Triangle Writers Studio Monthly Newsletter

~May 2022~

Important Dates

Week of 4/24 The last week of the spring semester! Please make sure outstanding fees are paid. Thank you for sticking with us this year.

What’s happening in classes?

Arya Kamath’s 2nd grade class finished working on their fantasy stories as well as learning how to write descriptively, how to develop setting and plot arcs, and how to write good, complex characters.

Pari Sidani’s 4th grade class incorporated dialogue and different plot structures into finalizing the “fairytale spin-off” short stories that they wrote.

Finally, Judy Chen’s 9th grade and older class learned specific topics in vocab, including the breakdown of their origins, prefixes and suffixes, and how the two are combined to form their definitions. Additionally, they were taught general writing skills in topics such as writing mystery, identifying fallacies, and using different points of view.

Student Spotlights

“A Shadow on the Enchanted Forest” by Neeshal Gupta

While I stared outside, I felt a large hand gently pet my back. It was the adult female human. She looked out and said something quietly to me. Did she want to go outside too? The human spoke louder to the kid and the other adult, then picked me up and took me outside. Ugh, I wanted to go by myself! But the human kept holding me tightly. The child was listening to me, why not the adult?

Finally, after what seemed like hours, she put me down near the corner of the fence and allowed me to explore what the outside world was like. The backyard was filled with pale green grass and pine needles, and smelled like nothing I was familiar with. After a little more exploring, I realized that this was the scent of the earth; the ground, the grass, the dirt.

I stayed alongside the fence, and suddenly, I spotted a hole in the bottom of the fence that had rotted away! I looked back to make sure the human wasn’t watching me. She was just watering the plants, so I got down and peered out the yard. Hmm . . . maybe I could fit through . . . the hole . . .

I did it! I was standing on the other side of the fence! Wow, the world was so much bigger than I’d imagined. Everything was wet with rainwater, but that didn’t matter when I felt much more free out here than in my house.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a flash of fur. What was that? I ran to the edge of the fence, and I saw a large gray cat with darker stripes, about half a tree’s length away from me. I didn’t want to be scared this time, like I was in my dream. Without hesitating, I leaped forward and pinned the cat to the ground.

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