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Boon Supply/Mixed Bags Fundraiser!

As mentioned in the KAMPA meeting last week, we are starting our first fund raiser of the year!  It is our Mixed Bags/Boon Supply fundraiser.  There are all sorts of Mixed Bags, Kitchen Supplies, Holiday Gifts and Wrapping Paper, Organization Tools, etc. 

This year, you and your friends/relatives only need to go to the KAMPA specific website and order.  The orders will be conveniently shipped directly to the purchaser.  The orders are shipped once placed, so if you order early, you could receive your materials before the fundraiser is even over!

Here is the KAMPA specific page:

Hawaii Space Day - Saturday 10/24

Did that catch your attention?

A former magnet parent is involved with the state of Hawaii's annual Astronaut and Space educational program called the Day of Discovery.  It will be Saturday 10/24 from 3 PM - 4:30 PM

It will consist of a number of workshops, demonstrations as well as lectures given by actual astronauts.  One interesting talk will be given by the Polynesian Voyaging Society  You've heard of Magellan, Columbus, etc, but have you ever thought about how Polynesians managed to navigate and traverse thousands of miles through the Pacific on tiny canoes?  Very educational.

Click HERE for the link to the event.

Some Sense of Normalcy

For those parents who have had or currently have Mrs. Wheelock, I thought I'd share some current pictures of her room.  She is teaching from campus and keeping the room as it would be during a normal year.  Very cool to see all the students' art and work!  We'll be back soon!


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