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As the Consortium enters the second stage of its exploratory year, there are a number of positive developments. For founding members this phase sees the start of the development of the Transformative Innovation Learning Histories (TILHs). With interesting depth and breadth, these promise to provide valuable insight into innovation policy examples that orientate around transformative, Frame-3 thinking. The findings will be central to the agenda at our next full consortium meeting hosted by Colciencias in Bogata at the end of June. We look forward with interest to the new ideas and dynamics that flourish from this.

There are a number of engagements taking place with countries who are interested in joining the next phase of the consortium, and working with SPRU to go through an 'inception phase' based on the original pilot programme.

We have regional workshops on Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP), and the aims of the Consortium, beginning in May with Conacyt in Mexico. This is followed in June with a pan-Africa event held in Tanzania and a pan-Latin American one involving countries from across these regions interested in understanding and developing TIP.   

Our pilot year culminates with presentation and debate of our findings and conclusions at the TIPC Conference in Pretoria, South Africa in September. SPRU and NRF (SA) are working closely together on plans for this 
inaugural event.  

"In this second phase, the Transformative Innovation Learning History case studies will help us explore what Transformative Innovation Policy means in practice - the stories behind it, the issues, barriers, the opportunities. The next step will be about policy experimentation, not retrospectively but in real time and within the 'transformation lab'. These experiments will also become training and research sites for TIP knowledge production and practice."




Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP) seeks to explicitly address emerging environmental and social challenges. That is the main policy rationale and distinguishes TIP from current thinking on innovation. In the first phase of the Consortium, as the basis for discussion and analysis, TIPC mapped research funding and innovation initiatives in the member countries using the '3 Frames of Innovation’ outlined in the paper - Framing Innovation Policy For Transformative Change: Innovation Policy 3.0 (2016). Here we provide a summary of findings and conclusions. Read more...

TIPC EVENTS for 2017

22 - 24 MAY 

Mexico City, Mexico: TIPC delegation visit to Conacyt for TIP engagement & lectures with policy-makers and academics at University of Mexico (UNAM) and Tec de Monterrey.
15 - 16  JUNE
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: The Government Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) is hosting a Science, Technology and Innovation policy engagement workshop for interested African research agencies from Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Botswana and Namibia.

Bogata, Colombia: Pan-Latin America Policy Maker workshop for Prospective Latin America TIPC members hosted by Colciencias, Colombia.

29 - 30 JUNE
Bogata, Colombia: Colciencias, Administrative Department of Science, Technology & Innovation, will host the second TIP Consortium Members' Meeting.  The focus is on the insights drawn from TIP case-studies and TI Learning Histories.

Pretoria, South Africa: TIPC Conference - The National Research Foundation, South Africa. By invitation. Please contact 


Science and innovation policy as though 'Somewhere' mattered

A story of Finnish foresight and paradox

TIPC's inaugral workshop: The view from Sweden  

See the full series from the inception phase.  Read more..



Following the workshop of TIPC members in Sweden, the Consortium chose the shortlist of projects for the next phase of examination. This second stage of the TIPC pilot programme involves a retrospective analysis of a diverse number of projects. Using ‘Transformative Innovation Learning History’ as a method the TIPC teams will examine ‘Frame 3’ elements in each country's case study to expand knowledge on how to best approach TIP strategy, design and implementation. Read more...



*A further cohort is anticipated before the end of the pilot phase in 2016/17.

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