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DC Comics Targets Kids with
Bisexual Superman

Need for widespread acceptance driving force
Orange, California – DC’s new Superman comes out as bisexual. The comic book publisher made the announcement that Jon Kent will be bisexual. Apparently celebrating an entire month is not enough, nor are pride parades or plastering rainbow flags everywhere. Now, they are full-frontal with movies, television and cartoons.
Joe Dallas, an ex-gay author and speaker says, “Indoctrination betrays desperation. Why are some people so intent on applying homosexual identities on heterosexual characters? The demand for uniform approval of homosexuality betrays the fear that if people are allowed to think for themselves, they'll come to a different conclusion.”
The author of Christians in a Cancel Culture, Dallas believes the overwhelming need for affirmation and acceptance has morphed into form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Gone are the days of “live and let live.” These are replaced with a harshness against anyone and everyone who takes a different position, a moral position, or at least one that leans on the science.
Dallas knows firsthand the destructive and unhealthy lifestyle that homosexual or bisexual behavior represents. Why encourage a lifestyle that is fraught with depression, substance abuse, or high rates of suicide and domestic violence? “Those of us who object to homosexuality will not suddenly change our minds just because Superman ‘comes out,’ and those who approve of homosexuality will not have their minds changed if he remains as he has always been. This is a fruitless bit of propagandizing,” says Dallas. But propaganda, or at least showing fictional heroes who or gay or bisexual, is one way to normalize the behavior to youth.
For Dallas, and thousands of people who have walked away from homosexuality or bisexuality, they now claim a freedom from the bondage they once embraced. “The conventional ‘born gay’ seems born more of repetition than examination” says Dallas. “There's no need to re-write the identity of heterosexual characters in order to prove that gay and lesbian people are worthwhile,” he explains. “Any one of us who believe in the authority of Scripture, its relevance to social issues . . . just say ‘Let there be light,’ and watch the darkness howl.”


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