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Message from Michael Marx

Thanksgiving was just a week ago and with the year coming to a close, we got Michael to pen a few thoughts for this December issue.

Q: What have been your up and down moments in this year?
The biggest up would be the addition of Ralf. Ralf has not only made an immense impact on our program and athletes, but I'm also glad that I found a like-minded partner to work with who is incredibly enthusiastic, doesn't settle and wants to constantly improve. He's been a tremendous source of knowledge and a sounding board for me. Next, I'm pleased with the outstanding results that we've achieved in just two seasons of operation. Our athletes have clearly progressed from being local club fencers to strong contenders at national level and and further making inroads at international events. Finally, I would say I am incredibly optimistic at the direction that we are heading. From the beginning of opening the club Lisa and I have said the stars seem to have aligned here in West Concord and seeing our achievements just reaffirms that our going will only get better.

To be honest I didn't really have a down... I would say the only down comes from our desire to be the best club in the country and that takes a tremendous amount of time and energy- right now I want to get there faster than I humanly can so the down is only having 24 hours in a day!

Q: Thanksgiving just passed - could you share what were you thankful for?
This is boring and cliche but I am most thankful for a healthy happy family, my friendships and the moments of each day that make me laugh or learn. In fencing, I continue to be motivated when I see students overcome themselves and their circumstances. I'm thankful to witness those moments.

Q: What are you most excited about for 2017?
We have three goals: Securing another quality epee and foil coach, possibly buying the building and doing a build out and starting a foundation to support athletes achieve their goals.

Q: If you could turn back time, what would you have done differently for 2016?
I wish I had anticipated our growth better and done the build out over the Summer. Also, I wish I hadn't gotten the wrong type of floor boards (the ones currently in green) that now need redoing...

Q: Any last words for the holidays?
I think the holidays are an amazing time, full of joy but sometimes celebrating the occasions can get (unnecessarily) stressful. I'd say take time to enjoy what you have. Sometimes we think about what we want and what we need, but we don't take time to enjoy what we already have. Also,remember that working toward something is a blessing and not a chore.

Celebrating Siblings at Marx!

Can you guess how many pairs of siblings have we got here at Marx? The answer is ten! We've grabbed four of them for this article. 

Q: Do you like having a sibling in the same sport? If so, what do you like best about it?
The Sodergrens
Casey: Yes. Since there are a lot of older kids, I always know I can fence with someone my age.
Gwyneth: If we go to a class where we don't know anyone, I can always count on Casey to be with me.

The Partes
Isabella: I don't, because it's a lot more competitive. I don't like having sibling rivary.
Sophie: I like it because I can beat them!

The Sheehans
Connor: Yeah, it's fine because it helps get me to practice.
Piper: Yes! I enjoy dragging Connor into my class so we can fence together (though it rarely happens).

The Coxs
Ariel: Yesโ€“ cool matching sibling outfits.
Gavin: I guess I like it because I get to see our similarities in the sport.

Q: If you could have one of your sibling's traits in fencing, what would it be?
The Sodergrens
Casey: She fences hard, tries really hard.
Gwyneth: He always does it right.

The Partes
Isabella: Her speed.
Sophie: She's very strong with her arms.

The Sheehans
Connor: The ability to think on my feet as quickly.
Piper: Strategy, because I'm not as good at it.

The Coxs
Ariel: The man's a wild card. I aspire to that level of chaos.
Gavin: Basically the same thing.

Q: How would you feel if you've had to fence your sibling at a competition?
The Sodergrens
Casey: I would feel kind of sad because if Gwynnie lost, it would make me feel bad for her since we're twins.  But if she won, I'd feel sad but good at the same time.
Gwyneth: I would feel frustrated and sad because we always help each other and now we have to compete.

The Partes
Isabella: Confident and determined.
Sophie: Determined and confident (yes, they used the same words at separate occasions!), but also anxious and nervous.

The Sheehans
Connor: Considering that Piper would have to switch to Epee I would feel confident. Though terribly if I had to switch to Foil.
Piper: Connor fences Epee and I do Foil so we are unlikely to compete.

The Coxs
Ariel: it's really unfortunate... but if that's how the chips fall then we kinda owe it to try our best. no hard feelings if gav crushes me, of course.
Gavin: I think it would be a bit awkward.

