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It does, it really does.
You don't even have to be on roller skates to come to that bold conclusion. Just observe any skilled skater flowing in a zone and the music you're hearing at that particular moment will relate to you differently from how it would, were you not following that skater's flow.

Roughly speaking, there are three categories of people when it comes to how they initially react to music.
* The first group responds to a preferably strong groove, rhythm or beat if you will in, order so syncopate their flow of movement.
* The second group is strongly oriented to the melody.
* Then you have the third category of people, mostly and predominantly triggered by lyrics.

Again this is rough and general. How any individual is triggered or focused can of course vary per music genre and even per track or song in the same genre.

At average mainstream oriented roller skate venues - especially in Europe - you`ll see all three categories of musiclovers respresented in varying ratios. The more mainstream based a venue is, the more you'll encounter the lyrics and melody oriented people. They frequently heckle the on duty DJ or music selector, with the type of requests they can sing along to.
All entrepeneurs tend to stick to the ancient term `roller disco` which has become a distinctive label, leaving nothing to the imagination of what to expect. There is usually more concern and focus on the look of the establishment rather than on the quality of the floor and music. 

On the other site of the spectrum you have the more oldschool and underground based venues and gatherings, where the majority of attendants demand a heavy groove and beat. These are the so called rhythm roller skaters and all they really care about, is creating energy and getting into their zone.
They usually don't care what the place looks like, as long as the floor is right and the groove is tight.
This is where magic can unfold right before your eyes; this is where perception on music can dramatically change, for the better.

Music can absolutely be the key to your salvation. For every mood, every feeling, every happening thinkable, there is a music piece out there in any form and genre that can relate to the emotions your going through. When combined with roller skates, for a lot of frequently active roller skaters, the thought and word that comes to mind the most is, freedom.

Observing a rhythm roller skater in flow motion is the embodiment of groove.
Or to paraphrase Canadian rhythm roller skater Danielle Senecal, who once characterized a dancing roller skater: "In no other artform can a human body move like a rhythm skater does`. 

That means we'll be in straight training mode till Christmas break.

Last training session of the year:
Saturday December 22, 2018

First session New Year:
Monday January 7, 2019!

United Skates Documentary.
A little short notice, but absolutely worth mentioning!

For those who have the time and opportunity, get up early upcoming Saturday and get your funky self to Amsterdam, to get a glimpse of contemporary American roller rink culture.

Director   Tina Brown, Dyana Winkler

Writer Dyana Winkler

Genre  Documentary

Minutes 89

3 nov | Pathé Arena zaal 6 | 11:30

When America’s last standing roller rinks are threatened with closure, a community of thousands battle in a racially charged environment to save an underground subculture– one that has remained undiscovered by the mainstream for generations, yet has given rise to some of the world’s greatest musical talent.

Linda of the Es Quint Foundation, joined by Etienne, Mike and Marielle, will definitely be present at the screening Saturday November 3rd, representing the Dutch underground rhythm roller skate scene!

Limited edition roller skate wear!

Fresh, funky & sporty apparel with exclusive designer prints from guest designers.
Available soon, so stay tuned!

Soulful Sunday.
How to spend an easy Sunday in total relaxation mode?
There are many good suggestions for that, but on roller skates is definitely one of the better and most versatile options.

People from all walks of life; different colors, different ages, different backgrounds, different levels of experience in life in general and skate life in particular. You can throw your funky badself right in the mix, or seclude from everyone and do your own thing. It's all good.
There is always someone to help out, to spar with, to talk to. Sometimes folks cypher up spontaneously and create extra energy for all to inspire and motivate.

As the world is a crazy place and life has its inevitable challenging moments, it's helpful to consciously take in and cherish moments like these and take the energy that is created from it, to save it for the rainy days in this thing we call life.

Roller skating is obviously not for everybody for a variety of reasons. But seeing and understanding how people challenge themselves in this way, might help others to make the better choices in their journey through life and go for what means the world to them and have joy from it for as long as possible. And that could be anything, as long as it touches your soul.

That's why we always say, `May your journey be a soulful one`.

Stefan Seedorf aka DJ StayFun @ Rocking Rollerz!

A funky bunch of rhythm skaters will be ripping up the floor in Utrecht on Fridaynight the 23rd of November :-)

No better way to clear your mind and roll your flow.
So feel free to join the caravan, to give up the funk and tear the roof of that sucker!

Stefan will also be spinning the decks on November 9 and 30!

>>> RIFFS & ROUTINES 2019 <<<
February 8-10, 2019.

Full info and registration link will be released on upcoming November 11th, 2018.
So get ready!

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