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In this issue....
  • Masters' Trans Tasman series win
  • Brisbane O35s team announced
  • Brisbane Masters gifts $1,000 to Townsville Hockey 
  • Results from O40s & O50s State Titles
  • Videos of games from State Titles
  • QLD Masters Teams now online
  • Brisbane Masters' Trainee Umpires perform
  • Golden Rainbow
  • Thursday arvo Hockey
  • Jest a Moment
  • 👁👁 = Previously Published
  • Next Masters Meeting May 20th
  • No access to UQ turf until 6:55pm
  • 2019 Rules App for smart phones

Masters' Trans Tasman Aussies win

Australia's 14 teams dominated the 2019 Series
The 2019 Trans-Tasman Masters Challenge played at the Gold Coast (Commonwealth Games venue) finished last Saturday with Australia winning the series – played every two years against New Zealand – making it eight championship wins in a row!
Disappointingly, the Australian Masters Hockey website only records up to Day 2 of the week-long event.
However a photo was submitted to the Newsflash of Brisbane's MHL3 Easts' goalkeeper, Peter Mann (one of two goalkeepers in the Australian O60s team) was awarded the Man of the Match by opposing team New Zealand for his "clean net" performance in the deciding 3rd game, which Australian won 3-2.
The three game results for the O60s were: Aust 2-1; NZ 2-1; Aust 3-2.
  Full results for all games (men & women) can be found HERE on the Altiusrt website. 
Australian O60s goalkeeper Peter Mann with his Man of the Match award presented after the third and final game against New Zealand, in the Trans Tasman Series.

Brisbane O35s team announced

State Titles at Maryborough 1st & 2nd June
Congratulations to the following players who have been selected to represent Brisbane at the State Titles in Maryborough on the first weekend of June, 2019.
Please be aware there may be some games on Friday evening.
Coach: Kula Bhullar 
Captain: Ian Baker
Manager: Mal Grant  0411 191 215
  1. Doug Armit – Redcliffe
  2. Ian Baker – Commercial (BHL2)
  3. Kula Bhullar – Kedron Wavell
  4. Sarbjit Singh Dhaliwal – Valley
  5. Matt Duncan – Commercial
  6. Lyndon Evans – Valley
  7. Michael Fogg – Pine Rivers/St Andrews
  8. Kieran Francis – University of Queensland
  9. Steven Green – Redcliffe
  10. Aaron Grigg – Norths
  11. Chris Hambling – Redcliffe
  12. Bradley Jessep – University of Queensland
  13. Sean Munro – Bulimba
  14. Isaac Nunn – University of Queensland
  15. Sunil Pereira – Kedron Wavell
  16. Andrew van Tonder – Easts
Brisbane Uniforms are ordered from the BHA weblink HERE. You are required to purchase/own a Brisbane Walkout Shirt; Brisbane Playing Shorts, and Brisbane Playing Socks (1pr Navy + 1pr Gold). Playing Jersey will be provided by Manager.
Payment must be made before picking up from BHA office during business hours. (Alternate arrangement to pick up out of office hours from Qld Hockey office can be arranged after payment has been received.
TIP: You may be able to borrow Brisbane uniform from someone who may have played in the O40s & O50s State Titles last weekend. 😀
Please communicate via your manager Mal Grant in the first instance any queries (such as Practice Session time/s; or if you do or don't need team accommodation, etc etc).
Accommodation for the team is being arranged on your behalf by Team Manager.
If you wish to NOMINATE for a Qld Team, you need to do so on the Qld Masters Hockey Website HERE.

Brisbane Masters' gifts $1000 to Townsville Hockey

In February 2019 the Brisbane Masters’ held their 2nd Annual Super Nines tournament involving teams from Brisbane and regional areas. At the Super Nines a collection was taken from players and supporters to assist the Townsville Hockey Association in the rebuilding of their playing surface and ancillary equipment after the devastating floods in early February 2019.
From profits made at the Super Nines tournament, the Brisbane Masters’ Committee has supplemented the donations from the day to make up a total of $1,000 to donate to Townsville Hockey Association.

