Happy Fall!

On behalf of the TADOHE Executive Board, we hope you are having a wonderful Fall semester so far! We know it’s a busy time for all our membership and executive, and we thank you for your support of TADOHE!

Still residual pandemic-related impact and fatigue aren’t the only challenges that have ensued. In recent months, we have confronted uncharted political waters that have arguably been contra to values of radical inclusion, anti-bias, and intentional diversity that our work both espouses and promotes. This has created curious contention in some spaces where communities are being unapologetically marginalized, othered, and outright attacked in the most insidious ways. When the answers aren’t always clear and the fervor for supportive output around inclusive excellence seems to be waning, please stay the course. This work matters; your struggles are not futile nor are they occurring in isolation, and TADOHE is a Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, Anti-Bias, Anti-Racism, Inclusion, & Justice affinity community of actionable support. Let’s keep pushing; the promise of change hasn’t abandoned us. Onward and upward…

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Skyller Walkes