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Ratigan's 'why' for wanting to work at OneHeart

“Growing up in survival mode every single day before entering foster care had a deep impact on me and my adulthood.”

Chad Ratigan was born and raised in Rapid City and is raising his own family here now. Over the past 12 years, he has worked in a variety of positions in the non-profit sector, from home health aide to executive director, and says he has enjoyed every one of them. He joined the OneHeart team in May to serve as the Transformation Director for the campus opening next year in Rapid City.

OneHeart Executive Director Charity Doyle recalls how Ratigan reacted when the position was first announced, telling her, “I couldn’t sleep last night because this job was made for me!”

“Upon getting to know Chad and his personal story, it was clear that having a person in the Transformation Director seat who had a lived experience of the issues many of our OneHeart guests will be facing would be invaluable,” Doyle said.

Ratigan’s professional resume and personal experiences make him uniquely qualified for his new role. He is an enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe who was adopted by non-Natives at the age of 10. He says he has walked “both sides of the fence,” knowing what it is like to be homeless and in poverty, but also knowing what it takes to overcome those obstacles.

“Prior to entering the foster care system, I lived in poverty, and with that came abuse and neglect,” Ratigan said. “After becoming familiar with what OneHeart will do, I can’t help but think, ‘What if something like this had been around when I was younger?’ It could have helped my biological family and so many others that were living in those circumstances.”

Even while working a full-time job as a young adult, Ratigan found himself homeless for several months. He lived out of his truck and showered at the YMCA – simply because he couldn’t afford a deposit and first month’s rent.

“I had vehicle and health issues that kept eating into my funds,” he said.

Ratigan says, unfortunately, his story is not uncommon. But it is those challenging times that serve as his “why” for wanting to work at OneHeart, so he can help others like him get to a better place in life.

“Chad is innovative and passionate and dedicated to helping us cultivate a unique environment full of hope and possibility – for program participants and staff members alike,” Doyle said.

Today, Ratigan is a college graduate. He and his wife of eight years have three kids, including a baby born just a few months ago, and two dogs. He says he never left Rapid City because he wanted to raise his family here. He loves the Black Hills and enjoys spending time outdoors.

In his spare time, Ratigan also educates social workers, foster parents and foster kids on his journey through foster care. While sharing his story, he makes a point to acknowledge the many community members who advocated for him and helped him along the way. Now, he is the one in a position to advocate for and support young people and families in need.

“I am driven to assist others in accomplishing their goals and dreams in whatever capacity that I can,” he said.

CAMPUS CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Work has begun outside of OneHeart's Secondary Provider Building on the 200 block of Kansas City Street.

Shafai donates $333K to OneHeart campus

One of the earliest and most ardent supporters of OneHeart: A Place for Hope & Healing has made a considerable contribution to the future transformation campus.

Rapid City developer Hani Shafai delivered a check in early June for $333,333; one-third of the $1 million donation he has pledged to OneHeart over three years.
“During these hard times, the need for the OneHeart campus is greater than ever,” Shafai, who is the president of Dream Design International, said. “We are fortunate to be able to give back to our community to enhance the quality of life and provide for a better environment to help house, train, and employ those who need our help. This is not just a wish, but it is our duty to do so."

"Mr. Shafai 
has a solid understanding of the project and the potential it has within the community," OneHeart Executive Director Charity Doyle said. "He has been a great community partner and has been instrumental in making what was once thought of as a pipe dream a reality. He has our utmost gratitude.”

PROVIDER SPOTLIGHT: Working Against Violence, Inc.

Since 1978, Working Against Violence, Inc. has been working to create a safe community free of abuse through advocacy, education, and support services.
With our satellite office on the OneHeart campus, WAVI will be able to provide education, support, and referrals to survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault. Together with the OneHeart team, we will provide survivors with the building blocks they need to achieve healthy and happy violence free lives.

WAVI is an equal opportunity provider offering services at no cost to women, men, and children. For a complete list of services WAVI provides, please visit
Provider Referral Training

Representatives from OneHeart Provider Partner agencies participated in an online meeting last month to learn how to refer their clients to OneHeart when the campus opens next year.

OneHeart Transformation Director Chad Ratigan led the training. He was assisted by Prosperity Initiative Director Dominique Charlson of Catholic Social Services.  
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