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Dear SHOUT OUT Team Members,

As we approach the end of the year, we’d like to celebrate with you and plan for next summer. We have some special year-end resources, including a devotion and Christmas Carolling. Thanks for your work supporting our communication efforts this year. You make a big difference in ensuring Kuriakos’s partnership in congregations.

2020 by the numbers - please share some of the good news with your congregation. Despite unusual circumstances, we have continued to connect with our community.
  • On-site events (Jan to March) - 83 campers
  • Virtual events - 279 participants
  • Video events and programs - 3415 views on YouTube, 92 videos published
  • Top videos - Kuriakos Gathers Together, 90th Anniversary Thanksgiving Worship, Campfire June 21
  • Top posts on Facebook - Remembering Rudy Lange, JOY! Bible Study, Elanor singing Space Riding
Christmas Carolling on ZOOM
  • 7pm on Sunday December 27
  • Get into the Christmas spirit by singing along with Kuriakos. We’ll host each other from our homes and share some of our favourite hymns.
  • Have your music handy in case you’d like to share a song!
Give the Gift of Camp - 2021 Registration is Open
  • New procedures are in place for COVID-19, and we continue to make adjustments as necessary.
  • We continue to believe in the life-changing power of camp and feel that camp is more needed now than ever. Programs will only proceed when we are confident that we can do so safely, but we are planning for a great summer!
  • Families are encouraged to visit our website to review 2021 program listings.
  • A week at camp makes an excellent gift! Families can download and fill in a gift certificate to give to their children, grandchildren, neighbours’ grandchildren…
Staff Applications
  • We’re looking for a Camp Host Intern to start in January. Great leadership opportunity for young people in your congregation!
  • We will soon be accepting applications for our 2021 Staff Team
  • We would appreciate referrals of leaders in your community who may be interested in a summer of service, growth, and ministry.
  • Teen leaders should check out our Leaders in Training program!
Capital projects this winter - volunteers needed
  • We're repainting the KC dorms this winter and need ten volunteers to paint two rooms each.
  • We need stainers and carpenters to replace trim boards throughout the KC. Training provided!
Merry Christmas! Thanks for your continued support of this community.

Paul Kopjar
Assistant Director
DECEMBER 2020 Resources
Full SHOUT OUT folder
A special DEVOTION from Maureen Hafso, a Kuriakos Camper
Thanks to Maureen for sharing some thoughts with us this year!

“I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy. . .”

“Wait a minute!  Don’t you know what year this is?”

 “Well, yes, but…can’t I sing this anyway?”

 “How can you sing about joy in the midst of a pandemic? Don’t you know the current state of affairs?  Life as we know it has been shaken to the core!”

I think most of us would agree with this statement. Our lives have been shaken up and the notion of joy seems like a foreign concept. But should we feel guilty if we feel moments of joyfulness?

In October, I completed an online study on ‘Joy’, presented by Rev. Dr. Anna Madsen of Minnesota. In one of her statements she said that “Christians feel guilty about lament and guilty about joy”. So where does that leave us? The events of this past year have certainly had the ability to crush our spirits and steal our joy. Dr. Madsen makes a strong correlation between joy and lament and says we cannot experience one without experiencing the other. She boldly makes the statement that “Lutherans are allergic to lament”. You may choose whether to agree or disagree with this. The point she was trying to make was that “we need to acknowledge all the suffering around us to experience joy”.

So how do we bring Jesus into the picture, or rather, how is He working in us?  In Psalm 30: 4-5 it says, “Sing praises to the Lord, Oh you his faithful ones and give thanks to his holy name. For his anger is but for a moment; his favour is for a lifetime. Weeping may linger for the night, but joy comes with the morning”.   (N.R.S.V.)

Our present circumstances don’t change the story about the baby born in a manger. Dr. Madsen said, “We are called to be ambassadors of hope and joy, bringing it into our suffering”. In the Christmas story, Jesus personifies that hope and joy and brings it into a hurting world.

As our thoughts turn toward Christmas, we may have to take a longer look at the cross.  If we can look beyond the twinkling lights and tinsel, we might be able to experience the true tidings of comfort and joy!
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