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Set your goals, then destroy them!

2019, already 11 days in and we're back on a roll in full force!
A new cycle has begun and for many people an opportunity to set a marker; start something new, intensify ongoing things, make changes, decisions, get rid of stuff, you name it.

The biggest and most underrated cliche of all times? You can make a start or a change every day, every moment of your life.
Yes, that may very well be the mother of all  cliches, but so true AND hardly ever dealt with in a proper and practical manner. (That's why many new year's resolutions fade away without getting a fair chance!)

The key to change and maintaining the structure that comes with it or is needed, is first to distinguish the goals from the purposes.
So you want to lose or gain weight. Great goal! But why? What's the purpose, your main reasons to set such a goal?
You want to learn something new, something you think is awesome. Great, the brain is able to learn and adapt your entire life. Great! But why? What do you want to get out of it? 

Second, behavorial changes need to be practical, doable and implemented in your already full or chaotic daily schedule. Change or adjustments in little incremental steps is how strong habits are built, that will last. Start from where you are and go from there.

You want to pick up roller skating? Great! But why? 3 times a week? Give yourself time and start with once a week and grow form there. In between, read about it, watch other people doing it, (listen to the music YOU associate with it) and let the feeling grow on you.

Have you failed in the past, or you think you just don't have what it takes? Then just setting a goal, with a thin motivational punchline won't pull YOU through.
Likely, there are some firmly rooted beliefs and values about yourself and your perception of the world towards and around you, that are obstructing your ways to get things done.
Changing your mindset will impact your motivation, dedication and eventually your behavior all together.  

Are you planning to move from living area or starting a new job within a few weeks? That's one heck of a change baby!
Leave everything else around it, exactly as they are. Do your things around your new situation as you always do and adapt from there.

People thrive best when they are super comfortable, when they are totally on top of their game. That's when awesome stuff happens and is experienced. And when awesome stuff totally hits you by surprise, it only means you were ready all along, anticipating for the right moment!

One of the most valuable things ever extracted from many years of roller skating and sharing this beautiful art: You need to except slow progress over a very long period of time. All that time, you need to do the effort and you need to be consistent about it.

Once you have accepted that, something special happens:
From the true moment of acceptance, you start to grow and change super fast. The brain settles down and starts adapting very effectively, making you do things you thought were out of your reach; making you think things you never thought of. Your belief system is subjective to change and your perception in general adapts accordingly. You will feel and think awesome more frequently and don't be suprised when that is accompanied by the need to share that experience.

All of the above is not restricted to roller skating. When you dedicate yourself to your passion - whatever that may be - then this is what transpires.

Set your goals and crush them totally. When you need a little help with that or a motivational shout out, just reach out.

Salute to an awesome and blessed 2019!

High Energy!
We are looking very much forward to a new season of full force roller skating, with a lot of new and familiar people with great energy!

Featured here is Saskia, exponent of the Rolling Amazons and the Amsterdam High Rollers.

Exciting new ventures are prepared behind the scenes, which we will announce and share of course in upcoming newsletters, so stay tuned!

Motivational Quote by Etienne.

As he recently discovered rhythm roller skating - turning it into his second passion -  he brings a ton of experience to the skatefloor from the battles, beats and breaks as a long time breakdancer and hiphop life style role model and entrepeneur.

Roller Skate Training Amsterdam!

After the first enthousiastic rolls and steps, we are ready for the 2nd session with a pumped supergroup!

January 13
January 20
January 27
February 3

Solid Ground Movement.
Buiksloterweg 5c
1031 CC Amsterdam

14.00h - 16.00h

In cooperation with Ginger Skates & Solid Ground Movement.

More info and registration:

>>> Enter the Jam on Solid Ground Amsterdam <<<

Solid Ground Movement + Ginger Skates + Es Quint Foundation teaming up fresh and clean!

Jammers, breakers and rhythm roller skaters, enter the jam!
Into house dance? Well, come on and take your chance and jack your body, on 8 wheels!

16.00h - 20.00h
Entrance : 7,50 euro
Skate rental : 4,00 euro.

Stefan Seedorf aka DJ StayFun spinning the funky beats and breaks.

Solid Ground Movement.
Buiksloterweg 5c
1031 CC Amsterdam
Stiff Legged Lean Back Raise

The first snippet shot in the year 2019. And what better way to kick off the next series of training sessions with a Stiff Legged Lean Back Raise!
Say what??
Yep, leg absolutley straight (no cheating with bending the knees), toes pulled up and go'head and kick the wham on this jam!

Soulful Kidness

First session on January 12th, 2019.

Price setting at January 1st, 2019:
Solo session: 7,50 per session
5 -session card : 25 euro
10- session card: 50 euro

Check out the Kids Roll Power Instagram for cool updates by trainer Mariska!

Endorsed and recommended by Es Quint:
Roller Skate Venue Utrecht


Hertogswetering 191
3543 AS Utrecht
T. 088 398 50 70
Ingang bij de BCC omhoog

Januari 2019
Vrijdag 4 januari DJ Chippie
Zaterdag 5 januari DJ Vala
Vrijdag 11 januari Dj StayFun
Zaterdag 12 januari Dj Remment
Vrijdag 18 januari DJ Kobus
Zaterdag 19 januari DJ Chippie
Vrijdag 25 januari Bart Moree
Zaterdag 26 januari DJ Vala

Februari 2019
Vrijdag 1 februari Dj StayFun
Zaterdag 2 februari DJ Mickey
Vrijdag 8 februari Dj Bart Moree
Zaterdag 9 februari DJ Kobus
Vrijdag 15 februari Dj StayFun
Zaterdag 16 februari DJ Remment
Vrijdag 22 februari Dj StayFun
Zaterdag 23 februari DJ Vala

Up Close & Funktional.

Preparation exercises.
In order to get on track within in a decent timespan, we have made a small selection of effective preparation exercises. The square blue tile is 50 centimeters on each side or 19,69 inches if you will.
You can of course take up as much space as you want, but this is really all the space you need to get into prep mode! 
To have a little extra margin, double up the square and you’re good to go. Make sure no sharp or glass objects are in your proximity, to avoid accidents and injuries!

These so called prep exercises will immediately adress the following issues:
- Body alignment.
- Muscle strength and stamina build up.
- Coordination and direction awareness.

When you want to have massive fun, a good challenge for the brain, acceptable learning time with a steep learning curve and some smooth funkiness to go along with all that, stay tuned!

Full article:


Roller Skate Weekend Seminar 2019.
February 8, 9 & 10.

Friday Training 13.00 - 22.30
Saturday Training 12.00 - 16.30
Saturday JAM Party 19.30 - 01.00
Sunday Training 12.00 - 18.00

Saturday Night Roller Skate Party @ Podium Duycker with Groove Selektah Bfunk Phenomenon & DJ StayFun

Registration link:


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