Triangle Writers Studio Monthly Newsletter

~July 2022~

Important Dates

7/1 The start of summer classes!

7/31 $40 Summer Session fees are due

Student Spotlights

“Writing vs. Reading” by Hansita Teluguntla

Daine stormed into her sister's room. She gripped a piece of paper in her hand.

“What is this!” She demanded.

Daniella replied with a calm but sly smile, "Oh, it's nothing. Just my new school paper."

Daine yelled, "Do you even know what you're even writing about."

"Of course, and I'm sure that it is completely true. Unless you have an objection, that is." challenged Daniella, she was now standing up, ready to face her sister if she needed to.

Daine's fists were balled, she was seriously sick of her overconfident sister's senseless rants. "This paper you wrote is absurd," Daine exclaimed, "Writing is NOT better than reading!"

"Oh really," Daniella remarked, "And how are you planning to prove that?"

"Reading improves your vocabulary, and inspires you to learn new things! Not only that, it helps you know what others ' opinions are." Daine fumed.

After watching her sister yell, Daniella could only laugh, "Don't waste your breath Daine," She chuckled, "Writing is so much more important than reading, and I'm not the only one who thinks that, many skilled scientists also think so too."

Daine couldn't believe it, her sister had gone crazy! "Reading can improve your focus and communication. Not only that, many people believe it reduces their stress." She argued.

"Sure, reading encourages and motivates us. Also, it's a must if you want to learn how to write. Though, I can guarantee you that if you want to improve yourself, writing is more important: as you must understand what your writing is about, it helps you explore your opinion!" exclaimed Daniella.

At this, Daine turned around and stormed out of her sister's room, and Daniella sat down at her computer, convinced that she could prove her sister wrong. Meanwhile, in her room, Daine took out a pencil and paper, and wrote, "Writing V.S Reading. Who will win?".

“Helen Keller” by Bhaumik Panda

First off, Helen Keller claims that it is more difficult for hearing impaired children to learn to converse with others. I agree with this assertion. Helen Keller demonstrates this by providing many scenarios contrasting a normal child with an impairment. A non-hearing child cannot actually hold a conversation in the same way as a hearing child, according to Helen Keller. She also notes that her instructor, Anne Sullivan, tried to assist her with communication techniques. For instance, on paragraph three, she states, “this process was continued for several years; for the deaf child does not learn in a month or even in two or three years the numberless idioms and expressions used in the simplest intercourse. The normal hearing child hears these from constant repetition and imitation… This is denied for deaf children.” This demonstrates how difficult it is for children with hearing impairment to communicate. As Helen Keller demonstrated, hearing-impaired children develop their communication skills a little later than other children. The deaf or hearing impaired children learn late and do not catch on quickly. As a result, I concur with Helen Keller's assertion. Also, a child who cannot hear your speech or see you cannot read your body language. Therefore, in my opinion, it is challenging for both. The deaf and the blind find it very difficult to acquire the amenities of conversation.

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