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New Generations Value Experiences, Not Church

How to reach today’s youth and build the next generation
Dallas, Texas – Christian Millennials are conflicted about—if not opposed to—sharing their faith says a recent Barna Research study. The same group is slowly backing away from church and church experience altogether. Even churched teens view evangelism, a major tenant of the Christian faith, as something to avoid rather than a deliberately sharing their faith.
At a time when youth are struggling with record levels of addiction, depression, substance abuse, and suicide, many are checking out of church. According to Tim Alba, “All Christian parents want happy, godly kids but, how do you turn these good intentions into a godly legacy?”
The pandemic has isolated youth, disrupted their social lives, and generated fear about the future. At no time in recent history, says Alba, have young people struggled with a sense of such hopelessness and purposelessness. He believes it is vital for parents to declare their purpose; to know where they want their family to go and the legacy they want to pass along to their children. “Sometimes we stand in awe, sometimes we kneel in desperation. Always we trust” says Alba.
The author of Well Done, Mom & Dad, Alba provides ideas for guiding parents in the most important task they have; raising kids to love God. If the Barna research is any indication of trends, this is happening less frequently. Alba, a successful CFO and executive pastor, says “Kids with timeless character are birthed from parents with timeless character.” As school shootings, overdoses, or riots dominate the news, young people are seeking something to believe in, something to commit their lives to, something that gives them purpose.
“Vision without character is untrusted, and character without vision is aimless” says Alba. Our job as parents, as the ultimate educators of our sons and daughters, is the lead them into an understanding of their God-given purpose.


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