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Visual Communicators Newsletter

This is a monthly newsletter from the UN Designers and Visual Communicators Group in Geneva. Drop us a line if you would like to collaborate or share any material in this newsletter:

Don’t communicate: Engage 

If there is one trend that is getting a lot of recognition these days, that must be the creative use of new technologies for humanitarian and development causes. Greenpeace successful campaign to save a forest in Poland using Minecraft has won several awards and international recognition, inspiring Minecraft to initiate similar campaigns themselves, such as rebuilding coral reefs off the Mexican coast. Gaming and Virtual Reality are not new to this newsletter, and now we can add initiatives such as MSF "Forced from Home", ICRC "Enter the Room" or IOM "Holding On" which are traveling around the world and opening the virtual eyes of many people.
In the light of the big success that this approach has brought to Poland, we can only hope for more initiatives like those to come!

Dissecting a frog: When dataviz meets stand-up comedy

This was supposed to be an entry about the great work that the guys at The Pudding have done mapping out gender parity in both US and UK parliaments. These are two outstanding pieces of data visualization work and truly deserve this space. But, when we saw the job they've done dissecting and visualizing how jokes from stand-up comedian Ali Wong work, we thought that's something truly unique and you should see it. 
Besides getting the pun, you may also gain a better understanding about the creative process of storytelling in a very engaging visual way (and serves as a great excuse to take your mind off work for a bit and enjoy Ali Wong show too).

Airplane tickets ready: Design Season starts

For music lovers, summer is festival season; for design lovers alike autumn comes filled with alternatives: London prepares both its Design Biennale and Design Festival this September, and design weeks will spread across the world during next few months in Paris, Helsinki, Vienna, São Paulo, Seoul, Beijing, Torino...
Mexico will have its design week too, and interestingly it has been named 2018 Design Capital by the WDO (World Design Organization), an international non-governmental organization which aim is to promote the profession of industrial design. They work as a consultative body to the UN and are deeply engaged with the SDGs. It makes us wonder if any other disciplines of design would ever have the chance of playing that role at international level? ICO-D, AGI, anyone...?

August Inspiration
A magazine
For: is more than a preposition: it's a proposition from communications agency Ultravirgo, with the intent of sharing 'global stories of people who improve the world for others'. 
A (TED) talk
Famous illustrator Christoph Niemann's "You are fluent in this language (and don't even know it)": the only video that every client and project manager should watch! 
A campaign
Check Guto Monteiro former work for poignant #NotATarget campaign until World Humanitarian Day new website is up. A clever use of Facebook live as an interactive teleprompter.
A report
UN Water profusely uses data viz in its last report to point out that SDG 6 is not looking great. Rube Goldberg's machine inspired the motion graphics video released with the report. 
An agency
FCB Inferno has three projects shortlisted at Campaigns for Good Awards. Project literacy and Believe in me are great, but we really want to grab those 'Queens Rule' playing cards. 
A (pseudo)break
Need a holiday from your holidays? Would a 4-week residency overlooking the Swiss alps sound interesting? Apply here or discover other chances to be designer-in-residency here.   
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This newsletter has been produced by the UN Designers group, a non-profit organization created with the purpose of raising awareness around design and visual communications in international organizations, as well as help promoting the work done in this field. Our channels are both our physical meetings, usually hosted in UN agencies or other international organizations in geneva, and this e-newsletter.

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