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New Year ~ New You! 
For many of us the New Year inspired resolutions of varying shapes and sizes.  You may have committed to getting fit or losing weight.  But if you’re missing out on conversations because of hearing loss, maybe your first resolution should be to have a hearing test.
New Technology

Hearing Aid technology has come a long way! Hearing Aids can now be programmed specifically for your individual hearing needs and are small and discrete.
Test Your Hearing Today

Check out the Starkey online hearing test here: This online hearing test is not meant to replace a thorough assessment from an audiologist and is American based. It can help give you an idea of what you might be missing.  If you are concerned, or this test indicates there may be a loss, call us at Kiwi Hearing to book your full assessment:  04 293 4170.
Valentine's Day Offer ~ 2 for 1 Hearing Test!  
Bring your partner, family member, or friend with you for a Hearing Test.  Mention this offer when you book.  Valid for appointments booked between
8th February and 24th February.

Health Tip of the Quarter:
Hearing loss is twice as common in people with diabetes compared to those without.  Adults whose blood glucose is higher than normal but not high enough for a diabetes diagnosis, have a 30% higher rate of hearing loss compared to those with normal blood sugar. If you are concerned about your hearing, book a hearing test at Kiwi Hearing today.  Call 04 293 4170 

The Hearing Loss Journey:
There is a lot of research to show that it takes someone about seven years to do something about their hearing after they first notice that there might be a problem. That is a very long time to be missing out on conversations. There is often a process that everyone goes through before seeking help. Where are you in the hearing loss journey?
Denial: Many people initially deny they are having trouble hearing and could wait years before taking action.  They often blame the hearing loss on others who mumble or don’t speak clearly.

Frustration: It starts becoming annoying that you have to ask people to repeat themselves and you become frustrated with people who suggest that you need your hearing tested.

Withdrawal: It becomes difficult to participate in social environments or group conversations, particularly in noisy environments. It seems an easier choice is to just not join in.

Compromise: You begin to acknowledge that you may have a hearing loss but are not quite ready to accept that it is to the point where you need hearing aids.

Acceptance: Finally you recognise that your hearing loss is affecting your quality of life.  You miss enjoying the company of your friends and family and decide to seek out professional help.  Yay!

Meet the Team!  
Centre:  Wanita Lynn, Principal Audiologist; Left: CJ Cole, Administrator; Right: Adele Macklin, Ear Care Nurse.

Pop in to meet our friendly team,
and replenish your supply of batteries at the same time!
Remember ~ untreated hearing loss affects quality of life,
as well as physical and mental health.
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