A Note from Foreword’s Managing Editor

MichelleChoosing books for Foreword Reviews is a bittersweet task. Soon after finding a title that we’re excited to introduce to other readerships, we have to relinquish it to a reviewer-bound package. But we just met!—is our time together over so soon? Having book reviews come back, full of the same praise and wonder that we felt first holding a book, is a consolation, as is Foreword’s ability to share the good news of great books with you.

Next Issue's Titles We Love the Best

The Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen provided that thrill, replete as it is with the names and drawings of women comic book heroines, from the well-known to the underlauded—almost a hundred years of ferocious women role models from our favorite pop culture pages. It inspired one of Foreword’s March/April covers (and led to a minor office battle over the extra copy). And My Jewish Year, Abigail Pogrebin’s highly anticipated release by Fig Tree Books? Well, I loved it so much that I didn’t even offer it to other reviewers; instead, I took it straight home and fell into its relations of seder meals with Gloria Steinem and skips across the country to explore Jewish holidays. Books that are educational, hilarious, and hopeful all at once are that impossible to resist.

Reviewer Claire Foster responded to the artful Upper East Side Girl with a review whose flowing lines were a tribute to the book itself—a novel about the New York literary scene with dashes of magic running throughout. One of Editor-in-Chief Matt Sutherland’s picks, Inside V, snagged reviewer attention with a blurb appeal to Gone Girl, though it turned out to be so much more than that comparison—a psychological thriller in which deep love itself becomes a vicious culprit. And reviewer Karen Rigby’s high praise for A Year of Picnics was so replete with nature evocations and inspiring fun that it left me reaching for my basket and blanket.

I’m excited to see how the books featured in our March/April issue make their way in the broader reading world, carried on the verve, beauty, and je ne sais quoi that first caught our attention.

Foreword Impressions

Is it crass to brag about our bountiful book room, bursting with titles waiting to enrapture readers? It’s glorious to behold. Though also a little innately sad, as there’s just no way for Foreword to cover them all—as much as I’d sometimes like to stop time, hole up in a reading room, and plow through one title after another. I can’t. It’s not possible.

….but I am still a hungry reader, so I also can’t just let them go. The solution? Foreword Impressions, where Foreword’s staff will highlight titles that could not fit into the magazine, but that are too fantastic for us not to talk about. This month, these included A Single Stone, a young adult dystopia set in a seemingly idyllic island landscape—though the town Mothers are hiding something dark. The mystery One by One caught Ilyssa Wesche’s attention, with its murderous settings that make high school reunions seem even more precarious events than usual.

A Foreword This Week interview with author Jonathan Arlan left me wanting to talk more about his travelogue, Mountain Lines—an account of his trek through the Alps that is certain to inspire other open adventurers. And Meg Elison’s violent and feminist The Book of Etta brought our attention to the dark possibilities of patriarchal societies, particularly in periods of collapse—you’ll want to read this one, but maybe after not digesting news from Washington, DC. I’m happy to be able to gush about these titles in advance of their releases—and to bring you more of the same such peeks in the future!

Until next time!

Michelle Anne Schingler
Managing Editor
Foreword Reviews