Hey friends! Sending all the love ever over. We've got a few different things to cover in this newsletter, lots of it super fun and cool though, hopefully! The online wargames communities have been such a lifeline lately, Twitter in particular, thank you to everyone who makes it such a friendly environment.

While I am doing thank yous, mega thanks to everyone who has been popping over messages of support, orders, offers of help and more. You thee best.
Are we open?


HOORAY! Yes Bad Squiddo is still shipping every weekday. It's just me, feeling a bit like Will Smith in "I am Legend" but I am there getting your orders out. If they're placed before 2pm they're going out same day (next day otherwise).

All the guidelines (and more) are being followed, so this is a decision I haven't taken lightly, and am reassessing every day.
We use the postal collection system, so don't be afraid to place an order on the fear of sending lil me to the post office. The postie comes every day at 3pm and collects the sacks of post to take straight to the processing centre.
If anything changes that prevents us from shipping, you will be notified ASAP.
We are beginning shipping any day now. That's right - on time! With Bad Squiddo, anything is possible! Wooooo! Read all about it. LOVELY photos too.
Lovely photos like this! 😍
We have two big releases for Bad Squiddo Scenics.
A Blacksmith's Forge and a Brewing Kit. I have photos of them next to a 28mm mini on their product pages that show off how hooooge they are. They really are something! All hand sculpted by Ristul, and hand cast by our team in the UK. If you've experienced any of our resin in the last couple of years, you'll know how perfect they are!
We have a range of dwarves... we have a range of shieldmaidens..... it was about time right? These three warriors continue our range of dwarves that are simply determined and brutal, as well as a good laugh in the tavern after all the slaying. We're a fan of the lesser stylised dwarves, and hope you are too.

These are brilliant mixed into your male fantasy troops, or perhaps your magical warband? They're just brilliant models and you need them. They all come with the beautiful hand sculpted shield.

At time of writing, I am actually looking at the picture below and thinking "damn I wanna paint those", so I might, if I get this newsletter finished on time!

Aurelia the Oracle
In times of unease or perhaps before a large event such a battle, many call upon Aurelia to hear her wisdom. Often speaking in riddle, she offers comfort and reassurance. Or dread. Usually dread. She fits perfectly with the Amazons but wouldn't look out of place with the shieldmaidens either.

Sorcha & Niamh
Sorcha arrived one day at the camp, looking distinctly different to everybody else, and with an usual hound. Blades were drew in defence, but it was not long before she was in the Great Hall downing ale with the rest of them. Sorcha and her wolfhound Niamh (pronounced Neve) make a formidable duo in battle, and I forsee Jarl in her future for sure. The Jarl from the West.

Design note: Niamh doesn't have hooves, just very small puddle bases to help you fix him to a final base, and to be as sturdy as possible in such a dynamic pose.



If there's nothing you need right now or your country has postal lockdowns, why not buy "future you" a present? Or even someone you are thinking of right now. We can ship physical cards as well as digital downloads.

Order yours here.
MORE ANNIE! I had a smashing time yesterday on Henry Hyde's Battlechat podcast. As well as Bad Squiddo and miniatures we have really lovely, and hopefully informative discussions about mental health & coping in unusual situations.
It's currently available his his Patreon people, but will be public tomorrow. I highly recommend joining his Patreon, he is absolutely fantastic.


We're in WEEK 37 of Sunday morning Coffee. This is a live stream every Sunday at 10am on our Facebook page.

They're all available to watch afterwards if you missed any, either on the facebook page or on our youtube channel. They're around 30 minutes a time and cover news of the week as well as sneak peeks and show offs. They're a good laugh. To "attend" just load up the Bad Squiddo Facebook page around 10am on a Sunday.

I've been more active with the Youtube Channel, lots more showing off of our Scenics, as well as some.....silliness.
There is a new mini series I am launching next week too, I'll announce it on The Sunday Morning Coffee show in the morning. It'll be fun, sweet, and brilliant for the whole family. CHANNEL LINKY.
The colouring in pages have been going WILD! FIND THEM HERE. You can download free, or if you're lacking paper & pencils, I can ship you them - for free!*
Right, that's me done typing for the evening! I really hope you are all as ok as you can be.  I have been doing what I always do - throwing myself into work! But also tackling my garden, which is massively satisfying, getting it ready for the peegs!

Be good,

Bad Squiddo Boss Lady
Doer of all the things.

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