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Introducing Martin Bencher Airfreight

Martin Bencher’s first step into airfreight was to get own IATA licenses within all of Scandinavia which was completed in 2014. Within a short period of time our airfreight office was counting own IATA licenses in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.
Our ambition was to convince our project customers that we could offer value and the high service level that they were used to when booking cargoes with Martin Bencher.
We wanted to keep our innovative edge and at the same time offer high level of service and the speed that airfreight requires. And today we are proud to say that we have succeeded!
How did we make it work? In general, I think being a project freight forwarder and using the same mindset with airfreight gave us an advantage towards our competitors. We always strive to be personal, innovative and reliable, and mixing this with the right people at the right positions and a good portion of Martin Bencher culture, we made it work.
With hard work we have succeeded in building up an airfreight organization which is looking to increase in volume in terms of cargo, staff and profitability over the years to come. We have also increased our global touch, and today we offer competitive high service airfreight in all our offices around the world.
It goes without saying that we have only been able to do this because of our good relationships with our customers, agents and partners alike. Herewith, I will like to thank you all for the trust given to Martin Bencher.

Wishing you a nice summer.

Best regards,

Mikkel Kristensen
General Manager | Airfreight
Tel: + 45 32 466 182

Martin Bencher News

Martin Bencher World Cup Betting Game

The World Cup 2018 in Russia is now behind us. First of all, congratulations to France for winning the world cup. We are happy on behalf of all our French colleagues, customers and partners.

Our own Martin Bencher betting game has also ended and we were proud and happy that so many of you joined the game. In total, we were 80 people competing and it was a mix of Martin Bencher staff, customers, partners and friends of the Martin Bencher family.


  • 1st place and WINNER: Thomas Moe
    Thomas is the son of one of our executives and the youngest participant in our betting community.
  • 2nd place and runner up: Mr. Timo Schwalbe
    Timo is the Business Development Manager at our Hamburg office
  • 3rd place and just made it into the top: Mr. Cedric Campagna
    Cedric is one of our operators based at our office in Marseille, France.

 The above winners will be contacted directly. 
Again thanks a lot for participating and we hope to make an even better event for the next tournament. 

Martin Bencher at Farnborough Airshow

The 16th and 17th of July 2018, our Airfreight Branch Manager, Jacob, our UK Business Development, James and UK Freight Forwarder, Tom attended the Farnborough International Airshow in United Kingdom. The idea behind going to the exhibition: What is new in the aviation industry? And could we learn things and people, that we didn’t know before?

The amount of people attending this event was surprisingly. It was known, that it was a big event, but somehow it was still overwhelming.

As seen on the pictures, our people from Martin Bencher had nice access to various planes – anything from a small propeller to the AN-124. The entire main deck of a B747-8 was cleared out, so you could see anything from the opening of the nose, to how the floor can be built. Furthermore, our people entered the Chinook helicopter on behalf of the US Military, seeing AKE ULD (loading device/container) and there was a heavy unit loading into the AN-124 using the cranes in the ceiling of the plane.

Overall a great experience to see the planes from the inside, which we don’t tend to do very often – it always gives a bit more of a professional touch when we go out and talk to professionals and clients. Click here to read more. 

Shipping News

Big Difference In Rate Drops Between Large Container Routes
If you leave out the oil development, there is a large underlying difference in freight rates depending on which route you look at. Read more here
IMO Animates 70 Years of Better Shipping Safety
This year, the IMO is celebrating 70 years of helping international shipping become safer, more secure and develop a greener environmental footprint.  Read more here
The Port of Antwerp Foresees Capacity Challenges After New Boost
The Port of Antwerp saw new growth in the first half, with a record high May. However, the port is about to reach its maximum capacity for containers, says CEO. Read more here
New York Launches $100M Barge and Rail Freight Program
The City of New York has announced a $100 million investment plan to increase maritime and rail freight transportation within the city's boroughs, reducing congestion from trucking and creating new jobs in longshore and vessel operations. Read more here

Industry News

EU & Japan Sign Comprehensive Trade Deal
According to Donald Tusk EU is sending a clear message that the union stands together against protectionism. Read more here.
Threat to Container Charter Market as Carriers Drift Towards Heavy Losses
While container shipping lines face soaring operational costs, recent signs that they are preparing to suspend services in light of weakening demand suggest vessel charter rates could also come under pressure. Read more here
Norwegian Offshore Strike Continues With More Than 1500 On Strike
The conflict in the Norwegian rig sector has escalated over the weekend with several hundreds more rig workers joining the strike related to the wage dispute. Read more here.
International Firms Caught Between U.S. Iran Sanctions and EU Blocking Statute
Multinationals might soon find themselves caught in the middle of more U.S.-EU trade tensions as the EU prepares to block the extraterritorial effects of the sanctions that the United States has reimposed on Iran. Read more here
Have you ever visited our airfreight office in Copenhagen, Denmark?
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