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Globalist Agenda Designed to Weaken U.S. as Superpower

Change is occurring at lightening speed; world leader may soon
step in to bring world peace
Richmond, Virginia – Hundreds of thousands of critical workers – nurses, pilots, truck drivers, police, and first responders are set to lose their jobs. How could this happen at a time when their contributions are needed most?
The great reset, or move toward a one-world government, is now happening at warp speed as mandates crush careers and destroy businesses. “There is a full-scale attempt to assimilate this country into one world order,” says attorney and radio host, Charles Crismier. “COVID has been a way to bring citizens into compliance to advance the great reset, which is a euphemism for a one world order.”
It is not by accident there are half a million containers are stuck on ships off the coast of California. As prices continue to climb – housing is up 24%, medical 19%, transportation 7%, there is no end in sight. Lumber, food, airfare, petroleum, vehicles, and electronics are all up significantly. “Much of this is designed to weaken people’s trust in the country and in our present system of government which is divisive and deadlocked,” says Crismier. Those standing in the way are seen as “the problem.” These are people of faith and those who feel deep patriotic love and respect for the country.
The author of ANTICHRIST: How to Identify the Coming Imposter (Elijah Books), Crismier says “The false becomes real progressively.” The “follow the science” stricture is a subjective means of control. It’s not just about changing scientific definitions of life in the womb or gender; it is about fanning flames of racial division, redefining marriage, and pushing environmental policies that destroy jobs and business. Crismier says, it is a confluence of the unholy trinity of “political correctness, multiculturalism and religious pluralism.”
Crismier believes those who reject the agenda will be labeled dissenters, shamed, ridiculed, ostracized, or dismissed as out of touch with the common good. Though Crismier is not a doomsday prophet, he does believe we are watching life as we have known it suddenly change. We need to use discernment, and this comes only from knowing and internalizing biblical truth without exception or reservation. In ANTICHRIST, Crismier provides ample warning but plenty of encouragement as well. As we have seen, life can change quickly and dramatically.


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