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Free Speech in Freefall as Facebook
is Under Fire

Therapist explains how social media is leading to depression and anxiety
Seattle, Washington – Facebook is under fire. A former Facebook employee and data scientist, Frances Haugen, turned whistleblower said Facebook apps “harm children, stoke division, and weaken our democracy.” Then, CBS 60 Minutes ran her story on Sunday night. By Monday morning, Facebook apps were down, an ironic twist to Mark Zuckerberg’s massive multi-billion-dollar empire. Haugen said, “No one is currently holding Mark [Zuckerberg] accountable but himself.”
According to therapist and author, Dr. Gregg Jantz, the influence of social media, like Facebook, is having a far greater impact on individual lives. In Social Media and Depression (Hendrickson Publishing Group), Jantz explains the myriad negative impacts. These include increased anxiety and depression, lower self-esteem and identity distortion, false intimacy, physical stagnation, and decreased happiness. The culture is being distracted by trivia, by false entertainment, by false claims, and deception.
Already under fire for limiting free speech under the guise of “fact checkers”, Facebook now faces increasing criticism by both Democrats and Republicans. Dr. Jantz says the issue goes deeper because countless lives are impacted daily. He is seeing more young people suffering depression and anxiety, arrested social development, and cyberbullying. People who use Facebook and similar platforms are nearly three times more likely to be depressed. He refers to it as “a digital drug” with an “unlimited supply.”
“Most people arrange their lives as if the digital world is more real than anything happening in a physical sense,” Jantz observes. Why is it that so many people were flustered by a mere six-hour outage? The answer seems simple to Jantz, many people are addicted and dependent in the same way a drug addict is – sensing the loss, depression, and anxiety when their drug of choice is missing.
In Social Media and Depression, Jantz explains the “depression trap” and how we can take back control through healthy forms of social media use.

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