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Visual Communicators Newsletter
APRIL 2020

This is a monthly newsletter from the UN Designers and Visual Communicators Group in Geneva. Drop us a line if you would like to collaborate or share any material for inclusion in this newsletter:

COVID-19: Creativity at home  

It will come as no surprise that this newsletter is heavily focused on one subject: COVID-19. International organizations are playing a key role in fighting the virus, so we’re going to take a look at the role of the visual communicator role in this endeavour. 
In terms of branding, the UN teamed up with TBWA Global to create a visual identity with a creative commons license that can be used by everyone on its own or coupled with your own organization's logo. In addition to the main logo, six icons were created to depict six actions based on key WHO and UN messaging. You can find the files and visual identity guidelines here.
WHO was caught almost by surprise as its campaign for World Health Day successfully linked the theme – support nurses and midwives – to current strong popular support for health workers. Also it’s totally revamped its Covid data visualization page, taking advantage of the services of media company Spinklr.
OCHA has also done a great job of creating and sharing a set of humanitarian icons for COVID-19. OCHA’s icons are used throughout the range of information products developed by and for the humanitarian community, such as maps, reports, infographics, and websites.
UNWomen created a set of illustrations to encourage social distancing, and in truth almost every agency has come out with its own worthy addition to the main communication guidelines set up by WHO. Special mention perhaps should go to the UN’s first attempt at launching a global call for creatives to help stop the virus, which was so successful that the deadline had to be extended. We take this as a sign on the increasing importance that the UN is giving to creativity in visual communications as an essential tool to achieve the organization's goals.

COVID-19: Creativity elsewhere

Although architects and product designers may be directly helping to stop the virus, graphic designers and visual communicators are also doing their best to raise awareness and fight the 'infodemia'. 
The net has been flooded with data visualizations good and bad. We particularly liked the history of pandemics infographic by visualcapitalist, which helps to put things into perspective. Animation designers Juan Delcan and Valentina Izaguirre created an animation with matchsticks that showed the importance of social distancing in a clearer way than many press releases, adding the visual metaphor to the collective imagination. 
Creative hub Fabrica has released a call for ideas to combat the virus and creative agencies have created hundred of campaigns, many of them following WHO messaging. You can browse quite a comprehensive showcase of COVID-19 -related campaigns here.
And if you feel like doing your creative bit, there are plenty of open calls for art, like Amplifier or SolidarityNow. 

The helping eye  

The Compassionate Eye Foundation is a small non-profit organization based in Vancouver, Canada that's all about uniting creatives for social change. The organization generates revenue from sales of stock photography in Getty Images to support education, health, and sustainability micro-projects worldwide. It's a unique model that provides an opportunity for those in the creative and design industry to support development projects when making decisions in their designs and when choosing imagery/photography in their work. You can find the stock images produced by CEF on Getty here. And if you’re a stock photographer who wants to make a difference, email to learn about ways you can donate your time or images.

April Inspiration
A cartoonist
Iranian artist Alireza Pakdel may have been surprised by a sudden – and deserved – rise to social media fame thanks to his cartoons of health workers battling against COVID-19. 
A day
April 26 is Intellectual Property Day, and WIPO's creative team leverages illustration and animation for its yearly campaign. The social media toolkit can be found on this Trello board.
A museum
Of course, a digital one. The Covid Art Museum. It lives only in Instagram and claims to be a space that “can give people strength and help them realize that they are not alone in this".
A stamp
Swiss designer Alexandra Steiner has created the COVID-19 Solidarity stamp, reflecting the solidarity of Swiss society. Proceeds will go to the Swiss Red Cross. All very Swiss indeed.
A datablog
We rarely feature the same person twice, but Mona Chalabi's dataviz work deserves this mention. Her series on COVID-19 is an example of simple, direct and honest infographics.
A report
Celebrate International Mother Earth Day by discovering the facts related to our progress on climate action. UNEP has put together an interactive report with illustrations by Joseph&Sebastian.
A 'best of'
The NYT Best of Illustration is not just a celebration of great imagery and visual metaphors. It is also an interactive showcase of trends in visual storytelling.
A book (or two)
Free help to manage your telework: From the guys at Trello How to embrace remote work and from DesignBetter, Remote Work for Design Teams. Both books downloadable as PDFs.
A handful of covers
Website Dezeen has selected these 10 COVID-19 mag covers. But if ten are not enough, here you have what is possibly the best repository of magazine covers that you can find online.

Job opportunities

• WHO is looking for a Communications Officer P3 to be based in Geneva.
• UN Department of Global Communications is looking for Public Information Officers, P4 to be based in Bangkok, Panama City, Amman, Addis Ababa and Istanbul.
• UNHCR is looking for a Senior Communications Adviser P5 to be based in Geneva.
• UNOPS is looking for a Strategic Communications Senior Officer P2 to be based in Geneva.
• WHO is looking for a Communications Officer to be based in Cairo.
• UN Department of Global Communications is looking for a Public Information Assistant (Arabic) G5 to be based in NYC.
• UN Department of Global Communications is looking for a Graphic Designer P3 to be based in NYC.

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