Hello there, just a short one today!

I've been suffering from increasingly worse and worse migraines and other pain, and spent last week in and out of the hospital having various tests and drugs, which was not on my "to do" for November, but then it follows all of 2020 pretty nicely hey, what is going on!

I'm currently discharged with a massive cocktail of awesome drugs (& waiting to hear back from the neurologist) which appears to be doing the job, though they still haven't totally ruled out the worst, so I'm on MAX SELF CARE. It really is a case of taking it a day at a time. This is me right now!

I'd like to thank everyone at QMC who took real good care of me, and laughed at me making guinea pig squeeps every time I got needled. And my friends who helped me out practically, as well as all the love and concern I've received online from you wonderful people. And Marty, for drawing the nurse in the top image! More on that soon!
Thanks again for the messages of kindness and support, I feel so valued, and if anything its a kick to beat this and get back to providing you with even more awesomeness. Thank you! 
To see all the new goodies shown here, you can view the New Release section.
Obviously it's been quiet on new releases but before I went wibbly, SWAMP THINGS!


So this means the shop is still open and taking orders (go go go do it!), they just won't get shipped yet. The current goal is for it to be early next week, when I SHOULD be a bit more rested and can enlist some help. As always, the "Your order is shipped!" email will let you know when to start peeping out the window.

So expect around the 16th November to start receiving shipping updates, so long as my brain doesn't physically explode (which isn't far off what the doctors were terrifying me with!)

Bad Squiddo Games is just MEEEEEEEE day to day and these sorts of times it can be frustrating, especially in a pandemic when getting help is harder, so thank you so much for sticking by me/us.

I am slowly getting back to replying to some emails so if you can bear with me on those too.

That's all for now, I can't really look at the screen so this is probably full of typos! I just wanted to keep you informed, thank you!

Bad Squiddo Boss Lady
Poorly Little Thing
(upcoming release - THE LIONESS OF BRITANNY!) Sculpted by Kev White
Also, US War Reporters!
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