Pictured at the O40s & O50s State Championship held in Ipswich over the May long weekend is Brisbane Masters' Treasurer Mike Williams who presented the $1,000 donation to Townsville Hockey stalwart, Gary Wicks. [Photo: Brett White].


State Titles O40s & O50s results

Below are the Final Placings of the teams playing in the very well organised (congratulations to all involved at Ipswich Hockey Assn) State Titles for the O40s & O50s held over the May long weekend.

Over 40s – Div 1

  1. Brisbane 1
  2. Ipswich 1
  3. Mackay
  4. Gympie

Over 40s – Div 2
  1. Toowoomba
  2. Brisbane 2
  3. Townsville 1
  4. Gold Coast
  5. Brisbane 3
  6. Ipswich 2


Over 50s – Div 1

  1. Gold Coast Black
  2. Townsville Gold
  3. Brisbane 1
  4. Cairns
  5. Ipswich
  6. Mackay
  7. Sunshine Coast
  8. Toowoomba
Over 50s – Div 2
  1. Fraser Coast
  2. Brisbane 2
  3. Gold Coast Gold
  4. Townsville Blue
  5. Redlands
SportsMediaGroup videographer (Tim Myers from Sunshine Coast) has posted four videos of games from the Ipswich State Titles of O40s & O50s teams.


Qld Teams for O40s –> O55s now online

Here is the LINK for the list of Queensland Masters' Teams to play in the Australian Championships in Bunbury/Busselton, WA, in Sept/Oct this year.                  

Brisbane Masters' Scholarship Trainee Umpires in action at State Titles

Brisbane Masters' sponsored Scholarship trainee umpires Matt Weekes and James Crowhurst were part of the umpiring group that controlled all the games of the four days of competition at the O40s & O50s State Titles.
Pleasingly, this meant no players were required to umpire games.
James Crowhurst, appointed to Umpire the Final of the O40 Div 1 game, did a creditable job in a tough game, won 1-0 by Brisbane 1 v Ipswich.
Gold at the end of the rainbow?: Tim Myers (from SportsMediaGroup) snapped this photo on the Saturday afternoon at the O40s & O50s State Titles at Ipswich.

Thursday arvo social hockey

Thursday arvo hockey has agreed to allow a school to use a Half Field from 4:00pm each week up until September school holidays.
This means that from 3:00 to 4:00pm a Full Field will be available for Masters, and from 4pm a Half Field will be used.
The sessions are held at Easts Tiger Turf field at Carina each Thursday. Cost is $8.
Drinks follow upstairs in the old bowls club where a good feed can be had (or take away) from the fabulous Pancho's Pizza & Pasta, washed down with some cold ales.
Please bring a plain white and a plain black or very dark shirt).
🚀 This means no split-coloured jerseys that have a mixture of white and another colour! Likewise, light coloured shirts are neither White nor Black and are not suitable. 🚀


Jest a moment!

A man and his wife are sitting and watching a boxing match on TV. The husband sighs and complains, “This is disappointing. It only lasted for 30 seconds!” “Good,” replied his wife. “Now you know how I always feel.”
A married couple are out one night at a dance club. There’s a guy on the dance floor giving it large: break dancing, moon walking, back flips, the works. The wife turns to her husband and says, "See that guy? Twenty years ago he proposed to me and I turned him down." The husband says, "Looks like he’s still celebrating!".
Man: "Wanna hear a joke about my penis? Oh never mind, it's too long."
Woman: "Want to hear a joke about my vagina? Never mind, you'll never get it."

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👁👁 Next Masters' meeting

The next Brisbane Masters' Sub-Committee meeting will be held at the State Hockey Centre on Monday 20th May at 7pm. All welcome to attend.

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👁👁 No access to UQ turf until 6:55pm

Qld Uni management have respectfully asked all Masters players NOT to access the playing surface until 6:55pm.
Umpires and Tech Bench officials are allowed to access the field prior to 6:55pm.
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