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February 2021

  Becka Marston

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The fast pace of the Boise housing market over the last several months continues into 2021 and shows no sign of letting up soon.  Low inventory, faster market times, and continued low mortgage rates (averaging 2.73% in January 2021 for a 30-year fixed mortgage) have all contributed to increasing home values, resulting in yet another record setting median sales price in January of $454,000.

If we remove new construction and only look at existing sales, the median sales price was $443,500, which was also record setting and represented a 30.4% increase in value from the same month last year.  This large increase in equity is a big positive for many owners, as it can afford them the opportunity to purchase another home, fund a business, send a child to college, or finance other endeavors.  However, for those who don’t currently own real estate, this can understandably cause concern.   Homes are becoming less and less affordable to purchase and the fear of increased rents looms large.  
Though this market can be discouraging for any buyer, the resources and strategies I have learned this past year have allowed me to experience some great wins for my clients.  The process is difficult but certainly not impossible.  And, I would love the opportunity to come alongside you to help attain your real estate goals.  Purchasing a home or rental property remains one of the best investments for building long term wealth and continues to be a worthwhile financial pursuit.  Whether buying or selling or both, please give me a call to talk more about your specific needs and concerns, and let me use my expertise to direct your next steps. 
For more information and specifics on the current market, please check out the Boise Regional REALTORS® Market Report HERE
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If you’re interested in attending some local events this month, check out our event calendar HERE! Due to COVID-19 concerns, some events may be cancelled, so make sure to check website links for the most up to date information! 
Solving Idaho's Affordable Housing Puzzle with Partnerships
by Bart Cohran of LEAP Housing Solutions
Affordable housing is a water-cooler topic these days. Mostly because this issue affects us all — whether you are struggling with rising housing costs or you know someone who is, it is not uncommon for this issue to touch most all lives. 

As the founder and executive director of an affordable housing nonprofit, I am often asked how has both a rapidly appreciating real estate market and COVID-19 affected the work we do and those with whom we work.  Forgive my flippant response, but honestly, it has affected every aspect.  

Every day, my team and I are plodding through the floodwaters of an affordable housing crisis whose tide has only risen with the complications of steadily increasing housing prices, inbound migration and very limited housing inventory.  At the time of publication, for example, we will have put two more units of affordable housing on the rental market in Nampa, receiving more interest than we can effectively place.

This challenge is not new.  In 2015, a housing study done by the City of Boise identified an unmet need of over 8,000 units of affordable housing in just Boise alone. That was 2015, before Boise was listed over and over as a top destination and before double-digit appreciation was a norm. To put a number to housing creation, in a good year, affordable housing providers will produce between 200-300 new units in Boise, far from enough to catch up....CONTINUE READING
We have used TripleCord several times and there is a reason we keep coming back. This was our first time working with Becka Marston and we are so amazed by her genuine kindness and professionalism. Sometimes these things can be tricky to navigate but Becka helped us all along the way and we found an awesome buyer for our home. I love the stager she uses, and her photographer is amazing. She knows all the best contractors to clean and fix things up nice. We’ve had a lot of excellent realtors. But Becka goes way above and beyond what most excellent realtors do. She always had our best interest in mind, and she joined us in prayer that the right buyer would come along and find our home. Becka is respectful and works well with all parties. My favorite thing about Becka and TripleCord is the negotiating process because they are so professional and know how to work well with other realtors and buyers without things getting negative. Yet she was always working to get us the price we needed. She helped us set a great price point for our home and she was patient without the continuous pressure to drop the price that we’ve seen with other realtors. If you are looking for a wonderful realtor to help you prepare & sell your home, we highly recommend Becka.
- Jason & Kerri Allen, December 2018
See more of my client testimonials HERE!
Untold Stories of a Boise Realtor
Most of you know by now that I'm not really an "animal person."  I mean, some animals are cute and all... but from afar.  I'd rather they not sit on me, rub up against me, or beg me to rub their bellies.  I have learned, however, to PRETEND really well when necessary to care about the animals I encounter in my work as a real estate agent.  There are a lot!

Earlier last year, I had the immense pleasure of listing a home for a friend of mine.  This dear friend has a beloved small dog (perhaps a Shih Poo, for heaven's sake!).  We will call this dog Sally for the purpose of anonymity (and because, for the life of me, I cannot remember the dog's name).  Sally was cooped up in the laundry room while the photographer and I were working to get pictures done.  She howled and cried and barked the ENTIRE time.  Even I, who tend to show no empathy toward animals, started to feel pretty bad for her.  Once the photographer was done and gone, I let Sally out of the laundry room and she bounded out full of energy and excitement.  My work was done, so I turned out all the lights, locked up, and headed home--leaving Sally in the house where I was supposed to leave her. 

I got about a block away when I realized I had forgotten something in the house.  I turned around and headed back.  Without even thinking, I opened up the door to run inside.  Well, Sally was very anxiously waiting at the door for someone to set her free and BOLTED out the door as soon as it was opened.  "Oh my word," I thought, "I'm going to have to chase this dog, aren't I?"  So I dropped my stuff and took off after her.  Two things that are important to know.  1) I am not a runner!  I forged a letter from my parents in the 6th grade excusing me from running the mile for the physical fitness test.  2) You already know, I am not a dog whisperer.  I don't know the tricks in talking to dogs or luring them back home.  

So I started chasing after this small Shih Poo in my professional attire and shoes.  She would pause, and I would get close and say the things to her I thought a person should say to a small dog they are wanting to come to them.  Then she would take one look at me and take off again.  I ran after her, calling her name, all over the neighborhood.  People stared, some laughed, some even slowed down in their cars to consider helping me (but none actually helped).  I thought I would die before catching this dog.  Somehow, though, by the grace of God, after about 20-30 minutes, Sally got distracted by something in someone's yard and stopped long enough for me to grab her.  I couldn't believe I finally had her.  So, I carried her all the way back home, at arm's length so as not to get any dog hair on me, and placed her back inside the house.  I've never been more out of breath in my life.  Oh, Sally!  You little rascal!
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