Eyes on Napa - December 22, 2019
* Season's Greetings *
And a Letter from Our President: 
Charlotte Williams
Dear Napa Vision 2050 Supporters,
    As President of Napa Vision 2050 I want you to know that we are working hard to protect the environment and residents of this beautiful county. The board of directors and I are always grateful for all forms of support that you offer: your time and expertise, your awareness of issues (and making us aware), your participation in solutions to problems, and, of course, your financial support as we maintain and improve our communication with you, and fight the good fight in the courts, in the board of supervisors meetings, at the planning commission hearings, the legislative subcommittee and more.

    Many of us didn't know that "retirement" would keep us so busy and feeling so deeply committed.  I often feel we are like a volunteer fire department, responding to one emergency or urgent situation after another - because we are dedicated to serving our community, and you. We are always energized by your comments and concerns - the concerns of the people who live here and love this place

Thank you!
Charlotte Helen Williams

President, Napa Vision 2050
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How We Made a Difference in 2019
Napa Vision 2050 works in partnership with many grassroots and local organizations to effect beneficial change, to bring oversight, and to demand transparency and accountability from our government. Our hard-working volunteer board members have a tremendous knowledge base and skills that they bring to bear upon urgent issues.

Here are a few examples of how, together, we effect positive change in policies that matter to our county residents.
Beautiful Coombsville oak woodland and meadows with no solar panels. 
Shining a Light on Solar
The potential for "solar farms" in our precious agricultural lands could have led to forest destruction and inappropriate, damaging land use. We're all for solar, but it must be in the right places and not at the expense of carbon-sequestering forests. 

Earlier this year, our board member Laura Tinthoff jumped in on this issue and worked with a group of concerned neighbors regarding a proposed 21-acre solar “farm” on a wooded hillside in Coombsville. There were no regulations in place for a project of this scale. Acres upon acres of panels installed and operated by a private developer could have been a nightmare for residents, wildlife and the oak woodland. 

Napa Vision 2050 embraced this issue with Laura's leadership, which included well over one hundred hours of her research, and the efforts of a well organized neighborhood group. NV2050 brought its broad expertise regarding the history of Napa County and knowledge of local government, which has been instrumental in forming an ordinance that will ban new, commercial, utility-scale solar energy farms from all local agricultural-zoned and lands, with a spring study session to determine any subsequent exceptions. It is a true testament to how a small group of people can and do make a significant, long term positive impact on the future health and sustainability of this county.
Groundwater is an important part of the hydrologic cycle
Groundwater is the New Oil
You may not even know it is there, but it is critical to our water resources for now and the future.  A team of Napa Vision 2050 board and steering committee members made this issue a top priority. With thanks to powerful letters and original research, all their work, as well as that of other groups, has led the California Department of Water Resources to look deeply into Napa County's inadequate groundwater management and to require Napa County to form a Groundwater Sustainability Agency. This agency must study the situation with new data collection and put the brakes on groundwater depletion.

There's a lot to celebrate in this action, but it's not over. Decisions are to be made about who, exactly, is to be on this new GSA, which is critical. We have to stay on top of this. Documents regarding the latest on the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act actions are hereJoin us in following and participating in this important issue. Having water for the future depends on doing this right. Help us keep up the fight. 
(L) Skyline in winter. (R) NV2050 board members Laura Tinthoff and Kathy Felch in Sacramento advocating for Skyline. 
Saving ALL of Skyline Wilderness Park  
Our board member Kathy Felch lends her legal mind and countless hours of study, meetings and trips to Sacramento to the fight for Skyline, keeping us all informed of the details that matter. She led us to hold a Town Hall style meeting for concerned residents where some of our supervisors and commissioners attended and spoke, and where the public was kept apprised of the situation, the risks and the possibilities we want to make a reality.

A new bill, effective January 1, 2020, allows the State of California, the current owner of Skyline Wilderness Park, to sell 
some or all of the land we know as Skyline Wilderness Park to the County or to the Napa Regional Park and Open Space District. Unfortunately one of the most-used twenty acres of the park is now listed by the Department of General Services (DGS) for affordable housing. We are working to remove this acreage from the DGS list so the entire park can be sold to our local agency. Supporting Measure K will be important in 2020 also, because it will fund the Napa Regional Park and Open Space District for the acquisition of Skyline. Read more about this here.  Please support these efforts which benefit the entire community. 
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Our Top Reasons for Doing What We Do
  • You, the residents of Napa County who deserve clean air, water, and a healthy, safe environment. 
  • Your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren who deserve the same.
  • The diverse, unique, and fragile natural environment of this valley.
  • Climate Change, which must inform and drive all of our decisions.
  • Pure and powerful love of this unique place on the planet that only together, can we preserve for the future. 
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Protect an oak, a watershed, a stream, an owl, or a breath of fresh, clean air for all of us. 

Thank you for your generous and continued support! 
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