Triangle Writers Studio Monthly Newsletter

~March 2022~

Important Dates

3/31 Remember to pay $20 March fees by the end of the month!

What’s happening in classes?

Tia Burmi’s K-1st grade class covered concepts like setting, characters, and main idea over the past few weeks, and now the students are working on short stories!

Diya Mool’s 5th grade class worked on learning the fictitious elements of short stories, and have written stories every week to demonstrate their progression and development.

Finally, Neha Jonnalagedda’s 6th-7th grade class, students finished fantasy writing and discussed developing setting, character, and plot. Keep up the great work students! Summer is closer than you think!

Student Spotlights!

“In her defiant eyes…” by Vaibhavi Kode

In her defiant eyes, there was no fear. Her chin up and her shoulders broad. She strode confidently but gracefully. The train of her dress followed her like a dog would follow its master. The way she spoke was soothing but bold. She stood up for what she believed in. She looked superior and invincible among all the wimpy crowd. She spoke and defended the innocent in court. She was a powerful woman.

“The Girl In the Lake” by Catherine George

The Girl in the Lake

Supposed to be a horror book

But children can read too

It is not THAT scary

But it is great!


It is very interesting

Someone solves something

Ghosts tries to help

While others don’t realize


Everyone’s scared

But one confronts the Ghost

The one figures out what the ghost is trying to do

The ghost is trying to help the one face their fears!


All realize

The one faces their fears

Even if only a little

Everyone’s happy

The ghost is happy

All the excitement came to an ending that was happy!

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