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Hey, <<First Name>>!

A caterpillar turns into a soupy mess before it busts out of its cocoon in butterfly-tastic glory.

As your preschool teacher might have told you, no one can help the butterfly out of this bind. In fact, if a human hand pushes open the cocoon, then the butterfly will never gain the muscle that it needs to fly. And then... it dies.

Womp womp.

Here's what I wonder, <<First Name>>: Does the caterpillar know that it's about to have an amazing transformation? Or does it just feel shitty and trapped? 

I wish I could talk to one of those lil' guys because, to be honest, I feel like human goop right now. I'm beginning to look at my childhood in a completely different way and, as a result, have started to question absolutely everything about myself and my family. And it hurts.

In this moment where it feels like so many things about me are changing, I'm trying to trust that I'm going to emerge a stronger, more splendiferous Jillian.

Yet sometimes, you just feel like goop. And that's okay. Goop days are allowed. You're loved just the same. (I say, half reminding myself.)

With that in mind, are you ready for the GIF and the fun things? Take it away, caterpillar that made me snort-laugh:
Okay, okay. Three more things. Real quick!

Want to meet people who are into personal development? 

Squad Talks is a gathering for folks to get together and learn how to develop routines that help you achieve your goals. There will be some facilitated connection, a panel, and plenty of time to meet new friends. The next event is on January 23! You can score a free ticket here.

The Joy List Social is this Wednesday! *Air horn air horn*

Reserve your spot here for January 23rd at the gorgeous Betaworks. RSVP on Facebook here. Remember, the last one sold out! If you have any ticketing issues, respond to this email.

I have a new website!

My shiny new website is live, with design help from Jared Gold and headshots from Tom Kubik. Hire them both! (And, you know, book me as a speaker.)

Monday, January 21

MLK POC + Allies Sit

In honor of MLK, come meditate in a diverse group of people who want to reflect on his teachings.

Suggested donation of $15, no one will be turned away for lack of funds. 7 to 9 PM. New York Insight Meditation Center, 28 W 27th St. Info here.

MLK Day: Black Excellence

Booze-free cocktails, beautiful people, and a playlist curated by Listen Bar's POC staff? Come hang, and meet today's collaborator, Saada from Everyday People. (She's out to crush mental health stigma, a mission we fully support!)

Cost of drinks. 7 to 11 PM. 3 Bleecker St. Info here.

Tuesday, January 22

Salon: The Behavioral Science of Fear

NYC Salon is like seeing a TED talk, but with your friends. Come learn from Helen Tsim, who will share the psychology behind fear and teach specific behavioral science techniques to tackle common fears. Then break into small groups and have a discussion based around what you learned. It's gloriously nerd-tastic.

Free. 7:30 PM. The Williamsburg Hotel, 96 Wythe Ave. Info here.

The Work: Healthy Masculinity Discussion + Screening

The Work is one of the best films, let alone documentaries, that I've ever seen. In fact, I've watched it twice. Go experience its power for yourself, then have a group discussion with the film's director, Gethin, and Duncan from Thoughtworks. I love them both dearly–– I promise you're in for a great conversation! Make sure to RSVP, this sells out.

Free. 7 to 10 PM. Thoughtworks, 99 Madison Ave. Info here.

Wednesday, January 23

The Joy List Social

You knew this one was coming! I promise that everyone who shows up will leave with a new friend. Plus, we'll have a carwash of love, ritual magic, and a literal spell to send everyone off. (That's right, we've got a wizard.) Light food will be served.

Get your ticket ASAP: we only have a few spots left.

$5-$20 sliding scale. 6 to 9 PM. Betaworks, 29 Little W. 12th. Info here.

Workshop Your Hate

Want to learn how to interact with people you disagree with, and engage in a productive conversation? Then this is for you.

Free. 7 to 8:30 PM. The Assemblage Nomad, 114 East 25th St. Info here.

Thursday, January 24

The Get Down

The Get Down is my favorite dance party in NYC. This is not "too cool" club vibes. It's "Oh my God! I'm so excited to see you! Wanna get in a circle and pound the ground while this dude plays drums?" vibes. Come get out of your head and into your body.

$25. 6 to 10 PM. 101 Brooklyn, 134 Metropolitan Ave. Info here.

The State of Flow

Have you ever seen anyone practice "flow arts" like poi or fancy hula hooping? Well, now you can learn how to do that goodness yourself!

Free. 7:30 to 9 PM. X Marks the Loft, 405 Johnson Ave. Info here

Friday, January 25

Dance Lair: visionary peace week

Start your day off right with a dance party, then some group accountability for the projects that you're working on. Also, this is happening every day this week, Monday through Friday!

Donations welcome. 10 AM to noon. Chanda Lair, message organizer for address. (It's in East Williamsburg-ish.) Info here

Zen Shabbat

Yep, Lab/Shul is hosting another baller shabbat. Last week was mystical fruit themed, this week it's Zen Buddhism. Gather for delicious food, meditation, and conversation.

$35. 6 to 8:30 PM. New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care, 119 W 23rd St. Info here.

Saturday, January 26

Urban JourneyDance and Self-Care Day

Jeanine from this week's Joy List Social runs an amazing dance workshop through the chakras called JourneyDance. Afterwards, we'll all be hanging out and enjoying the sauna and facilities at Chelsea Piers in Brooklyn! It's gonna be a great group of humans. Come hang.

$32.87. 2 PM. Chelsea Piers, 265 Schermerhorn St. Info here.

I Am Series: Awaken

The Joy List's volunteer coordinator, Yuko, runs this amazing series. She gives artists the chance to shine–– including you! There is an open mic portion, so get in there! Or if you're too shy, just hang out and make new friends with your fellow artists.

$10. 9 to 11 PM. Bar Thalia, 2537 Broadway. Info here.

Sunday, January 27

Meaningful Conversations: The Hidden Meaning of Dreams

Is the real meaning of dreams being lost in translation? What do they say about our true nature as spiritual beings? And is it possible our dreams are functioning on multiple levels and may be giving us a glimpse into our existence beyond this mortal plane? Gather at this week's Meaningful Conversations series to discuss the answers.

Free. 6:30 to 8:30 PM. Bahai Center, 53 East 11th St. Info here.

Circling: Authentic Connection

Circling is a relational meditation practice that has made a huge impact on my friend, Oliver's, life. They’ll begin with an hour of paired exercises and then dive into the practice. There is no need to bring anything but yourself.

Full disclosure: circling can get pretty intense. If you're not ready for some serious vulnerability with strangers, this probably isn't the best event for you.

$10-$25 sliding scale. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. 2 to 5 PM. 16 Arion Place. Info here.

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