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Horizons at USN had a great week two!

As week three begins, please enjoy this recap of all the exciting learning the Horizons students experienced last week. From field trips to books, the scholars explored the world around them with the guidance of our incredible staff. Everyone is looking forward to the adventures that week three holds.

Reading Buddy Volunteers

Last week our reading buddy program began as volunteers from the USN community visited our students to read one-on-one. These volunteers commit to meeting with their student throughout the six week program. The Horizons students and staff are appreciative of the love and support the reading buddies bring to the program. Thank you!

Special Visit from Dierks and Cassidy Bentley

The Horizons community is so appreciative of the support from country singer Dierks Bentley, his wife Cassidy, and their foundation RISER. Thank you for helping Horizons and its students look toward the future! 

1st Grade

The rising first grade scholars had an exciting second week at Horizons! Most notably, on Thursday afternoon they took a walk down to the USN outdoor classroom to observe the wildlife living in the pond. They saw many frogs and tadpoles which helped them visualize the life cycles they have been learning about in their classroom. As part of their life cycles unit, they learned the different parts of a plant. Additionally, they also met their reading buddies last week. These volunteers from the USN community come each week to listen to the students read individually. They are also becoming math magicians as last week they practiced counting up to 120 and  reviewed grouping in tens.

3rd Grade

Last week the rising third grade picked planets to research and visited the USN library to check out books about their chosen planet. They practiced addition and subtraction through playing “Beat the Teacher" which involved racing to add or subtract 10 from a given number. For reading and writing last week, third grade began writing autobiographies, started literacy centers and continued to improve reading fluency and comprehension. This week they will work on their math fluency, continue researching their planets, and begin writing their research reports. Most excitingly, they will travel to the Dyer Observatory this Thursday to dive deeper into their space studies.  

5th Grade

Last week our rising fifth graders continued to develop their math knowledge with a study of the difference between prime and composite numbers. They were also introduced to the concept of functions through input/output tables and searched for patterns within mathematical equations. Every morning before breakfast, they start the day with a "Master of Multiplication" challenge to reinforce fluency of their multiplication facts. Beyond mathematics, they explored electricity with a challenge to light a lightbulb using only two wires and a battery. They enjoyed reading further into the novel How to Steal a Dog and focused on identifying different parts of speech. Next week, they will head off to USN summer camps in the mornings!
Check out the Horizons students starting their day by practicing their math facts before breakfast!


2nd Grade

Last week the rising second graders began to study Nashville and its famous buildings. They learned the definition of the word "landmark" and played a picture matching game to begin identifying the landmarks around Nashville. For an art project, the students used oil pastels and watercolors to create an picture of their favorite Nashville landmark. On Thursday, we took our first field trip. We walked across the street to Vanderbilt University to explore the beautiful campus. We toured the cafeteria, central library and Kirkland Hall with its very identifiable clock tower. Over the course of Horizons, students will create a book filled with their observations and notes about Nashville landmarks. 

4th Grade

Last week fourth grade studied concepts of force and motion by building Hotwheels tracks and playing marble bowling in their classroom. They also took a trip to Strike and Spare to experience force and motion on a bigger scale with real bowling balls and pins. They also enjoyed roller skating, bungee bouncing, and bumper cars! Another highlight of their force and motion unit was their paper airplane contest where they competed to see who could create the furthest flying plane! In math, fourth grade practiced place value and rounding with their Rounding Roller Coaster. In the coming weeks they are looking forward to studying the climate and geography of Australia in preparation for their field trip to Kentucky Down Under!

6th Grade

The rising sixth grade students made great strides in math this week as they reinforced their knowledge of prime and composite numbers and were introduced to the process of factoring numbers. Moving on from order of operations, they dove into a study of fractions by drawing fraction models and plotting fractions on a number line. They continued to read and annotate the book Lions of Little Rock as a class. They have also had the special experience of learning about debate each afternoon and last week brainstormed topics for their mock debate at the end of camp. The pictures above show the students during debate planning their arguments and giving their speeches. This week they will participate in USN camps each afternoon for enrichment learning beyond the classroom!


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