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Making Mentoring Relationships Last

Mentoring is not just about helping yourself, it’s also about being a help to others.  Most people want mentors because it’s all about them getting what they want. If you’re having keeping a long term mentor, consider these tips to help cultivate meaningful relationships:


 Don’t ask for their blueprint, roadmap or strategies to success 
When you inundate a person with “how” questions, it means all you want are answers. No one likes to feel used. Instead, share your issues and the solutions you’ve come up with to get their opinion or advice.

Don’t give the victim story
People think if they make you feel sorry for them, you will feel bad enough to help them. You turn people off, and it works against you. Leave the victim story out.

Don’t quit
Mentors are busy, so they might not be able to talk or meet with you as much as you’d like. Don’t get frustrated and upset and quit. You have to be patient. It’s worth the wait.


Give before you get. 
Once you identify someone you would like to learn from, figure out a way to serve them first. When you’ve helped someone, you can ask a question, and they’ll be willing and open to helping you. Do it with a genuine heart. Don’t underestimate your value: You have something to give them, and believe me, mentors look for people who can be of service too.

Build a relationship.  
Building a relationship does not mean bringing all your personal issues to the conversation; it means you are learning more about the other person and what you can genuinely stand to gain from each other. I still call mentors I had years ago because there was a genuine  relationship.

Commit to the process.
 When things get tough, don’t give up or quit because it’s harder than you thought. All of my mentors have pushed me out of my comfort zone, and yes, it scared me — but I knew it was for my good and growth.


J. Ryann Peyton, Esq. LLM
Director, Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program

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Mentoring Fast Facts:


Solo Practice University: Mentorship For The Rural Lawyer

by Bruce Cameron

For Jobs, Some Young Lawyers Are Keepin' It Rural

by National Public Radio
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Calling all rural & mountain lawyers!

CAMP is seeking your help to develop programming and mentoring opportunities for new lawyers interested in small town practice. Our goal is to inspire lawyers to "think outside of Denver" when it comes to finding mentors, creating career goals, and developing business.

We want to know why you love practicing law in smaller communities and how we can help to inspire the next generation of rural and mountain lawyers!

If you'd like to help us develop a rural/mountain mentoring program in your community, please let us know by e-mailing or calling 303-928-7750. 
Upcoming Events

Feb 10th 11:30  "The Roles of Mentor & Mentee: Why Both Are Crucial to Your Career" (University of Denver Sturm College of Law)

Feb 13th 12:00 "Mentoring a Professional Identity – Civility & Professionalism for the Modern Lawyer" (CBA/CLE)


Feb 22nd 11:30 "Mentoring a Professional Identity: The Role of Trial Attorneys in Sustaining the Profession of Law" (Ralph Carr Judicial Center)

Feb 23rd 12:30 "Practicing with Professionalism" (CBA/CLE)

Feb 28th 12:00 "Software Training" (Ralph Carr Judicial Center)

Questions or concerns related to the new software program? Review the document at the link below for program objectives and FAQs for CAMP mentors
Letter From The Director

Got Sun?
Recent studies reveal that Colorado is one of the happiest states in the country.  We know that a positive mood is one of the largest factors to good health, and part of a positive mood comes with getting some sun.  Two chemicals in the brain that change depending on sunlight exposure, melatonin (sleep) and serotonin (sense of well-being), help to regulate our sleep-wake cycles, energy levels, and mood.  Even though we have very busy days that involve many hours in the office or in court, we can still dedicate a few minutes every day to being outside.  There are many benefits of sunlight, including lowered blood pressure, increased ability for the body to deliver oxygen to the tissues, increased immune function, and lowered cholesterol.  Experts suggest at least 10-15 minutes of sunlight a day, without sunglasses, to reap the benefits. 

For more information or for confidential assistance, please contact COLAP at 303.986.3345 or visit our website at
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CAMP can help! We support organizations in creating, expanding, or improving mentoring programs by offering curriculum development & review, matching assistance, training, and document and policy creation.
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