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A Newsletter from the UN & NGOs Designers Group Geneva
Visual Communicators Newsletter

This is a monthly newsletter from the UN Designers and Visual Communicators Group in Geneva. Drop us a line if you would like to collaborate or share any material for inclusion in this newsletter:

A window onto Geneva   

Last month, UNOG’s Perception Change Project (PCP) launched an interactive tool that explains International Geneva better than any graph or text ever could. The 3D map of International Geneva provides a bird’s-eye view of the city and the international organizations it hosts. It puts the scale of this unique international ecosystem in perspective, whilst also explaining visually which of the SDGs each of these organizations works on.
The map features not only UN agencies but also other PCP partners such as NGOs. You can navigate freely or else let yourself be guided and taken on a tour. 
Most of the major buildings are represented in 3D with great attention to detail – a fact that is especially notable when you take a look at the Palais des Nations. 
The map was the result of a collaboration between PCP and the Barcelona-based design agency OneBigRobot – known for their cutting-edge educational and awareness-raising projects, e.g. a game based on augmented reality technology for WWF and an interactive gamified experience for WHO. 
It’s also worth noting that the idea for this 3D map came to a reader of the UN Designers and Visual Communicators newsletter after one of our meet-ups. See for yourselves what can be done when idea meets vision and great design. 

Food for thought

Now that a new IPCC report has put eating habits and sustainable development back into the limelight, it may be a good time to reflect on good design ideas in the field of food. Firstly, we thought about the great work done by research and design lab SPACE10 under the name The Food of the Future, that compiles sustainable recipes for what they envisage will be the main sources of nutrition in a not-to-far-away future, all presented in a charming cookbook published by Frame. Dishes like the bug burger (made of mealworms) could definitely be a solution to the excess of meat being consumed nowadays (although we have not yet dared to try it yet).
While on the subject of food, we have also looked into the work that FAO has been doing over the last few years in terms of visual communications and publications. A remarkable trend kicked off last year with the commission of six illustrators, each one from a different continent, to document their #ZeroHunger campaign. Since then, they have established a strong and fruitful relationship with Fernando del Hambre (ironically, his surname means "hunger" in Spanish), who has illustrated the 2019 FAO publications catalogue. This is a good example of how defining a specific look and feel can not only make publications more recognizable, but also make them more visually engaging to a wider audience.

Child's play 

Two different initiatives that try to make SDGs appealing for young people: 
The first is none other than the Angry Birds joining forces with the UN to promote the Act Now climate action campaign with a fun video linked to the release of the new Angry Birds movie. A Trello board has also been created with materials for the social media campaign.
The second is a contest from Unicef to end violence in schools. To promote the contest, Unicef has created a video called The Silence using the visual language of comic books to connect with young audiences.

August Inspiration
A masterclass
The Guardian has created a design site with the purpose of explaining its digital design philosophy and approach to UX. the site presents its design system in a clear and attractive way. 
A date
Rejoice! An all-female line-up headed by nothing less than Fiona Ross will break the typographic glass ceiling at the next 17th Journée romande de la typographie in Nyon next 29 September. 
A symbol
Recycle(d) is a project that sees established and up-and-coming creatives submitting contemporary takes on the famous "recycling" symbol commissioned nearly 50 years ago.
A prank...
...but an educational one. Userinyerface lets you suffer first-hand the consequences of bad UX. It's an invaluable learning tool on what NOT to do and a site all web developers should visit!
An indictment
It does what it says on the cover: Shameplane finds out the amount of ice that your flight would melt. We can't speak for its level of accuracy, but it definitely makes you reconsider your next holidays. 
A festival
Wanted to know what the visual language of next generations will be? Take a peek at the line-up of Us by night –arguably the most avant-garde design festival – taking place in Antwerp this September.

Job opportunities

OCHA NYC is looking for a Graphic and multimedia designer. Applications accepted until 16 August.
• ITU is looking for marketing and support services for the development of a Brand Book. See RFQ here.
• ITU is also hiring a brand communication consultant to help manage the development of a Brand Book including research, strategy and messaging (but excluding visual identity). This is a four-month assignment from September to December 2019 at ITU Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. If you are at the forefront of brand communications, please contact here. 

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