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Aaron Rogers in Crosshairs of
Cancel Culture

Mandates pit Americans against each other
Orange, California – Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is the latest in a string of controversies surrounding vaccination mandates. He declined the vaccine, claimed he was “immunized”, then claimed he was NOT vaccinated but was following his doctor’s advice to raise his antibody levels.

The crossfire between Rodgers, now COVID positive, and the NFL underscores how divided we are over mandated vaccination. Mocked on Saturday Night Live and lambasted by former Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw, Rogers is part of the 41% of Americans who are not fully unvaccinated.
Eleven states and a growing number of organizations are suing the Biden Administration over this, and the contradictory statements coming from medical professionals and political leaders over the mandates. Even as COVID cases are on the decline the mandates remain firmly in place. A growing number of churches are digging in, refusing to comply with legislation they believe to be heavy handed and unnecessary, while others are equally committed to promoting the same laws. Joe Dallas, author of Christians in a Cancel Culture says, “A virus like Cancel Culture needs someone to infect, and those with an already weakened immune system will be its first targets.”
Is there any hope for clarity, much less unity, on this contentious subject? And how should a Christian respond when employers say, “Get the vaccine, or there’s the door?” Will the U.S. come to an economic standstill if workers defy the January 4 deadline? Should Christians obey these mandates or stand up for the freedom to determine their own healthcare questions? These, and countless other questions are being raised about the coercion, threats and cancelling of people choosing against the vaccine mandate.
Dallas says, “If you’re holding the wrong views, there are people who want businesses to refuse you, social media to censor you, retailers to ban your products, crowds to shout you down when you speak, professions to bar you, and corporations to fire you.” His goal is to help Bible believing Christians initiate and engage in redemptive conversations from a traditional – and reasonable – world view.


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