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National Mentoring Month is a campaign dedicated to recognizing mentoring and the impact it can have on a person’s life. Whether it’s supporting, inspiring, or developing professionals in the workplace, mentoring enables people to achieve their full potential by learning from others. Established in 2002 and recognized yearly by the US president and administration, National Mentoring Month is a time to celebrate the power of mentoring and encourage others to explore how mentoring programs can enable organizations to create more productive, developed and satisfied people.

Important Dates to Recognize in January 2021

  • January 7 – I am a Mentor Day
  • January 17 – International Mentoring Day
  • January 29 – Thank Your Mentor Day

Why Mentoring is Needed Now, More Than Ever

Connecting People In An Isolated World

In this time of physical distancing, human connection has been made even more critical. People are experiencing an unprecedented and abrupt transition to working, learning and connecting remotely, whether they feel ready for it or not. In times of crisis, people yearn for the very basic fundamentals of survival, safety and belonging. Organizations need to build robust strategies to provide for these needs in order to overcome challenges and build long-lasting engagement.

Leaving It To Chance Isn’t Working

When it comes to improving the progress and growth of all employees, organizations continue to lag behind when it comes to women and people of color. McKinsey & Company found women face consistent challenges when it comes to ascending the corporate ladder, often in the early stages of their careers—at the first rung of promotion into management. Meanwhile, fewer than one in three black, full-time professionals say they have access to senior leaders, compared to almost half of white professionals, according to the Center for Talent Innovation. It isn’t enough to hire diverse employees and hope they rise through the ranks as everyone else. It takes greater actions of inclusion through mentoring that offer these employees opportunities to interact with senior leaders and build skills and knowledge that will enable them to grow.

Trust is Broken

With the many corporate scandals of misconduct, misuse and oversight that have come to light in the last decade, many companies are left with a broken circle of trust between themselves and their most valuable asset—their people. In turn, this distrust has bred disengagement and a breakdown of productivity and retention. Companies are turning to mentoring to reignite trust, build rapport and illustrate that the organization is prepared to invest in its employees for the greater development of its future workforce.

Explore the resources below and learn how to establish or promote mentoring in your organization and beyond.

#MentoringMatters #MentoringMonth


[Whitepaper] Mentoring for a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

Diversity, equity and inclusion has become a mainstream business standard that is impossible to ignore. Avoidance or indifference these days, is a business risk. Whether it’s a failure to get the basics right, lack of a strategy or resistance to an inclusive workplace the result is that conditions are not in place for diversity to thrive in many companies. Learn how to make a change that can truly make a difference.

[Ebook] How to Start a High-Impact Mentoring Program

Great mentoring programs are built through thoughtful planning and sustained commitment to guiding participants through the mentoring process while continually improving the program. In this Ebook, you’ll learn the five-step process to create a high-impact mentoring program.

[Toolkit] Promoting Your Mentoring Program

Engagement can make or break a mentoring program. Creating a program isn’t enough to make it succeed. You also need a diligent plan to promote and market your program to your organization. This toolkit will provide timelines and sample materials needed to plan the successful launch and continuation of your program.

[Guide] Measuring Modern Mentoring Programs

We’ve created a guide for how to use the Kirkpatrick Model specifically for measuring modern mentoring programs, including questions you should ask and how to use and interpret program outcomes. This will allow you to measure participant behaviors, learning, and reactions earlier, which gives you time to adjust your programs.

[Ebook] Getting Impactful ROI Out of Mentoring

There are a number of important factors to consider when calculating your program’s ROI: retention, engagement, advancement, program costs, and behavioral change. This Ebook will teach you the important factors to consider in calculating your organization’s mentoring impact and overall return on investment.

Many thanks to our mentoring software partner Chronus for providing these helpful mentoring month resources!

CAMP Upcoming Events

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the legal, economic and social order. In today’s highly uncertain situation and rapidly changing environment, legal professionals like other businesses and industries are facing new challenges in their practice. New lawyers will experience a transformation of their practice and employment prospects. For these reasons, in response to the COVID-19 crisis, legal professionals should take initiative and implement strategies in finding employment, starting a practice, and building their network. Join our panel of experts to develop a new perspective and respond to this crisis with career changing impact.


Marci Fulton, University of Colorado School of Law

Eric Bono, University of Denver College of Law

Misae Nishikura, Holland & Hart LLP

Free CLE credit available!

