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JUNE 2020
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Grassroot creativity  

Weeks after the killing of George Floyd, it’s still difficult for most of us to even comprehend the sentiments of many in the black and other minority communities across the globe. But a lack of understanding can no longer be excused by a lack of information. Traditional media has been busy creating very compelling products such as this compilation of articles from The Atlantic or this interactive story from NYT.
But beyond paper and TV, it’s the social media field where media is no longer spearheading the movement. On the one hand, individuals – many of them graphic artists – have shown their support for the cause using their creativity on Instagram; on the other hand, we’ve seen massive mobilisation from grassroot communities around the world. 
Probably the most positive outcome of this crisis is witnessing the power of these groups to use new media to reach and engage people. In that sense, it’s fair to say that the valiant efforts of  UN Let's Fight Racism site seem small compared to the visual content, campaigns and initiatives from sites like Black Lives Matter, The Bail ProjectEqual Justice Initiative, the American Civil Liberties Union or Campaign Zero, to name just a few. 
If there were just one image that could represent the power of visual communications it could be the solid black avatars that adorned Instagram accounts for the #BlackoutTuesday movement (started by the music industry, but followed elsewhere) – a 'visual silence' only broken by ads.
We can't say how much impact all this will have in solving deep-seated issues but it presents a stark picture of how many of us feel right now.

World Photo Awards goes environmental

Seeds of Resistance from Uruguayan photographer Pablo Albarenga is the winning project in the 2020 Sony World Photo Awards.T
This is a project that, in a single image, seeks to explore the bond between defenders of the land and the territories they inhabit. By using aerial footage, the main characters in the stories are seen from above, as though  laying down their lives for their territory. A very noble and necessary project, given that in 2017 alone at least 207 leaders and environmentalists were killed for protecting their communities from mining, agro-business and other projects threatening their territories.

Stopping the virus, spreading the brand

Over the last couple of months we’ve been documenting the first UN initiative requesting creative support as part as its COVID-19 response. Now the COVID-19 Response Creative Content Hub has grown into a full site where the artists entries (about 4,500 to date) can be browsed, and the entire visual identity package for the COVID-19 response downloaded. 
It’s also comforting to see that, just as with the SDGs, it is now the private sector that is picking up the torch and expanding the initiative's exposure by including it in their own products, such as these Zoom backgrounds from Music recording company AWAL.

June Inspiration
A report
IDMC has released their flagship Global Report on Internal Displacement in the form of both website and publication containing interactive dataviz, videos from the frontline and more.
A centenary
Arguably the best graphic design magazine in the world, Eye has reached 100 issues. The magazine has been documenting design thinking since 1990. Living proof that print is not dead.
A story
A unique series of scrollytelling content on climate change from The Guardian, in which auto-play audio-visual material plays a greater role than ever, similar to these Washington Post series.
A publication
The Perception Change Project has released a new SDG-related publication and website, designed by Irina Roffe (Publication) and Mariana Alt (website) from the Design Unit at UNOG. 
A (double) date 
'Duplicated' UN days give us the opportunity to compare different branding and design approaches to the same subject, in this case UN World Oceans Day and World Ocean Days.
A movie
You know your movie has reached cult status when a horde of followers make art inspired by.Ya no estoy aquí talks about displacement, identity and marginalisation like no other film does.

Job opportunities

• World Bank is looking for a Senior Communications Consultant to be based in Jakarta.
• WFP is looking for a Communications Consultant to be based in Burundi.
• IUCN is looking for a Communications Officer to be based in Gland (Geneva).
• WHO is looking for a Team Lead, Emergency Communications, P5 to be based in Geneva.
• FAO is looking for a Communications Officer, P3 to be based in Wewak.
• ICRC is looking for a Communications Officer to be based in Nairobi.
• UNEP is looking for an Intern, Public Information to be based in NYC.
• UNHCR is looking for Web Editors, P2, P3 and P4.
 is looking for Communications Officers, P2, P3 and P4.
 is looking for Information Management Officers, P2, P3 and P4.

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