41st), Will Chiang (56th) / Junior (U20) Women's Epee- Rebecca Pfeiffer (8th), Ariel Cox (30th), Emily Kirkwood (38th), Rory Cunningham (41st)

Senior World Cup (Le Caire)
Gregory Mitberg (48th)

Fencers Club Senior Women's Epee Grand Prix II
Meghan O'Reilly (9th)
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