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In this issue....
  • Info re Selection Trials for Brisbane O40s & O50s
  • Check your name 
  • Info re O35s Brisbane team nominations
  • Over 60s+ Carnival a huge success
  • Special award to Ray Langler
  • Next Masters Meeting Mon 15th April.
  • No access to UQ turf until 6:55pm
  • 2019 Rules App for smart phones
  • Thursday arvo Hockey continues to grow
  • Jest a Moment

Brisbane Masters' Selection Trials 

The Selection Trials to choose players to represent Brisbane in the O40s & O50s at Ipswich over the long weekend in May will be held this Tuesday 9th April at the SHC.
You are required to be at SHC by 7:30pm.
During this time you will have your name marked off the attendance list and then be informed into which trialling team you will be playing and which position. Please bring a plain Black, a plain White, and a plain Red shirt.
The trial games will be rotating sides every 15 to 20 mins. 
Please follow instructions from your group's "Marshaller". The identity of the "marshall" will be confirmed on Tuesday night. Likewise if you have any issues or problems, please report to the "marshall".

Please check your name 

The nominations listed below have been taken from the Masters' Database where players have Nominated to represent Brisbane in either the O40s or O50s.
If your name is not on the list and you believe you nominated, please email to stating your circumstance. If you no longer wish to be a nomination, email to to be withdrawn.
If you have requested an exemption due to injury or work etc, your name should appear here...
Over 40s

Adam Day
David Maughan
Andrew McFadzen
Manjeet Singh
Sarbjit Singh Dhaliwal
Tim O'Sullivan
Riaan Retief
Over 50s
Brett Jennings
Ian Knights


Willem Acker
Ram Basra
Isaac Baxter
Philip Beckey
Steven Bell
Kim Bevis
Maurice Blackman
Tim Bunney
Ash Carey
Patrick Dallmann
Adam Day
Paul de Beer
Quinton Dell
Sarbjit Singh Dhaliwal
Donovan Fraser
Brad Galgon
Tony Gaze
Mal Grant
Rowan Green
Gavin Hanscomb
Jordan Harle
Dom Harper
Wade Harris
Christopher Hurst
Craig Jeffery
Mick Jeffriess
Rob Jones
Matt Kerr
Glenn Kitto

David Koch
Brett Leslie
Darren Manson
Jason March
Colin Marsh
Brad Mathers
David Maughan
Andrew McFadzen
Tyrone Melrose
Russell Miller
Robin Mudie
Barry Neocleous
Tim O'Sullivan
Craig Owen
Sunil Pereira
Daniel Pink
Darrian Purdue
Riaan Retief
Ben Richardson
Luke Riley
Adam Russell
Steve Sherwood
Manjeet Singh
Matt Wade
Doug Ward
Jack West
Simon Whitney
Philip Wilford
James Willey


Hugh Abrahams
Chris Attard
Shane Beckey
Bruce Buchanan
Sandy Bush
Richard Chapman
Paul Connors
Darren Cook
Philip Dalton
John Davis (60s)
Darin Dittman
Tony Hancock
Stephen Harding
Dale Heremaia
Glin Inmon
Ashley Jennings
Brett Jennings
Allan Kerr
Ian Knights

Fraser Larcombe
Craig Lawler
David Lennon
Kevin Luck
Brendon Madden
Craig Miller
Damien Negus
Paul Nicholls
Nick Petroeschevsky
Craig Roberts
Julian Ryan
Neil Schiller
Patrick Silvey
Darren Smith
Dorren Watt
Ken Wigmore
Mike Williams (60s)
Tom Williams
David Wilson
Dean Winner

Info re O35s Brisbane Rep Noms

The State Championships for the O35s will be held in Maryborough on 1st & 2nd June 2019.
Your help is required to inform any players (who may be playing only in BHL games on the weekend) and who are eligible to nominate for the O35s to register their interest by joining the database.
Here is the LINK
Nominations for selection to represent Brisbane at the State Titles in the O35s are yet to have a closing date finalised. Players must be at least 35 years old by 31/12/2019.
At this stage there are only nominations for ONE TEAM, so it is UNLIKELY a Selection Trial will be required. But stay tuned.