Q: Thanksgiving is just around the corner- tell us one thing that you're thankful for!
The Sodergrens
Casey: I'm thankful for being with my family because some people aren't able to.
Gwyneth: I'm thankful for my family and my friends.  And for shelter over my head.

The Partes
Isabella: My coach- Michael.
Sophie: I'm thankful that we found this place!

The Sheehans
Connor: Fencing and the community at Marx Fencing.
Piper: Fencing!!!!!

The Coxs
Ariel: My little brother, of course!๐Ÿ˜Ž
Gavin: I am thankful for the hearth.

Adam Maczik Kicks Off His Season in Argentina!

Adam is our only Men's Epee fencer whose seeding qualifies him to represent the US at international senior events. He kicks off his first World Cup for the season with a trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and we're excited to hear about it!

Q: How did you prepare for this event?
As always, I was incredibly excited and humbled to be invited to participate in such an event. While getting time to train has been difficult given my work schedule, I prepared as best I could for it. My routine going into a high level event usually starts a week before the actual event. I start making sure that I don't have too many late nights and I also make sure that I am drinking plenty of fluids and eating healthy. At the club, I try and focus on sharp bouts of 5 or 15 points and I make a point of doing extra stretching after each practice during that week. I also try and watch as much high level fencing as possible before I travel- both of the international world class fencers that I might be competing against as well as videos of myself fencing at a high level. Watching videos of when I am fencing really well helps put me in the mindset that produced those results.
Q: Do you see a clear distinction between the style of Men's Epee fencing at world level as compared to that in the US?
Fencing on the international level is pretty different as compared to the domestic level. The fencers are all better prepared, more athletic and better technically. Most difficult though is that the pace of adaptation at world level is significantly faster than the domestic level. Fencers and their coaches see trends faster, pick up weaknesses quicker and exploit openings earlier. It is pretty impressive and whenever I can keep up with that pace, I feel pretty accomplished.
Q: How will this experience impact your preparation for the next event?
I finished the competition making it out of pools and losing my first direct elimination to a Venezuelan fencer. It was a disappointing loss but one that I can take information from. I plan on using the tournament to drive my training in a few specific ways over the coming months.
Q: Tell us about Argentina, and if you've got $10,000 to spend in 2 days, what would you spend it on?
I competed in Buenos Aires 3 years ago and it was exciting to be back in the city. I stayed at the same hotel as my last trip and was thrilled to learn that the ravioli shop around the corner was still in operation. They have fantastic fresh made lamb ravioli. I also made sure to eat lots of steak from a place about 5 minutes from the hotel. Bacon wrapped ribeye is delicous. If I had $10,000 to spend in 2 days in Argentina, I would probably have lots of steak, lots of Malbec and hit up a number of salsa dance clubs. While it is a bit pricey to fly, once you are in Argentina it can be pretty cheap and a great place to vacation and have a good time. I only wish I could have brought Cassandra with me, but if that happened, we may not have come back!

It's Friends and Family week!

Invite your parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, neighbors, girl/boy that you have a crush on to a duel.

Calling out to Youth and Youth Competitve fencers! This introduction to fencing takes place during usual class times for the Youth, Youth Competitive and Teen/Adult classes. Please remind your friends and family to wear long pants, athletic shoes and a t-shirt.

Bring Some Toys; Fill the Sleigh!

Bringing you an unclassified Y14 Foil/Epee and unclassified Open Foil/Epee competitions- for a good cause!

Our first Fill the Sleigh tournament will be held on Wednesday December 21st. The unclassified Y14 Foil/Epee is open to all Youth Competitive fencers while the unclassified Open Foil/Epee comes with handicaps imposed by coaches.

Entry fee: One unwrapped toy; all toys will be donated to local charities. 
Register: AskFred 

Please note that there will be no regular Youth Competitive or Competitive training; The tournament will take place during training times.

Club News

December 22 - 26: Closed for Christmas holidays.

December 27 - 31: Winter Intensive Week. There will be no open bouting sessions. On Jan 01, we will participate in the NEUSFA Jack Horton Hangover Open at BFC.

Jan 03: New term begins.

