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Behold Issue #01!

Hey folks! 

So you may have noticed that we've increased our channels of communication with you- from news on our website to tailored emails about competitions, parents' meeting... now this- a monthly newsletter! How will the content of this be different from the existing channels, you ask? Well, this newsletter will be a celebration of the camaraderie at Marx. It will allow us to better get to know one another and perhaps live and learn vicariously through the accumulated travelling experiences. This is meant to be lighthearted, so we've also included a column for "Five Random Questions With..." and another "Open Column" where we invite you to write about your experiences at Marx Fencing Academy- do you wish to thank a teammate for their support at a competition, a birthday message, an encouragement to a coach? We would love to hear from you.

Of course, this channel will also be a means to broadcast events happening at Marx like the call for registration for the Winter Intensive Training, as well as track our fencers' achievements as the season progresses. The content will likely evolve as we get better with this, so subscribe if you haven't, keep subscribing if you have!

In the meantime, stay warm!



Five Questions With... The O'Reillys From Ohio Who Have Come to Stay!

In this issue we catch up with Aeryn and Meghan O'Reilly who have finally relocated to Concord. The sisters have been familiar faces at MFA as they've made some long road trips to attend camps and intensive training sessions so we're happy to see them regularly now.

1. Tell us about about your family- have you been in Ohio for a long while?
Yeah, I’ve lived in Ohio my whole life, I’ve never lived outside of Bath until now.  My dad supports everything we do and works hard so we can train. My mom is always here to help us, she takes us to all the tournaments and makes sure we maintain a healthy diet. My Godfather lives in Florida, he’s my biggest fan. I always get cards in the mail and texts of encouragement from him. 
M: I have lived in Ohio my entire life. My family is kind and supportive.

2. What are the main differences - cultural or environmental - staying where you were in Ohio as compared to Concord?
Well Bath was a small town but it gave off some city vibes. There were a bunch of stores and restaurants all on the same few streets. It was convenient and had a nice variety. Here it seems that you have to drive for twenty some minutes because everything is so spaced out among the neighboring towns. We also found out that you can’t really go anywhere in under five minutes because the traffic is crazy! 
M: Everything seemed a lot closer in Ohio (probably due to lack of traffic) and the towns weren’t as cute. Also the Patriots are far better than the Browns.

3. What do you like best about the area so far?
A: Probably how nice everyone is. Everyone is friendly and helpful everywhere we go. Also the area seems so clean and safe.
M: Concord is a very clean, adorable, town. The food is pretty good and everyone is really nice.

4. Where do you see yourselves with fencing in the near future?
A: Hopefully fencing for a good college!
M: I hope to be on a college fencing team with Aeryn.

5. Would you rather win $200M in the jackpot or an Olympic Gold medal?
A: That’s tough, but I would have to go with the $200 million! 
M: $200 million

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Wave your hands if you remember the days before Marx Fencing Academy when the place was a hobby shop! Do you recall the wooden floors, the layout of the place, the cubby hole shelves on the wall?

We've come a long way since with lighted fencing strips, video replay and most recently new flooring (albeit the current state needs to be repaired because we didn't foresee that the change in temperature/humidity would cause the panels to pop... sigh). And since this is issue #01, it's fitting that we do a little walk down memory lane, give ourselves a clap on the back for making it thus far, and a big Thank You to friends and fencers who've stuck with us and helped make this place work.

Who Cares About Snowballs When You've Got A Blade? 
Registration for Winter Intensive Training for the Coldblooded is Now Open! 

When: Dec 27 - Jan 01

Who should join: All ye who wield a foil/epee and are of intermediate level and above.

Cost: $650

Click the button below to be directed to registration!


Open Column

Please write to if you wish to have your letter published. Due to space constrains, this column is limited to 1 letter only, on a first-in basis.

Medal Counts

Gold: 5
Silver: 1
Bronze: 7

Miles Travelled

(1/8 our way to the moon)
September Results

The Neil Lazar RYC / Cadet / Veteran ROC
Individual Y14 Men's Foil- Brandon Li (3rd), Jonathan Ding (19th), Eric Sun (40th) / Individual Y14 Women's Foil- Katelyn McShine (10th) / Individual Y17 Mens' Foil- Brandon Li (3rd), Andrew Sledeski (6th), Jonathan Ding (22nd)

Mission RJCC 2016 (Region 3) 
Individual Y17 Men's Foil- Will Chiang (12th), Oliver Hu (13th) / Individual Y17 Men's Epee- Cameron Santos (31) / Individual Y17 Women's Epee- Emily Kirkwood (8th) / Individual U20 Men's Epee- Robby Kirkwood (46th), Cameron Santos (48th) / Individual U20 Men's Foil- Brian Wang (10th), Will Chiang (31st), Brian Li (34th), Oliver Hu (43rd) / Individual U20 Women's Epee- Rory Cunningham (11th) 

Boston Fencing Club Youth Tournament Series 1
E & Under Y14 Mixed Epee- Tal Konrod (2nd), Helen Cobert (3rd), Max Dolmetsch (3rd) / E & Under Y14 Mixed Foil- Eric Lim (3rd)

Foil and Epee U Meet
Unrated Senior Mixed Epee #1- Joshua Lim (1st), Anisha Kundu (2nd) / Unrated Senior Mixed Epee #2- Anisha Kundu (3rd) / Unrated Senior Women's Epee- Charlotte Epstein (1st)

Thrust Fall Super Youth Circuit (SYC)
Y12 Men's Foil- Brandon Li (1st) / Y12 Women's Foil- Arianna Roberts (25th) / Y14 Men's Foil- Brandon Li (3rd), Jonathan Ding (29th) / Y14 Women's Epee- Gabriela Roberts (10th), Anisha Kundu (19th) / Y14 Women's Foil- Evelyn Cheng (25th), Arianna Roberts (53rd)

American Challenge ROC - Region 3
 Div 1A Senior Men's Epee- Adam Maczik (1st), Liam Carpenter (25th), Robby Kirkwood (52nd) / C & Under Senior Men's Epee- Robby Kirkwood (28th) / Div 1A Senior Men's Foil- Julian Cheng (5th), Brian Li (22nd), Gregory Mitberg (24th), Brian Wang (40th), Will Chiang (60th), Andrew Sledeski (75th) / C & Under Senior Men's Foil- Andrew Sledeski (26th) / Div 1A Senior Women's Epee- Kaika Gisolfi-McCready (1st), Rory Cunningham (12th) / C & Under Senior Women's Epee- Rory Cunningham (7th), Emily Kirkwood (19th)

NEUSFA 6 Weapon Unclassified
Unrated Senior Women's Epee- Helen Cobert (1st) / Unrated Senior Men's Epee- Shane Montoya (3rd)

FIE Junior World Cup: Coupe Heracles Junior
Individual Junior Men's Foil- Duncan Rheingans-Yoo (39th)

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