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29 May 2020

Hello Citizen Networkers

Welcome to new members and thank you for joining us!

Plans to establish Citizen Network as a global cooperative (registered in Helsinki) are moving ahead well. Special thanks to Markus Vähälä who is leading this work. Markus shares his thoughts with us here:

Hi everybody! My name is Markus Vähälä and I have been a Citizen Network activist since the beginning of the network. My role has been to co-ordinate Citizen Network Finland and to join in where ever there has been need for. Now I am keen in creating a new kind of platform for us to move forward together. Citizen Network Cooperative will provide us new possibilities to build collaborations and create projects, tools and learning inside our networks. It also provides us a way to seek funding streams outside the restrictions we have today. It provides us more freedom and offers us possibilities to share, become better focused and become stronger. A cooperative is a not-for-profit structure and it allows us to share skills, knowledge and opportunities to work for true Citizenship for all.

Citizen Network is at a stage where we benefit form building more strategic collaboration and action to be able to join forces in making the Keys to Citizenship a reality all over the world. This can mean facilitated networks, co-development, co-creation, continuous sense making activities and leading with data. We might need various systemic approaches, future skills and better understanding about us and about the values we share. Together we have been able to create a map where all of our partners exist geographically. What kind of other maps are we able to create to find our way to the future? What kind of learning we can produce inside our network to tackle the challenges of our lifetime? 

Remember that we already have something, we do not start from scratch. We have created a network, we have been able to facilitate local and regional action, we have been able to share knowledge, research and experiences from all over the world and meet each other live and online. What could be your role in the next steps of the Citizen Network? I welcome us all to come together and build a movement of making Citizenship a reality. If you are interested in joining the Citizen Network Cooperative or you have ideas for future, please send me a message to

Take a look at the series of digital meetings running throughout June and join in if you can:

1stIs basic income essential to the good life? Centre for Wellbeing in Public Policy Keynote with Simon Duffy part of the Festival of Debate Online

1st Understanding Children’s Mental Health to Help Include them Better: introduction to attachment with Inclusive Solutions

3rdEverybody Dance with DanceSyndrome

3rdUnderstanding Children’s Mental Health to Help Include them Better: impact of trauma with Inclusive Solutions

3rdUBI Lab presents: Scott Santens New Orleans-based writer, author and prominent UBI advocate part of the Festival of Debate Online

5thJunior Dance Session with DanceSyndrome

6thSaturday #SpoonRoom with Camerados register here

8thUnderstanding Children’s Mental Health to Help Include them Better: understanding children's emotional needs with Inclusive Solutions

11thSelf-Directed Support in Europe with the Self-Directed Support Network

12thWhat are Individual Service Funds? with Chris Watson of Self Directed Futures and Gary Kent of New Key

13thSaturday #SpoonRoom with Camerados register here

15thIncluding Autistic Children in Mainstream Schools and Settings: understanding anxiety with Inclusive Solutions

17thIncluding Autistic Children in Mainstream schools and settings: working out sensory sensitivities with Inclusive Solutions

20thSaturday #SpoonRoom with Camerados register here

22nd Including Autistic Children in Mainstream Schools and Settings: what are movement differences and how to accommodate them? with Inclusive Solutions

23rdUnderstanding Children’s Mental Health to Help Include them Better: promoting mental health in learning settings with Inclusive Solutions

24thIncluding Autistic Children in Mainstream Schools and Settings: building friendships in a neurotypical world with Inclusive Solutions

24thThe Case for Drug Policy Reform:a panel discussion on how we can improve current drug laws part of the Festival of Debate Online

Remember, you can also catch up on past webinars here:

More events coming soon, keep up to date here:

If you'd like to add your event to the list please get in touch: email Nicola.
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