Hello! Wow it's been a while, months in fact! We've been so busy that updating the newsletter has turned into more and more of a task as more and more happens!

Because of this, we will be switching to more regular newsletters, so they are more relevant and less weighty. I'm sure exactly sure yet, but I am aiming for every one or two weeks, we'll see how it goes!

After this one of course, as wow, so much has happened since the last newsletter!


Released only a few day's ago, we (myself and Andy Hobday of Footsore) had a lot of fun coming up with a backstory for these exquisite miniatures.

The Ronin Shōjō is a peculiar stranger that the stories say appears across the world in various drinking establishments. Keeping to a cinematic style set routine, she kicks in the doors demanding their best fighter challenge her in combat. Her companions stand behind her, snarling at the men who begin to leer or mock. Even though she's begun the duel intoxicated, it is said she has never lost.

Following the victory, she remains at the bar for the rest of the evening continuing to drink with her acquaintances until the sun rises. The surrounding men, feeling emasculated attempt to outdrink these intriguing and terrifying women. They emerge hazy eyed to find their new visitors have already left. Thus the story of the Ronin Shōjō gains another leg. Where they really visited by the Ronin Shōjō, or was it drunken delirium?

Our scenics range has grown MASSIVELY. Here is just some of it, I highly recommend you have a browse through the website, every pack has a scale photo too showing it next to a 28mm miniature. All sculpted by Ristul!
There are some brilliant bundles on the website as well!


We're in WEEK 11 of a new feature - Sunday morning Coffee. This is a live stream every Sunday at 10am on our Facebook page.

They're all available to watch afterwards if you missed any, either on the facebook page or on our youtube channel. They're around 30 minutes a time and cover news of the week as well as sneak peeks and show offs. They're a good laugh. To "attend" just load up the Bad Squiddo Facebook page around 10am on a Sunday. Occasionally if I can't make it we do 8pm, just keep an eye out as I'll make sure to put up announcements.
Thank you SO MUCH everyone who took part, you made it a breeze!
If you managed to utterly forget about the pledge manager and are starting to panic, don't worry just reply to this email and we'll get it sorted.

Keep your ears peeled for the retail release!
You might have noticed a northern dude selling our stuff at shows. That's Dave from Sarissa! Sometimes joined by Steve, Tricia and others. They're taking four racks of our goodies to all the shows they attend now, see here for a full list. You can pre order by mailing myself or them if you are after anything specific. Thanks Sarissa!
ANOTHER Kickstarter? Yes, stay tuned......
Right, I am sure I have missed plenty, BUT I will not stress as much now these will be much more regular. Anything I missed will be in next week's! Thank you for reading, as a one person business, everything is a big juggle, which is how even just a newsletter update can end up a big thing! If you're interested more, look up "impossible tasks". I did it, yay!

Catch you sooner rather than later! Click all the things! And if you aren't following on any of those social media, get clicking there too.

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