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Thank you for supporting our goals and activities. In case you just joined in, welcome on board and may your journey through life be a soulful one!

Join the dance of change!

To adress the ongoing speculations crystal clear, the answer is a definite yes.
A big change is coming up.

Beyond the roller skate hanging from the rearview mirror, is the building where our beloved Es Quint Roller Skate Training Center is located.
According to plans and authorities involved, the entire complex with a community of more than 200 independent entrenepeneurs, should be moved to a new location (nearby), before the end of the year 2020.

The Es Quint Foundation is a major part of that community. Es Quint as an entity and her activities are unique in the city of The Hague, second to none in the whole of Netherlands; even extraodinary worldwide and - to our own amazement - absolutely one of a kind in the niche of any type or form of roller skating business in the entire universe.

We hope to continue our stride and growth as we do right now, so there will be enough funds generated, to stay on board with the community, make the transition smooth and definite and continue the Soulful Journey.

We will continue to schedule our activities up to may 2020. By that time, we will have more info about the ongoing situation and the period after that.

If there's one certainty we have in life, then it's that nothing is certain; nothing ever stays the same, everything changes and time waits for no one.

As avid rhythm roller skaters, we are experts in dealing with balance disturbance and adversities. To strenghten our moral and keep our 20/20 vision clear, the words of Alan Watts - a major influence on the philosophy of the Es Quint Foundation -  couldn't be more helpful and appropriate:

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” 

We kindly invite you to join this dance with us.

Thank you and stay tuned!

Constructive and proper training of roller skating techniques.

Within all varieties of roller skating disciplines, the one thing that stands out is the importance of proper technique.  If that is not your main focus, you will either get stuck mentally and physically, or get seriously injured.

I often illustrate this in the following terms: if you can’t swim, you can’t play waterpolo. Meaning so much as you absolutely have no business being in the water or on the water, if you don’t have any decent swimming skills or serious trouble is waiting to happen. The same thing basically goes for roller skating.
Therefore, constructive training and good explanation of roller skating techniques are focused on two key elements:

1. Using  full potential of a technique.

A technique is usually a pattern of movement, which brings you from one stance or position to another. If you get sloppy in executing the pattern or neglect to align the whole body (including the arms), you will lose all potential of the technique or move. You will also use way too much energy than essentially is needed, which will wear you down pretty fast. Benefitting full potential will make it much easier to connect and combine different techniques, thus reaching a comfortable state in a relatively short learning time. This comfortable state of moving or being  is also referred to as ‘flow motion’.

2. Avoid and prevent harm and injury in the short and long term.

The human musculoskeletal system is an intriguing piece of art with remarkable adaptive and self-regenerating capacity. It needs to be put to work on a regular basis, to stay healthy and in shape and to store impressive potential. Long periods of inactivity are no good for anybody. And of course acute trauma as a result of tripping or falling down can clearly be pretty harmful.

But careless and thoughtless moving around can be very damaging in the long run too. Wrong stances or posture, using too much power, neglecting good form ; all these things put a lot of strain on the joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles and can cause damage on micro level. By the time the pain sets in, the damage has gone beyond micro level over a longer period of time and sometimes beyond the point of repair.

~ Good form is not only about executing a technique in the best way to preserve its full potential. It is also about using the body in its most efficient and safest way to prevent injury. ~

Closing Dates!

Our well known message board at the training center annnouncing important info, so you don't hit a closed door on your way trying to get in on the mentioned dates!

Usually this board is pimped up with colors and drawings by either Linda or Mariska. So with Spring in sight, they definitley need to step up their game!

>>> Royal Kingsday <<<
April 27th, 2019

Program (in Dutch) :
Pacific Enterprises Unlimited & Theater Walhalla organiseren het leukste koningsfeest voor het hele gezin met een vrijmarkt, rollerdisco, verschillende activiteiten en meezingen met de Katendrecht Allstars olv Ronald Kool. Op het plein is er de Rollerdisco waar iedereen kan rolschaatsen op live discomuziek, er zijn skatedemonstraties en er is een skate klasje. Wie geen skates heeft kan ze huren. Vanaf 9.00 u kan iedereen zonder te betalen een plekje kiezen op de vrijmarkt en vanaf 13.00 uur zijn er optredens (dans, theater en muziek) van de Katendrechtse instellingen. Verder kun je meedoen aan een textiel- en theaterworkshop en staan er tentjes met eten en drinken op het Deliplein.

Royal Kingsday The Netherlands

Deliplein Rotterdam

Soulful Fitness - International Project Part I.

Our next international Soulful Fitness project is slowly taking shape!
The area displayed is the entire area targeted, in cooperation with Ginger Skates and Roll Jiggy.

We are very excited to see who's coming on board!

Chuck Baby on Wheels! - Full Tutorial

Chuck Baby on Wheels. Originally choreographed by Sharon Lynn Holmes.
Original track Chuck Baby by Chuck Brown, from the 2007 album `We're about the Business`.

Translation routine to roller skates by Esther (Ginger Skates) , Linda (Es Quint Foundation) & Mariska (Kids Roll Power) in 2018, as part of the February 2019 Roller Skate Training Seminar edition, RIFFS & ROUTINES.

The routine is divided in six section and layed out in 3 parts:
1st. Part: Slow Flow, main focus on pattern of movement.
2nd. Part: Original Flow.
3rd Part: Original Flow & Original Tempo of 93 BPM.

Keep the Original Flow intact, when changing the tempo or coloring up the routine with rolls, flares, kicks & dips.

Additional info:
Chuck Baby routine @ Podium Duycker February 2019:

Chuck Baby Baltimore version:

Soulful Kidness to the MAX on Saturday morning!

Check out the Kids Roll Power Instagram for cool updates by trainer Mariska!

To be sure, make sure to always check the Es Quint Calendar.

Poppodium Duycker
May 11, 2019

14.00 -17.00h
Alles wat rolt.
For kids & parents.

19.30 - 01.00h
Roller Skate Party (Adults)

Endorsed and recommended by Es Quint:
Roller Skate Venue Utrecht


Hertogswetering 191
3543 AS Utrecht
T. 088 398 50 70
Ingang bij de BCC omhoog


Roller Skate Weekend Seminar 2019.
MAY 24, 25 & 26.

Saturday Night Roller Skate Party @ Rocking Rollerz Utrecht with Groove Selektah Bfunk Phenomenon & DJ StayFun


Hosted by Es Quint Foundation and Ginger Skates and supported by Rocking Rollerz.

Registration link :

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