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Meetup at Starfish

CryptoUnlocked Hands-on Workshop

Are you in the San Francisco Bay Area next week? WeTrust will be hosting a hands on workshop for fundraising and activism on the blockchain. Learn how you can utilize CryptoUnlocked and blockchain technology to fundraise for your projects and hear from the WeTrust team about the different campaigns that you can make using CryptoUnlocked! The event will be on Thursday, June 13th at Starfish. You can find details about the event here.

CryptoUnlocked Updates

Homepage Updates

This past week, our engineering and design team has been working hard on making improvements to the CryptoUnlocked website design. One of the bigger challenges in the crypto spaces is improving the user experience to make dapps more simple to use and understand. We took the feedback we collected from our first users and made improvements on the landing page to make it more appealing to contributors and challenge creators. Come check out the new design and if you have any feedback, join us on telegram to share your thoughts.

Designing User Account Systems in Ethereum Apps

In the past two years, WeTrust has built a variety of products that are built off of the Ethereum blockchain. Our lead designer, Yutai has had great experiences in building user account systems in a space where the technology is relatively new. The appeal of decentralization comes at certain costs; in particular, users lose the engagement that is typical of a more centralized user account system.

In our latest article, our head designer shares his experiences working with all of our products and how the bridge between Web3, decentralize, and centralized user account systems will ultimately work together to determine the most effective user account system. We know that one of the problems facing mainstream adoption is the difficulty in getting people on board, so what are the future steps to creating the best user account system?
As a continuation of last week's research, we took a closer look into one of the newest approaches to how the Ethereum community approaches community fund management. Moloch DAO is experimenting with a new form of governance, where people who disagree with proposals can "rage-quit" to prevent their contributed funds from being dispersed from the guild bank. So far, they have over 6,000 Ethereum in their guild bank with some big name Ethereum influencers joining the DAO. We will continue to monitor and research how effective this new form of governance truly is. 

Campaign Updates

Grin Hashrate

In the latest newsletter from the Grin development team, Grin has recently released their v1.1.0 and v2.0.0 release timelines. They also released a proposal for Cuckarood, a tweaked version of the ASIC resistant Proof of work that is set to release in mid-July. There are beta versions out for v1.1.0 and in the past week a beta for the wallet has also been released.

If you are familiar with Grin, you likely know that it is one of the most profitable mining sources in the blockchain space. However, the development team relies on donations (rather than doing an ICO, or fundraising through venture capital means), and so despite the team developing an incredibly profitable coin, they do not have the funding themselves to keep maintaining it. Check out our challenge on Grin and show your support for a team working on building an innovative blockchain.

CryptoUnlocked in the Ecosystem

A few weeks back, DAppNode released their v0.2.0 for users to be able to more easily run nodes. For the developers who are working in the Ethereum space, we know how difficult it is to set up and run a node. The system requirements are high and connecting your node to the ecosystem can take a long time. At the same time, if you use an online cloud service to run your node, you are actually “centralizing” the process of nodes by putting more of the nodes in one of the cloud services (such as AWS).

DAppNode helps users to more easily deploy and connect to nodes and also mentioned our Noderunner challenge of getting 10,000 nodes up and running. Right now, there is not enough incentive to run nodes due to the difficulty and the costs associated with keeping full nodes operational on your own systems. DAppNode takes care of the “difficulty” part, and right now Vipnode is working on incentivizing people to run full nodes for people to connect to.

Token News

WeTrust was recently featured in one of the latest articles by Token News on “10 blockchain companies that will play a big part in the decentralized future”. We are honored to be on the list, and hope that we can continue to build products that help to innovate the way that we can utilize blockchain technology to build a future of decentralization.

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