To attend via webinar, register at

Nearly 14,000 Colorado lawyers practice in rural and mountain Colorado – also known as Greater Colorado. The practice of law outside of the Denver Metro area is unique, challenging, and significant. Yet all too often, it is a forgotten feature of discussion in professional pathway development for lawyers. Join our panel of experts as they discuss the realities of law practice in Greater Colorado. We will discuss the dearth of legal talent outside of the Denver, tips and best practices for succeeding in rural/mountain law practice, and the benefits of practicing law over the river and through the woods.


Ian McGargar, Town Attorney Windsor

Sarah Coleman, Clerk of Court Gunnison County

Lauren O’Dell, Dufford Waldeck (Grand Junction)

Free CLE credit available!

Register to attend via webinar at

Psychedelics are powerful psychoactive substances that alter consciousness and brain function. Like cannabis, psychedelics have long been considered prohibited Schedule I substances under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. However, via the powerful psychological experiences they induce, psychedelics are now being shown to be viable therapeutic alternatives in treating depression, substance use disorders, and other mental illnesses, and even to enhance the wellbeing of healthy individuals. In May 2019, Denver, Colorado became the first city in the country to decriminalize psilocybin (the active compound in “magic mushrooms”) – we’ve now come a long way from cannabis! Join our panel of experts to learn more about the legal implications of psilocybin decriminalization and to receive an update on the current state of cannabis and industrial hemp law in Colorado.


Sean McAllister, McAllister Garfield, P.C.

Jean Gonnell, Gonnell Law

Adam Foster, Foster & Jones

Free CLE credit available!

Register to attend via webinar at

Announcing the Career Kickstarter Workshop
Laurie Gilbertson, a communications expert and legal incubator director, and Marian Lee, a certified career coach and lawyer development consultant, are pleased to announce their new venture, the Career Kickstarter Workshop, which will facilitate energizing group coaching for professionals seeking to reimagine and accelerate their careers.

The first Workshop, a series of six twice-monthly sessions for women lawyers exploring a career transition, will include a cohort of eight members and launch in January 2021.  The program will provide content, coaching, and community as well as creative tools and assessments to help participants explore their options, target their searches, and land the opportunities they are seeking. The Workshop will also feature expert speakers on various topics and one-on-one coaching from Laurie and Marian.  

Learn more and apply to be part of the inaugural cohort at or
Laurie and Marian are available to speak at your organization about the steps involved in navigating career transition, the importance of communication and personal branding in designing a career path forward, and the benefits of the Career Kickstarter Workshop.  Please contact them at  You can also reach Laurie at or Marian at

Get ready to learn how to work
intentionally, spark change within, and

Feel like you’re in a rut and looking for some inspiration? Looking to reconnect with your purpose and reach for more? Thinking about transitioning to another practice setting or job, but not sure how to start? If you’d describe your current status as anything less than thriving, On Purpose Legal Workshop is here for you!

Instead of speaking at you about the same topics you’ve heard hundreds of times, our speakers will inspire you to take massive action and give you the practical tools necessary to make a lasting impact in the legal community. 

We know you’re dedicated, amazing, and talented. You’ve got a lot to offer, but if the legal profession has left you feeling unwanted or judged, you aren’t alone. If you’re ready to lean into your purpose and thrive as your authentic self, On Purpose Legal Workshop is here for you!


**Find your purpose and get inspired to take action.

**Learn the practical tools and mindset needed to spark change in your life, reach for more, and thrive as your authentic self.

**Meet with and learn from a diverse group of like-minded legal professionals.

Register at

Motivation Equals Behavior
 Do you ever wonder why people behave the way they do?  There are certain basic needs that drive human behavior.  Unmet needs cause suffering, and that suffering can lead to self-destructive behavior.  One key motivator is human connection.  If we don’t focus on creating healthy, fulfilling connections with others, we might try to meet this need in relationships that are draining and/or unproductive.  Another is the need for challenge, growth, and mental stimulation, but this can lead to “overdoing it” and exhaustion if we’re not mindful of how we are fulfilling this need.  Yet another need is to feel significant and contribute to society.  Think about what needs you are meeting in your life, and work on a plan to address needs that you may be overlooking in a healthy, productive way. 

For more information or for confidential assistance, please contact your Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program at 303.986.3345 or visit our website at

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