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Hey, <<First Name>>!

Let's talk about darkness.

For those of you who are new to The Joy List, this is probably a surprising first sentence to a smiley newsletter with the mission to reduce loneliness.

Yet every week, I strive to bring a little dose of vulnerability with this intro. My goal is to model the type of honesty that I think the world needs more of.

Hundreds of you found The Joy List this week because of my op-ed on NBC. And a good portion of you emailed me, explaining your own stories of loneliness: some caretaking for family members, some single mothers with children who recently left for college, some folks in their sixties who think that they won't be welcome at any of the spaces that I mention in this newsletter.

Your messages deeply touched me. You reminded me that, while The Joy List is a vehicle for spreading light, I started it because of my own darkness. And I keep it going because people are desperately looking for places that are filled with love–– and they can be difficult to find.

This year, I'm starting to become a "public figure." I'm speaking at Startup Grind, publishing my book, and going on a tour. That's scary enough, and I'm tempted to only talk about positive things. But I won't.

I won't take the easy route, because our society is structured for loneliness. That's a big problem, and it's going to require some radical honesty to make progress.

So, hi there, <<First Name>>! Welcome to The Joy List. I'm Jillian, your NYC City Lead. I'm currently in two different types of therapy, struggle with my self-esteem, and am a Grade A Overachiever with a capital O.

Ready to meet some great humans who also struggle with stuff?

Alright! Then, without further ado, the GIF and the fun things. Take it away, Anderson Cooper making out with a puppy:
Okay, okay. Two more things. Real quick!

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Reserve your spot here for January 23rd at the gorgeous Betaworks. RSVP on Facebook here. Remember, the last one sold out! 

This time around, our greeter will be the amazing Jeanine T. Abraham of Rhythm Therapy and VisAbleblackwoman Productions. Get ready for the glory that she has in store for you!

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The Joy List Denver is launching soon

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Monday, January 7

Stretching and Playing in Public

Want to get limber while also getting out of your comfort zone? Try stretching and playing some games with a large group in the middle of The Oculus! Not surprisingly, the folks who lead this are absolute gems.

Free. 5:30 to 7:30 PM. The Oculus, World Trade Center. Info here.

FutureMakers: Listen Bar Vol II

This is something that I've been craving for a while: a sober, cozy space to meet new people and drink delicious beverages. Voila–– Listen Bar!

Cost of drinks. 7 to 11 PM. 3 Bleecker St. Info here.

Tuesday, January 8

No Lights No Lycra

I went to this a few weeks ago, and absolutely adored it. There's nothing like dancing without feeling the eyes of other people on me. It's freeing as hell... so let's dance in the dark together! 

But don't just listen to me-- fellow Joy List-er, Evan, wrote a short story about his experience there! Put your eyeballs on it here.

$5. 8:30 to 9:30 PM. Church of the Messiah Hall, 129 Russel St. Info here.

NYC Salon: Bone Transplant Edition

NYC Salon is like seeing a TED talk, but with your friends. Come learn from Dr. Ron Jacob, a cool dude who is on a mission to make sure no one is ever denied a lifesaving blood stem cell/marrow transplant.Then break into small groups and have a discussion based around what you learned. It's gloriously nerd-tastic.

Free. 7:30 PM. The Williamsburg Hotel, 96 Wythe Ave. Info here.

Wednesday, January 9

Rewild Movement and Sound Workshop

Tap back into your wild nature! Move your body, make noise, and play. This workshop is led by the magical goddess, Aweli Juls. It's open to all genders!

$35-$45. 7 to 9:30 PM. 41 West 36th St. Info here.

Poem Home

A night of poetry, music, and dance? Yes please.

$18. 7 to 10 PM. X Marks the Loft, 405 Johnson Ave. Info here.

Thursday, January 10

The Get Down

The Get Down is my favorite dance party in NYC. This is not "too cool" club vibes. It's "Oh my God! I'm so excited to see you! Wanna get in a circle and pound the ground while this dude plays drums?" vibes. Come get out of your head and into your body.

$25. 6 to 10 PM. 101 Brooklyn, 134 Metropolitan Ave. Info here.

Piano Sound Bath

Meet some chill people, drink tea, and cuddle up under blankets while listening to some gorgeous piano. Yesyesyesyes.

$40. 6:30 to 8:30 PM. Sonara Sound, 393 Broadway. Info here.

Friday, January 11

NYC Sisters Swamp Together

You've probably heard me talk about swamping. It's the practice of women getting together to dance out their emotions. We scream. We hit things. We cry. And we do it together. 

This event is for femme folks only. Before the swamp, read up on the practice here and check out the book that inspired it here.

$5. 5 to 7 PM. Ev and Co,  64 East 4th St. Info here.

The Art of Mindful Communication

A bunch of Joy List-ers have told me that they've been loving the nonviolent communication workshops that I've featured in The Joy List. So, here's another! It's hosted by Oren Jay Sofer, whose Very Ape podcast I've featured in the newsletter before. 

$15-$50. 7 to 9 PM. New York Insight Meditation Center, 28 W 27th St. Info here.

Saturday, January 12

5-Element Tantric Touch

I've been to this massage workshop, led by the wonderful Rachel Santos, before. And it's wonderful. It's all about communicating your desires, and being in touch with the needs of others. No partner necessary!

$38.07. 3 to 6 PM. X Marks the Loft, 405 Johnson Ave. Info here.


Lab/Shul is a god-optional, everybody-friendly organization that is filled with soul. Their Saturday series is for families with children under 8 who want to tell stories, share food, and learn about Judaism in a casual setting.

$40. 5:30 to 7:30 PM. If this is beyond your means, contact the host. No one will be turned away. 5:30 to 7:30 PM. Address given at purchase. Info here.

Sunday, January 13

Avoiding the Self-Help Trap

Yes, there is an event series called Meaningful Conversations. How Joy List-y is that?! This time around, they're chatting about

Free. 6:30 to 8:30 PM. Bahai Center, 53 E 11th St. Info here

No Pants Subway Ride

I did this two years ago, and it was absolutely hilarious. There's no better way to make friends than by doing something totally ridiculous in public together.

Free. 3 to 5 PM. Info here.

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