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Voice4Thought brings you exclusive news of the release of Media4All with the project 'The Nigga and the Terrorist'. Read on:

Why do we need this?
2016 was marked by important elections designing the map of the future of the world and its peoples. The sense of exclusion and/or lack of conventional, elite political commitment to people’s personal lives led to the election of Trump to the White House and the Brexit in Great Britain.As a prelude to the upcoming election on March 15th 2017 in the Netherlands, Voice4Thought launches its project
Media4All aims to give voice to people who feel un(der)- and/or misrepresented in political debates in the media to give their opinion on the upcoming election. How do we feel about it? Will it change anything or will we settle for the current status quo?During discussions on these topics with two of last year’s Voice4thought festival engaged poets/rappers, Général Valsero (Cameroon) and Mohammad (Syria/Netherlands), they wanted to address the images accompanying the social perceptions roaming around in Dutch society. Fear is an infectious emotion, fed by the global images on media outlets. What are the reasons underlying this fear? Are they the same?
What is it?
The web series
“Nigga and da Terrorist” tries to unveil the underlying sentiments that accompany the projection of images about the “other” by entering into an open dialogue on tabooed subjects, and hear the sensitivities on the receiving end from all sides on any given topic for those living in Dutch society. It talks about breaking the silence of the taboo, listening to new voices on topics of national and international interest. The aim is to give resonance to these voices, bringing them to the most widespread media possible and have them be heard by everyone and especially society itself. A means of manifesting their presence and existence.

How to get involved? 
The input for their discussions is obtained through an online survey, which can be found here: and by critical discourse analysis of previous dialogues. The analysis is part of an open online public debate. 
Starting on 1st March, the trials and tribulations of getting a grip on what is going on in our society can be followed by watching the web series, listening to the collaborative rap song and by participating on an active collaborative forum to help rethink our world. As our team is by no means omnipotent, we rely and trust on the active participation of people and welcome all feedback (and help with) (on) the expertise we are missing.
Please join in the discussion, watch the discussion and contribute however you want to. This is an open call for: translations of the questions in a language which is missing, students to prepare data for analysis, sharp minds to monitor our integrity, creative contributions/spin-offs, interviews, vlogs, blogs to #thinkcritically. Email us at
We look forward to hearing from you,