Eyes on Napa - September 26, 2022
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The Clover Flat Landfill
 Controversy: Concerns and Questions

With the recent media coverage of the Clover Flat landfill lawsuit and filed complaints, we find ourselves asking many questions. However, an informative and insightful column in the Press Democrat answers several. Journalist, columnist, and investigator Marissa Edicott has done a stellar job of addressing the concerns around fire danger and agricultural water and land contamination. She quotes many of those involved as they address criticism and questions raised.

Is there more to this story? We think so, but we will have to pay attention to what comes next with the lawsuit and the complaint. In the meantime, please read this masterful piece of journalism. Her column is called "In Your Corner". 

From the column:
“Somebody may say it's compliant, but that does not mean it's safe,” Ellsworth said. “It's not just fire risk. It’s contamination risk of some of the most prime agricultural land in the world where we’re stockpiling garbage at the top of your water source area.”

"In 2021, the Guardian reported that the Environmental Protection Agency identified Clover Flat Landfill as one of the many U.S. facilities where residents could be exposed to PFAS, “forever chemicals” linked to cancer and other health hazards. A 2020 water sampling report detected the chemicals in every sample taken around the landfill."
What are the Details of the Lawsuit Filed by the California Sportfishing Protection Alliance?
The full lawsuit is available to read here
What are the Details of the Complaint Filed by Geoff Ellsworth?
Read the full complaint here
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