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Thank you for supporting our goals and activities. In case you just joined in, welcome on board and may your journey through life be a soulful one!

Once you go, you grow!

Good health doesn't come easy and natural. And although the human body has remarkable regenerative capacity to restore damage and clean and cleanse the entire system, there are obvious limits to what it can handle.
Movement, mobility, sports, and really any kind of sports, is always good and helpful to stimulate all ongoing processes, no matter the limitations.
The great thing about roller skating is, as soon as you lace them up, you will get immediate feedback on your physical and mental status.
Roller skating involves using the whole body. There is no part of the body  - and of the brain too for that matter - left out to keep yourself between the margins of balance. You will need every muscle, ligament and joint structure , to keep yourself together, let alone get into a flow.
If you feel little aches coming up, muscles cramping up or experiencing limited ranges of motion, then you exactly know where to improve.
Taking up small challenges and improving yourself will elevate your physical and mental being enormously and will give you more potential for good and healthy quality of life.
Of course, we understand roller skating is not the obvious choice for everyone, nor should it be. But if we can inspire to pick up any kind of sports or exercise with the same passion and fun as we roll our wheels, then we are more than happy to do so.
Whatever you choose, it always takes a few steps to get into it; but once you go, you grow!

Soulful Kidness!

Indoor season is almost to an end.
That means we only have three saturday sessions to go:
June 9th, June 16th and the last one on June 23th.

After the Summer Break, Kids Roll Power will start on:
25th of August, 2018

Kids Roll Power Roller Skate Training. Presented by the Es Quint Foundation in The Hague, The Netherlands. Check out developments and progress at
Guess who's back!
And don't call it a comeback, they just had a little break, only to return stronger with a broader and deeper sense of knowledge. Ginger Skates is taking up orders again and they already had quite a stream of people at their desk during the recent Flow Motion Roller Skate Training Seminar at Es Quint Foundation.
If you want to put the 8 in your Sk8s this summer, you know where to go!

Sneak preview of the new Es Quint website.
It's been a long time coming, but we're almost there!

The Quadsk8 website will still continue and will be updated during our
Summer Break.

Summer Break coming up!

Last training of this season 
Thursday, 28th of June

First training of the new season
Saturday, 25th of August

>>> Free Download <<<
Duration 12:29 min.  467 MB
Available till June 14th, 2018

One, if not the most characteristic move in freestyle rhythm skating, known by different names around the world, such as scissors, toe jammin and zig zag, but Crazy Legs being the most common. Let's first state clearly, that this is our take on this intriguing move; our personal understanding of and experience with this pattern. There are many different versions to do and ways to learn Crazy Legs. This is simply just one of them, coming from years of experience with coaching and training a wide range of people. Key element is the very often neglected and/or underestimated `Intermediate Position`, which truly makes or breaks the pattern and flow of any Crazy Legs. Concentrating on good form is really not about aesthetics; it's all about A. Using full potential of a technique. B. Avoid and prevent harm and injury in the short and long term. This snippet includes: Basic Ingredients. Pattern of movement. Keynotes. Intermediate position. Ladder of progression. Merging motions. Crazy variations. Isolated drill. Constructional riff. Bonus exercise. For the sake of simplicity and time limit, we have excluded a whole bunch of details and variation pointers. Sorry `bout that, but we hope this snippet will give you just enough to polish and improve your flow!
And remember, repetition is the mother of skill.

An isolated drill to practice the Split Stop. And as can be seen here, nice and easy does it. No rush at all, for that brings a high risk of neglecting good form. Key is the right position of the hip, in order to slowly advance to power and finess. Make sure to celebrate all little success moments; they are all building blocks to your gradually evolving flow!

>>> Funky Fatback Summer Skate Jam <<<
18-19 August, 2018

Free Open-Air Roller Skate Jam in Rotterdam.

Preliminary planning:

Saturday 18th.
Easy Peasy Skate Shuffle @ Kralingse Bos.
From 11.00h - 14.00h

Sunday 19th.
Funky Fatback Skate Jam @ Hotel New York Rotterdam
From 13.00h - 18.00h

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