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Message from the Chairman

It is now ten years that I have had the pleasure of being on the board of Martin Bencher Scandinavia A/S. Previously I was working with CMA CGM and we had established an exceptional cooperation with Martin Bencher for loading heavy and outsized break-bulk pieces on container vessels.

Our first project back in 2004 was a complete paper factory to Ningbo in China from various origins in North Europe. We had a dozen shipments spread over a period of 13 months. As it was the first full-scale experience, both for CMA-CGM and Martin Bencher, I can assure you that we had quite an exciting year. In the end everything, down to the smallest detail, went perfectly as planned. The reason was the excellent preparation of each shipment, the flexibility of the sailing schedule (one departure every week on fixed week-day from North Europe) but above all the complete trust that developed between me and the management of Martin Bencher. After this positive start, we performed numerous other shipments over the years, and everything continued to work to the full satisfaction of both parties.
It was therefore almost not any surprise that Martin Bencher asked me to join their board of directors after my retirement from CMA-CGM.
And the positive experience is continuing. We have been lucky to gain the support of a number of world-leading companies in various industries which need to move heavy and outsized cargo, together with containers and sometimes airfreight for urgent parcels or spare parts (have a look at
We are striving to pass on to all staff the importance of building up relations of trust and confidence with all our counterparts, be it customers, suppliers or other parties. That is the key to success!
We hope to see you soon!
Nils Hammar
Chairman of the Board
Tel: +33 632866033 /

Martin Bencher News

Ramadan Mubarak!
The holy month of the Ramadan is here. As Martin Bencher has offices and employees who will celebrate the Ramadan, please note below information.

For most Muslims the Ramadan began Monday May 6, 2019. The last day of the Ramadan and the festival of breaking the fast – Eid Al fitr – will fall on or around Tuesday June 4, 2019.

Working hours of the Ramadan are announced by the authorities, which we hope our non-Muslim employees and customers will respect. Read more here.

2 Helicopters
Martin Bencher transported two helicopters + parts from the Netherlands to Norway. See more pictures and read more here.
QUIZ: The Most Effective Ways to Curb Climate Change
The planet is barreling toward 1.5 degrees of global warming as soon as 2030 unless we enact “unprecedented changes in all aspects of society,” a dire United Nations report warned in October.

Let’s see how much you know about what can be done to fight climate change. The group Project Drawdown has ranked the most effective climate change solutions. Follow the link to rank the solutions you think would have the biggest effect on curbing climate change.

Shipping and Industry News

Maersk Digital Ocean Customs Clearance
Maersk has launched the Customs Clearance online shipping management platform in seven European countries - Germany, France, Denmark, The Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom and Spain - with the goal of expanding this offering across the world by the end of 2019. Read more here.
Floating Wind Turbines, Promising Future
Nobody can deny that the demand of more energy is increasing on a global scale. Over the last two decades we’ve seen different solutions to tackle this issue where renewable energy stands out mainly because of the need to reduce the impact fuels have in global warming and air pollution. Read more here.
Trade Tensions Rise as Prospect of Further Tariffs Grows
Markets have reacted negatively to the threat that U.S. President Donald Trump intends to bring new tariffs to bear on Chinese goods. Reports had suggested that trade negotiations were progressing, with the prospect of tariffs lifting; however the latest statements form Trump via twitter now suggest that tensions may be rising. Read more here.
A Global Market Overview: Last Few Years Trend
According to the report of the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), the global offshore wind market experienced a growth of 4.49GW of new capacity in 2018. The Global Wind Report acknowledges that nowadays there’s a total of 23GW of offshore wind capacity installed (20% more than 2017). Read more here.
Super-Fast Transport Mode Offers Vast Opportunities
With transport capabilities transcending the speed of sound, hyperloop technology is zooming beyond the hype, gathering momentum to begin to realize multitrillion-dollar potential in reshaping freight and passenger movement, while also affording worldwide opportunities for shipment of project cargoes. Read more here.
Increasing Green Scrutiny Shakes Up Power Mix
The world’s production and consumption of energy is changing – and changing fast. Needing more energy to meet the needs of a growing and increasingly prosperous population needs to be squared with the need for far fewer emissions in order to keep a lid on rising global temperatures. Read more here.
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