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Visual Communicators Newsletter
JULY 2018

This is a monthly newsletter from the UN Designers and Visual Communicators Group in Geneva. Drop us a line if you would like to collaborate or share any material in this newsletter:

UNFPA raises the bar 

In the UN system reports are one of the most important publications, but also sometimes, unfortunately, not the most visually appealing ones. This is why we're happy to show a successful way of moving from print to digital in report writing which covers and analyses developments and trends in world population and demographics for World Population Day this July 11.
Two reports published by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), The State of World Population and UNFPA Strategic plan 2018-2021, have very similar approaches in layout and composition, but we specially liked the blend between photography and illustration in the first one. These two examples are a positive move from print to digital, a way forward for publishing.

Of logos, mistakes and achievements

For our 12th UN Designers meetup, IOM brand designer Carlo Mendes took us into a 'branding 101' crash course where we were lucky enough to listen to his experience creating IOM corporate identity manual. It was a great opportunity to witness how visual communications are becoming a key factor in keeping international organizations relevant. In just a few years, IOM comms team has grown from five people to over thirty, and in that process it has become evident the need of a visual system to handle their growing body of work. 
We were able to listen and learn from mistakes and achievements on the road to a successful branding exercise. A great part of the talk focused in the logo itself, its slogan – the trend of using a descriptor, 'UN Migration' and how to adapt it to all languages and all circumstances, eg: several logo renditions for different uses, or how important is to build a consultation group to gather support for your cause. It was a very enlightening talk that triggered many questions from the audience after the presentation. Thanks to all of you that attended. For those who did not, you can watch a video of the talk here. See you in the next one, after the summer!

Big F**kin’ Problems (and how to solve them)

Who doesn’t know about SDG’s yet? But did you know that there is an awards program that aims to find change-makers and celebrate their achievements? The UN SDG Action Awards recognize outstanding achievements and innovative efforts to promote action on the sustainable development goals. And one of this year’s winners is Unreasonable Goals, by Unreasonable Group. They focus on a single major global issue at a time, enlisting writers, designers, and entrepreneurs from around the world to contribute to a international conversation. Their visually driven editorials and interactive graphic features caught our attention. And check out their great blog too!

July Inspiration
A number
On 11 July (World Population Day) you can follow world population grow from Worldometer (thanks to UN data). Plus an added trick: see all people on Earth fit on just one page!.  
A project
You can help to Make Art Great Again! Supporters of the MAGA project win twice: Collect best Trump tweets as artworks, and they’re helping climate change foundations. So much winning.
A book
Recomended by our last lecturer (see above), this book shows new frameworks and ways of thinking for non-profit brand management - The Brand IDEA (Integrity, Democracy, and Affinity). 
A logo
'The Hero is in the details' The image of Madiba lives in the embedded fist of its logo. We will celebrate Mandela Day on 18 July and 100 years since Mandela’s birth. Be the legacy!
A mat
Celebrate World Cup in style with these beer mats that charity Football beyond Borders uses to prove that this sport goes beyond the big game to transform the lives of young people.  
A workshop
Want to have a go at data visualization? Dataviz guru, blogger and writer Andy Kirk will have a workshop in London this 17-18 July. Can't travel? Online courses will be ready this Autumn.  
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This newsletter has been produced by the UN Designers group, a non-profit organization created with the purpose of raising awareness around design and visual communications in international organizations, as well as help promoting the work done in this field. Our channels are both our physical meetings, usually hosted in UN agencies or other international organizations in geneva, and this e-newsletter.

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