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The Risks Associated with Blowing Off a Succession Plan

Do you have a succession plan for your construction company? If you don’t, you’re leaving your entire business open to a number of risks. Unfortunately, a number of companies (both in construction and in other industries) don’t have succession plans. There are a number of reasons for this, but none of them are good. 

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[Infographic] Turn Your Time on Social Media From Wasted Time to Profit Using These 5 Simple Tips

You may think that social media is only used for posting your latest meal and keeping up to date with friends. Not anymore. Social media has become the new frontier for marketing and can be the best ally for your small business if used correctly.
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How Mobile Apps are Eliminating Paperwork and Increasing Profitability
Paperwork: there never seems to be an end to it. Whether you’re filling out orders, doing spreadsheets, or completing agreements, there’s always some kind of paperwork to do. Fortunately, while there are still many forms to complete and documents to submit, the electronic age has moved a lot of this paperwork online. 
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[eBook] Optimizing Your Bidding Process
How can you write great bids and create a backlog of work that ensures you and your crew always have a project in the works? Let’s take a look at the bidding process and discuss how you can optimize your bids to be both competitive and lucrative.
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The HBAV has been working with our exclusive, private partner, Small Business Growth Partners (SBGP) to help our members reach maximum growth and potential through their one of a kind BPA Process. This has been refined for over 10 years of working exclusively with Builders, Remodelers & HBA Associate Members.

The BPA includes a detailed and comprehensive analysis of your business, including a website analysis & "online footprint" review of your company. 

SBGP also analyzes your marketing, sales and sales process, your team communication structure, hiring process & talent acquisition strategies, your financials and financial tracking processes and strategic planning to create a customized plan to grow your business.
The deliverable is an extremely accurate and personalized 40+ page, step-by-step and time-based plan for you and your business.

As an exclusive HBAV member benefit, we are offering you the chance to register for and redeem your 2019 Business Diagnostic & Plan of Actions. Once again, an annual BPA is included 100% with your HBAV Member Benefits (A $2,200 value).
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"After 30 years in business I find myself in a position where I have been sailing forward, taking on and moving more cargo, getting paid well but not really having a charted course to a specific destination.  In just a few short months, my free Business Diagnostics and plan of Action and a few coaching sessions with Terry and Chris, I at least have the ship pointed in a direction''
-HBAV member Michael Lynn, SES Mid Atlantic, LLC
"The Small Business Growth Partners (SBGP) business planning exercise offered through our state home builders association was quite rewarding. We learned a lot about our business and ourselves in little time or expense. SBGP provides and effective and efficient format to quickly review business basics and identify areas that might need more attention."
-HBAV member Eric Zicht, Zicht & Associates, PLC
"The results and feedback from our current members who have taken advantage of this offer have been incredible. These BPA’s are in limited supply, so if you would like more information on how to participate, please reach out to me directly or simply go to the link below to start your BPA process.
Thank you for your support of this initiative, and thank you for your trust and support of your Home Builders Association of Virginia."

Craig Toalson,
CEO, Home Builders Association of Virginia

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