O60s Carnival a huge success   

The O60s State Selection Carnival concluded on Sunday arvo (7th April) with a record number of players and partners attending.
There were 120 players (and 30 partners who attended the dinners). The Qld Teams were announced following the presentation ceremony. Head over to the Qld Masters Hockey website to see the teams (once they've been uploaded). The teams are for O60s; O65s; O70s; & O75s.
The Special Award Winners are ...  The Geoff (Doc) Turner memorial award for Best & Fairest in Tournament was won by Keith Chay. 
The player with the "Most Potential" was awarded to Bruce (Buck) McBryde ... who incidentally is celebrating his 70th year of PLAYING HOCKEY without a break. Buck said "his best year was in 1964 when playing for University with three Olympians and they won the premiership. And Buck has outlasted them all. 
As one TV commentator famously said .. "Marvellous effort that!"  
The award for the "most Knowledgable Player" (of the Rules) was Gil (Rabbitt) Puckering from Mackay who this year was a "minkey" in the carnival, on of 11 players who debuted.
NOTE: The carnival next year will be held in Cairns on the last weekend of May.
The Hervey Bay Hockey Assn have over the past three years done a fantastic job with their preparation and presentation for the O60s+ Selection Carnival for the Masters Hockey and sadly, due to the increasing size of the group, the need has arisen for two fields to cater to the number players attending. Hence the move to Cairns for one year. This also acknowledges the mighty effort of those players from Townsville and Cairns who each year travel to the south east corner to play rep hockey. 
Ray Langler (pictured) has been organising the State Selection Carnival for the O60s+ since its inauguration seven years ago. He (along with his wife Mary) have put in many, many hours to organise the carnivals to run as smooth as silk. As a small token of appreciation a special "hockey" shirt was presented to Ray at the "meet your team" dinner on Friday night. The shirt was hand & machine-sewn from a very rare print material in high quality 100% cotton, superbly tailored by Robin (partner of Russell (Rusty) Tuck.
Ray was undecided whether to keep the shirt as a family heirloom after wearing it with pride to all his official hockey functions or to pass it onto the next person who is prepared to take on the role of Organiser when he decides to vacate the position. 

Next Masters' meeting

The next Brisbane Masters' Sub-Committee meeting will be held at the State Hockey Centre on Monday 15th April at 7pm. All welcome to attend.

Jest a moment!

There were a few who didn't get this far last Newsflash ... hopefully they will have learnt their lesson by now!
So what if I don't know the meaning of the word 'apocalypse'? It's not the end of the world.

Police were called to the day-care centre A 3-year old was resisting a rest.

The other day I held the door open for a clown. I thought it was a nice jester.

Need an ark to save two of every animal? I Noah guy.

Alternative facts are aversion of the truth.

I used to have a fear of hurdles, but I got over it.

Atheism is a non-prophet organization.


No access to UQ turf until 6:55pm

Qld Uni management have respectfully asked all Masters players NOT to access the playing surface until 6:55pm.
Umpires and Tech Bench officials are allowed to access the field prior to 6:55pm.

Thursday arvo social hockey

Held at Easts Tiger Turf field at Carina every Thursday from 3:00-4:30pm. Cost is $8.
Numbers are increasing and the event is proving to be very popular. No commitment is required, just turn up! All welcome to attend.
Drinks follow upstairs in the old bowls club where a good feed can be had (or take away) from the fabulous Pancho's Pizza & Pasta, washed down with some cold ales.
Please bring a plain white and a plain black or very dark shirt).
🚀 This means no split-coloured jerseys that have a mixture of white and another colour! Likewise, light grey coloured shirts are neither White nor Black and are not suitable. 🚀
Note: Anzac Day 25th April is on a Thursday this year and may affect attendance. Stay tuned for updates. 👂🏼

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