Here we are! We made it! Pats on the back all around. Normally at the start of the year I write my “Review of the Year” essay, but it’s been so busy dealing with covid and Brexit that I won’t get the chance. So I’ll do a quickie!

There was a virus, which cancelled all the trade shows and made everyday life a million times harder, but we managed to luckily get through it, Bad Squiddo never stopped (apart from when I got unrelatedly sick, doh, and then some permanent partial blindness, hooray!) and you never stopped being ace. This year is looking to be not much different, but perhaps with some lights at the end of the tunnel. I really would like to thank you all for your support even when everything is struggling in all manners right now.

2021 has already been.... a year! But we've been busy too, so let's have a look!
Even the label printer has anxiety, but plenty of friends to reassure him. Phew.
To see all the new goodies shown here, you can view the New Release section.

First up, Ellie the Teenage Witch by Heriberto Valle Martinez who can work in fantasy and modern settings alike. Also Trinity, a mysterious humanoid that hunts wrenchmouths around the wasteland....
Our sculptor for the scenics range, Ristul, has been very busy indeed! We have a huge load of brand new releases here. The Trading Post is an excellent bundle of all the new market figures, thought he sets are also available separately.
These have made it into my "favourite sets of all time", they are so beautiful, and the detail is incredible. And also so fun!
These statue remains are BIG and make superb hero bases/plinths as well as terrain! Click any of the squares to be taken to them!
Some more angles of the merchant caravan because OH WOW! Right?! it's incredible! Thank you Painting Knights for bringing it to life so beautifully.

The first set from BIALAM minis! Stocked and sold by us here at Bad Squiddo Games (because, well how cool is she!)

This fierce and proud barbarian with her pets lions will bring an additional force to any barbarian horde ready to conquer the world. She can be used on her own, or as the big cat whisperer she is with her excellent hunters at hand.


I wanted to show off some of my hobby! I hadn't done much painting myself at all in the last few years. Mostly a big rut, mixed with tired/ill/working all the time. I've been getting the brushes out the last few weeks though and I'm really enjoying it. I've been choosing one thing each session that I will complete by the end of it. So nothing is a huge mental thing. And there's no rule for what I'm painting, just something that looks cool and that I want to paint.


You've been getting your paint on too! I'm trying to make it a regular thing to show off more of your painting in these newsletters too. It's brilliant to see how different people tackle the miniatures, and might give you some inspiration too.

These were all shared via Baggy's Cave, our lovely Facebook group, so have a look if you haven't already.
SOE Annie by Jeff Sargent
Harbour Supplies by Steven Brewster
Sergio the Sax Man by Andy Ransome
SOE Annie by Carla Moreira
It's so hard to promote the Youtube channel on Facebook as it shows your posts to less people if you link to a different video place, dang it! So you may not have seen - we produce a whole load of videos called "A look inside" where you can see the packs in much more detail.

Here is one of the latest, and pop over to view more - and maybe a cheeky subscribe!
I'm trying to get to 1000 subscribers, so I can unlock more of the features available from Youtube, I'm about 50 away, so if you haven't, it would help me a lot. Thank you!
Sunday Morning Coffee is still on, the upcoming one is #77, wow that time passed quickly. It's a weekly round up, like mini newsletters in video form. You can watch live and interact, or later on at a time that suits you. Every Sunday, 10am UK Time, usually 45 minutes. usually lots of sneak peaks and gossip!
The Youtuber Sarahmalt has guinea pigs in all their videos! Squeeeeeee! Minis and figures, yussss!
Lookie here
That is plenty for you to be getting on with for now right. I had fun writing it, so hopefully you had fun reading it.

Plenty for me to be getting on with too, we have so many more releases being prepped, super lovely things, as always!

We are still open and shipping every day by the way. There are some delays to certain countries so I am advising tracked on all, but other than that we are beasting as usual! Hooray!

Cheers everyone who has made 2021 not too bad so far, that's high praise indeed!

See you soon, be good.

Bad Squiddo Boss Lady
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