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Your inner Roll Call

As we are all highly anticipating on a very good and productive Summerbreak, it is always up to ourselves to make the best out of it, despite weather circumstances.
But that doesn't mean, you are on your own!

World wide, roller skating communities are slowly growing and finding each other, due to modern day technology. With a few swipes on your phone, you can find other roller skaters doing moves you have never seen before, on grooves you have never heard before.

But being and keeping yourself motivated to stick to something, is only partially influenced externally.
The biggest chunk of energy to fully dedicate yourself to something, (anything!), stems from this elusive energy of feeling awesome. And when I say awesome, I mean nothing less than extremely out-of-your-mind elevated - thus awesome.

In  some cases, that happens in an instance; hooked, fixed, stuck, that one moment of  `that's it, this is me`.
In other cases, that feeling has to grow on you for a while, but somehow in every corner of your soul, you just know, something has happened.

In both cases, something is immediately triggered in the brain and the emotion centre - which is the oldest part of the brain - literally changes in an instant.

In a nutshell:
The amygdala creates a file in the brain which attaches the situation to that feeling that comes over you. The name of the file, Awesomeness.
The Hippothalamus - regulating hormones like serotonin and dopamin - takes charge of your main organ functions, so you will survive, while being struck by awesomeness.
The hippocampus combines all info and will guide you any and every time, in getting to that state of awesomeness.

You may not have all the skills and knowledge yet, to flow any which way you want to go. But that is of course the Soulful Journey you have set out to take.

The whole system for deep intrinsic dedication, works like a muscle; you need to work it to make it stronger.
So, here's a little guidance that we hope will help you along the way:

~ Clear the mind, work the body and fill the soul.
Catch a groove, pick up a rhythm, and add yourself as an instrument to the whole, to gradually shape your flow.
You can keep it short and powerful, or extend it for as long as your stamina allows you to.
You may roll out of range, spin out of control or even fall.
But don't let that throw you off ;
Better yet, use it as a cue to improve yourself, when you respond to that next inner roll call. ~

Website Under Construction!

The awesome Es Quint website with the now world famous Fibonacci Curve Shell fronting, is currently under construction for installing anti-hack programs and preparation for cool future applications.
So please bear with us on this and things will turn out awesome!

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NO (regular) Training Dates!

May 25th - Flow Motion Roller Skate Seminar
May 30th - Ascension Day
June 8th till 10th - Pentecost

Last Training before Summer Break
Thursday, May 27th.

Soulful Fitness Roller Skate Training Snippets
May 2019

Yes, we have hit the #200 mark of Roller Skate Training snippets!

Although the Bfunkphenomenon channel includes different playlists, the Roller Skate Training snippets have turned out to be the most prominent and prolific.
Direct link: Roller Skate Training Snippet Playlist

Big thanks to all the trainees, seminar attendants and enthousiastic visitors and supporters of the Es Quint Foundation and our style of and perception on Freestyle Rhythm Roller Skating.

A very special salute to ALL Rhythm Skaters featured in our snippets, for putting up with us, being patient and working hard on improving themselves both on and off wheels.

Happy Bornday Boo!

On May 3, 2019 Henry Selby, aka Boo da sk8ter from Brooklyn New York USA, celebrates his 55th Bornday.
Starting out as a break dancer in his early life, he evolved as a genuine OG throughout the various episodes of the musical evolution. With his illustrious style and flow, combining every dance style from breakdance to pair dancing to house dance, effortlessly on roller skates, he is the epitome of modern day Rhythm Roller Skating.
One of the best to ever do it!

Sharing the skate floor with Henry- in 2009 - in his natural habitat, made a profound impact on the course and insight of rhythm roller skating. Three years later - 2012 - the Es Quint Foundation was founded, for a major part, inspired and motivated by and heavily rooted in that experience.

Backstroke V-Drill Flex up.
When the technique and/or pattern of movement is clearly understood, `thinking time` is limited by putting pressure on the drill.
And as if that's not enough already, adding tempo changes and one-legged freezes (Flamingo stance) kicks the brain into overdrive.
It may look absolutley very confusing in the beginning, but this is exactly how to surpass the conscious reasoning of the brain and trigger the deep stated reflex mechanisms.

Practically in survival mode, your brain wants to keep you alive. So detecting the tiniest notion of balance change/disturbance in a matter of split seconds, is the only task of the brain at that moment.
There's not much room to think about anything else, and energize other physical processes more than needed, until the drill is over.
During the drill, adaptation will occur and heartbeat frequency, blood pressure, breathing, brainwave frequency and so on, will stabilize. As improvement over time goes on, less time will be needed to stabilize. Talking about clearing your head; this is a perfect and funky way to do it.

Rhythm roller skating is the funkiest way of brain training for sure!
Chuck Baby on Wheels! - Full Tutorial

Soooo, how is your Chuck Baby coming along?
Either on roller skates, socks, bare foot, in the sand, in a swimming pool, or upside down for all we care.

 Just go crazy with it and have fun!

Check out Full Tutorial.

Soulful Kidness to the MAX on Saturday morning.

NO Kids Roller Power on Saturday 25th of May and June 8th!

Last Kids Roller Power Session before Summerbreak
Saturday, June 22

Check out the Kids Roll Power Instagram for cool updates by trainer Mariska!


Poppodium Duycker
May 11, 2019

14.00 -17.00h
Alles wat rolt.
For kids & parents.

19.30 - 01.00h
Roller Skate Party (Adults)

Endorsed and recommended by Es Quint:
Roller Skate Venue Utrecht


Hertogswetering 191
3543 AS Utrecht
T. 088 398 50 70
Ingang bij de BCC omhoog


Roller Skate Weekend Seminar 2019.
MAY 24, 25 & 26.

Saturday Night Roller Skate Party @ Rocking Rollerz Utrecht with Groove Selektah Bfunk Phenomenon & DJ StayFun


Hosted by Es Quint Foundation and Ginger Skates and supported by Rocking Rollerz.

Registration link :

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