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Attending Church is Good for
Mental Health

Pandemic has created culture of doom among unchurched 
Vail, Colorado – People who attend church weekly have better mental health than those who don’t. The results of a new Gallup poll indicate churchgoers are bucking an increasingly troubling trend since the pandemic began.
Americans are stressed out, burned out, hopeless, and on the edge. The one bright spot is those who continue to attend church at least once a week. Those who identify as Republicans also have less anxiety and a greater sense of hopefulness according to the study.
Paul Gallagher has struggled with mental health for as long as he can remember, suffering from anxiety and depression while battling suicidal thoughts. He comes from the other end of the spectrum, people who struggled before the pandemic but found faith in Christ to be a lifeline in the midst of their own personal struggle.
The author of A Perfect Walk, Gallagher describes his journey. Today, he explains how the perfect storm of near-constant fear, negativity, and woe is affecting children as well as adults. “Mental health concerns need to be addressed with young people . . . to give them an opportunity in youth to live life.”
Americans rate their mental health at a 21-year low. The numbers are worse for women, for lower wage earners, and Democrats. Gallagher suggests mental health is influenced by the amount of hope we have to live life to the fullest. When we lose this, or it is seriously compromised, as it has been during the pandemic, many people slide into depression. Without God or community, hope is tough to find.
While attending church is not a panacea for good mental health, it does offer hope beyond the daily pessimism and doom spit out by governmental officials or the media. Gallagher says church forces him to interact with others, to engage in life-affirming relationships, and a sense that this life is not all there is. No wonder the Gallup study found churchgoers more emotionally resilient that the less religious.


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