Medal Count

Gold: 5
Silver: 7
Bronze: 15

Miles Travelled

(3,000 more miles to the moon)
November Results

NYAC Mercury Cup #2 Men's Epee 2 Rounds + DE
B & Above Senior Men's Epee- Adam Maczik (9th), Cameron Santos (14th), Liam Carpenter (17th)

Boston Fencing Club Youth Tournament Series 3
Unrated Y12 Mixed Foil- Isabella Musto (13th), Andria Bao (24th), Emma Xiang (27th), Tyler Robb (30th), Isabella Parte (38th), E & Under Y14 Mixed Epee- Max Dolmetsch (3rd), Helen Cobert (9th), Coby Lai (20th), E & Under Y14 Mixed Foil- Eric Lim (15th)

Thrust Fall RJCC (Region 3)
Cadet (U17) Men's Epee- Anthony Ma (59th), Cadet (U17) Men's Foil- Andrew Sledeski (33th), Jonathan Ding (40th), Albert Wu (51th), Cadet (U17) Women's Epee- Emily Kirkwood (16th), Gabrielle Roberts (2th), Anisha Kundu (28th), Junior (U20) Men's Epee- Robby Kirkwood (51th), Anthony Ma (72th), Junior (U20) Men's Foil- Brian Wang (2nd), Brian Li (3rd), Allan Ding (21st), Will Chiang (24th), Andrew Sledeski (50th), Albert Wu (69th), Junior (U20) Women's Epee- Ariel Cox (17th), Molly Madden (37th), Emily Kirkwood (47th)

European Cadet Circuit (Moedling, Austria)
Julian Cheng (8th)

NEUSFA Veteran's 6W Open
Vet Combined Mixed Epee- Jeffrey Sumler (2nd)

NEUSA Only U17 JO Qualifiers
Men's Foil- Andrew Sledeski (2nd), Brandon Li (3rd), Oliver Hu (10th), Albert Wu (27th), Jonathan Ding (29th), Anuj Sirsikar (30th), Men's Epee- Cameron Santos (8th), Anthony Ma (12th), Arthur Andreev (19th), Joshua Lim (26th), Women's Epee- Anisha Kundu (8th), Helen Cobert (10th), Emily Kirkwood (12th), Women's Foil- Evelyn Cheng (5th)
The Durkan Rooster Div1A ROC - Region 3
Div 1A Senior Men's Foil- Brian Wang (13th), Div 1A Senior Women's Epee- Rebecca Pfeiffer (15th)

European Cadet Circuit (Cabries, France)
Julian Cheng (6th)

 Cobra Challenge Super Youth (SYC) and Cadet
Y10 Women's Epee- Jin Runqi (11th), Y12 Men's Foil - Brandon Li (5th), Y12 Women's Epee- Jin Runqi (33rd), Y14 Men's Foil- Brian Li (2nd), Brandon Li (12th), Jonathan Ding (34th), Benjamin Lu (77th), Anuj Sirsikar (79th), Y14 Women's Epee- Anisha Kundu (33th), Y14 Women's Foil- Katelyn McShine (32nd), Evelyn Cheng (36th), Cadet U17 Men's Foil- Jonathan Ding (27th), Albert Wu (33rd), Anuj Sirsikar (34th), Benjamin Lu (45th), Cadet U17 Women's Foil- Evelyn Cheng (19th)

NAC Milwaukee
Cadet Men's Epee- Addison Wessel (32nd), Anthony Ma (206th), Tom Stadnikov (54th), Junior Men's Foil- Julian Cheng (3rd), Duncan Rheingans-Yoo (35th), Brian Li (58th), Brian Wang (67th), Allan Ding (72nd), Will Chiang (102nd), Oliver Hu (183rd), Y-14 Men's Foil- Brian Li (6th), Oliver Hu (30th), Brandon Li (103rd), Cadet Women's Foil- Evelyn Cheng (92nd), Cadet Women's Epee- Aeryn O'Reilly (76th), Junior Men's Epee- Addison Wessel (100th), Tom Stadnikov (187th), Anthony Ma (256th), Cadet Men's Foil- Julian Cheng (3rd), Allan Ding (8th), Brian Li (28th), Brian Wang (63rd), Will Chiang (103rd), Brandon Li (146th), Oliver Hu (184th), Y-14 Women's Foil- Evelyn Cheng (27th), Junior Women's Epee- Kaija Gisolfi-McCready (3rd), Aeryn O'Reilly (45th), Meghan O'Reilly (70th), Ariel Cox (117th), Rory Cunningham (150th), Junior Women's Foil- Emily Winstead (116th), Y-12 Men's Foil- Brandon Li (7th)

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